Bernie “Endorses” Hillary: His Message About Media Bias… Gets Censored By The BIased Media




Bernie Sanders had a thing or two to say about the mainstream media; problem is though, that because THEY are the ones carrying his message, THEY get to leave out the bits they dislike.

Last Tuesday, Bernie got the biggest applause of all the debaters for disparaging the mainstream media for focusing entirely on Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails” rather than REAL issues like poverty, the growing wealth gap, trade policies and the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision. He was even awarded a trending hashtag #DamnEmails  by netizens.

The story isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Bernie though; the mainstream media was quick to edit out parts of his speech, highlighting how he was apparently expressing solidarity with Hillary over the non-issue that is the Damn Emails- while deleting the parts of his speech where he spoke of how the mainstream media had failed to talk about REAL issues that Americans SHOULD care about.

Literally, as soon as they realized that they were being targeted for criticism, they did EXACTLY what Bernie had told them NOT to do, by censoring him…. disgustingly, footage from CNN and all the other mainstream outlets made it look like he was giving a sterling endorsement for Hillary- their Chosen One, instead of depicting what should have been a rousing call for Americans to view the mainstream media through a more critical lens.

What can I say? Did you really expect the mainstream media to feature criticism to their own world view?
Check out this MSNBC clip if you don’t believe me:

Sanders says about one minute into the clip that “the secretary is right, and that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails…. Enough of the e-mails. Let’s talk about the real issues facing America.

Here’s what they DON’T want average voters to hear:

“The middle class — Anderson, and let me say something about the media, as well. I go around the country, talk to a whole lot of people. Middle class in this country is collapsing. We have 27 million people living in poverty. We have massive wealth and income inequality. Our trade policies have cost us millions of decent jobs. The American people want to know whether we’re going to have a democracy or an oligarchy as a result of Citizens United.”

And here’s the uncensored, truthful version:

CNN coverage of the matter was even more biased, claiming that not ONLY had Sanders defended Clinton, but that even the INTERNET was defending her:

PEREIRA: Moving along, the big moment on Facebook, I could have predicted this one. The “damn e-mails” comment from Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont. If you didn’t get a chance to hear it, let me refresh your memory.
SANDERS: I think the secretary is right. And that is, that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails.
CLINTON: Thank you. Me too! Me too!
PEREIRA: What’s interesting, many thought that he might have taken advantage of the fact that this was a big opening, but instead he essentially kind of defended her. This moment really, really rang true to a lot of people online.

Jonathan Larsen, a former producer at MSNBC, stated that CNN’s continuous pre-debate coverage provided “virtually zero issue-prep” by leaving out “issue explainers, conflict previews, history, context, etc.”

This sort of distortion does not simply leave out the context, as Larsen had pointed out-  when the mainstream media blatantly tries to reinterpret Bernie’s real message into one more suitable for their purposes DESPITE knowing THEMSELVES what the real context is, they are effectively blatantly lying about the matter to the People.

This makes watching them less informative than staring at a rock, a point that has already been proven by studies (at least in relation to Fox News), and causes their “information” to fall under the exact definition of propaganda:

 derogatoryinformation, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Bernie Sanders is being purposely censored- even by so-called “liberal” news outlets. It’s time to recognize that mainstream news is only worthy of being mined for comedy gold, and that every serious issue they “discuss” is literally a pre-recorded message from the government.

Sources: The Intercept, Business Insider, Hollywood Reporter

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