Bernie Sanders Takes On Monsanto, Vows To Protect Organic Farming And Push For GMO Labeling


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The biotech industries are “transforming our agricultural system in a bad way,” says Senator Sanders.


Bernie Sanders private dinner speechAs part of my ongoing interview series with all of the Presidential candidates, here is a quick video of Bernie Sanders speech tonight at a private dinner.

Posted by Adryenn Ashley on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Even before Senator Bernie Sanders decided to run for President of the United States, he was quite vocal about factory farming, big corporations, and the Biotech giants. In fact, as early as 1994, Sanders was fighting against companies such as Monsanto for using chemicals that impact human and animal health, reports Alt Health Works

Now a presidential candidate nominee, Sanders isn’t backing down from the biotech giants and is fighting harder than ever to protect peoples’ right to know what’s in their food.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, who is an avid supporter of genetically modified foods (GMOs), Bernie believes that the biotech industries are “transforming our agricultural system in a bad way.” He believes in mandatory GMO labeling (after all, he helped pass a mandatory GMO labeling law in Vermont) so consumers may be informed and make conscious choices.

Like activist and musician Neil Young, Sanders believes the GMO giants are trying to keep consumers in the dark about what they are eating (DARK Act), and supports family-owned and organic agriculture. 

Senator Sanders spoke about how to make sure our food is healthy and our farming is ethical during a private dinner event on December 27th.

In the video above, the presidential nominee states:

“The debate should be – how do we make sure that the food our kids are eating is healthy food. And having the courage to take on these huge food and biotech companies who are transforming our agricultural system in a bad way.” 

He also addressed the fossil fuel industry and said that it’s past due time we start shifting toward renewable and alternative energy. 

Before Sanders tackled the heavy topics in his speech, he transported the audience to his home state of Vermont. In the lush state, organic farmer’s markets and sustainable farming are becoming the norm; his vision is to lead an America where this is commonplace everywhere.

“We have hundreds of farmers markets (in Vermont), you’ll find people buying food, beef and poultry directly from farmers, and there’s a growing farm to school pipeline,” he says. “It’s something we’ve worked very hard on and I think all over this country people are concerned about the quality of food their kids are eating.”

Watch the full video above to learn more about Bernie Sanders’ views.

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    • 100% right Bernie. Populus movement can stop Monsanto. Thats what the establishment is scared of. Power to people unite and defeat the corporations designed to oppress workers.

    • Eric, the point is not nutrition, but carcinogens in our food, as well as literally killing all the micro organisms that live in healthy soil. Educate yourself, you might save the planet for your children.

    • Bernie is Not Obama, thank G-d!…Obama sold out to corporate power the moment he entered the Oval Office…He litrally handed the Dept of Ed to Bill Gates very early…and Gate Foundation think tank people were given offices there…Since then it has been a battle acrosss the states to keep GOP ALEC legislators and Gates and Corporat Dems from destroying Public Ed with corporate privatization policies..Obama opened the door wide with an open invitation to the Corporate Ed Reformers. Bernie is the only one running for president who is vehemately against the privatization of public services and staunchly for public education. We’ve been waiting for Sen Sanders for 25 yrs…Thank God for Bernie Sanders!


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