Bicycle-Mounted Device Projects Relevant Signals Onto Cyclists’ Backs


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With an increasing percentage of the world’s population seeking to live more eco-friendly, many are tucking their car keys away in exchange for two wheels and transit on a bicycle.

But while carbon emissions can be drastically reduced by choosing to walk, run, or bike your commute, there are still risks for cyclists that need to be addressed.

Share The Road reports that accident rates per kilometer are 26 to 48 times higher for bikes than for automobiles, and in bike-car accidents, the motorists are usually at fault.

For this reason, an innovation recently conceived by Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev can’t come soon enough. Babayev designed a mounted device that projects signals on cyclists’ backs, improving the relationship between road-users of every sort. With this device, the Cyclee will display different illuminated signs depending on the rider’s actions.

The projected images can be modified on mobile devices and transferred to the projector, which then displays the appropriate signal on the cyclists back.

The Cyclee Interprets The Rider’s Actions And Projects The Corresponding Image

Credit: DesignTaxi

The Device Will Be Mountable On Most Bikes

Credit: DesignTaxi

And A Mobile Application Will Allow it To Show Custom Images

Credit: DesignTaxi

Many countries are working to improve road safety for cyclists by designating specific lanes for bikers, but this invention has potential to dramatically improve road communication, in effect reducing bike-car accidents.

Share your thoughts on this ingenious innovation below.

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  1. They should wire it to the handlebars and give bikers controls, that’d be awesome to have lane change signals right at your thumbs


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