The Coolest Gang Of The World ‘BACA’ – Bikers Against Child Abuse


When a child is being abused, the situation is nothing short of terrifying in its truest sense of the word. Today, thousands upon thousands of cases present to the courts to hear the stories of children being hurt and abused, usually by a family member or someone they once trusted. Many more cases are unheard, unknown, or fall through the cracks of a system to strained to cope. BikersAgainstChildAbuse

This is where BACA comes into play. BACA stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse Inc. BACA is a tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of those children who have been abused in one form or another. They formed in 1995 to dedicate themselves to providing support, safety and aid to children who had been sexually, physically and emotionally abused. It is not a paid position for the bikers involved, but one where the sacrifice of their own time and sometimes their own funds is witnessed.

Essentially, BACA dedicate themselves to “protect and secure a child’s basic right to a happy childhood.” 3454230305_532f0a0bcb

BACA provides where the system fails, and it isn’t an uncommon sight to see 20 or 30 bikes roll down the street to a child’s house to provide a presence and “brotherhood” to the child, letting them know that they now have a family who will attend to their basic needs. Two members are normally assigned to the child as case workers who will touch base on a weekly basis. The child will also have access to professionals such as therapists, who would otherwise not qualify, due to their inability to provide enough evidence to the systems already in place. 0408b

BACA are widely recognizable in the community across the United States now, having formed multiple chapters where gaining membership is only through a stringent process that can take up to a year. The police also embrace this service, supporting them with a police presence when needed with initial visits to a child’s neighborhood. This usually takes form of talking with those who have questions, keeping the situation calm and informing people of what BACA does. RthHovg

Unfortunately BACA is dependent solely on donations. They refuse to implement annual dues as their belief is that no child should have to pay to feel safe. The main costs are usually for a therapist to assist the child, and some members have been noted to have contributed their own funds to assist. This is a good cause. This is something that takes off where government support finishes because the child is too scared to testify against their perpetrator, and hence doesn’t qualify for traditional support. BACA fills that void, and they also now have statistics that show a child is four times more likely to testify once being involved with BACA.

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  1. It seems “bikies” are our defacto police force in Australia, I welcome this concept as the real police force is bogged down with political correctness, budget cuts and the recognition by state governments that policing is a great way to create revenue. Bikies may be involved in organized crime but they also live on the streets like ordinary Aussies and not some well policed priveledged suburb like most Polly’s enjoy

  2. Salut à force de faire le travail des administrations la question qu’il faudra se poser doit on les garder ? aprés tout on se demerde pas trop mal sans ses politiques véreux a plus

    • Il nous faudra surtout apprendre au reste de la terre à s’unir plutôt que de s’entretuer. la sagesse, ça s’apprend et ça se transmet.

  3. These guys have all the respect anybody can ever ask for without even asking. there is so much abuse in the world today that it has become a regular occurrence in the daily lives of so many people. its disgusting, heartbreaking and it has to stop i think i speak for everyone when i say its time they had a little help. the police are doing less than nothing to tackle this barbaric crime and BACA are the only ones even making a dent. something needs to be done

  4. I wish you guys were set up here in Australia, my daughter has been abused by her stepfather and the police did nothing. I have been dealing with the fallout from this with my daughter suffering PTSD now and suicide attempts for the past 5 years. I admire your strength and ability to empower these young people to become stronger and feel safe as they grow into adults. Keep up the fantastic job you have done & continue to do.


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