Billionaires: Born or Self-Made?


Hope has kept the people of the world compliant; we are willing to take countless hardships because we are addicted to hope… even false hope.

Throughout our lives, we’ve been told over and over again that with pure hard work, by servicing the corporate system and by sacrificing our time for our betters, we will one day achieve our dreams.

We were told that all people start on a level playing field, and that the only reason some of us are richer than others comes down to a person’s willingness to put in longer hours… their ingenuity… their intellect.

Even as the wealth gap keeps widening, we look up to our “betters” because we hope to one day be as wealthy and snobbish as they are.

However, in reality, more than half of the wealthiest people in world have inherited their wealth, according to

Although the statistic is by no means comprehensive (indeed it is quite lacking), it seems to tear apart the assertion that hard work and gumption are the only things that are required to obtain massive wealth.

According to, although they are fewer in number, the self-made rich are the richest people in the world. The top three richest people in the world happen to also be self-made billionaires: Bill Gates (79.4 billion dollars) of the US, Amancio Ortega of Spain (78.7 billion dollars) and Carlos Slim from Mexico (62.8 billion dollars).

Apparently, the self-made billionaires on the list managed to disrupt the status quo by coming up with revolutionary new tech; on the other hand, those who had inherited their wealth, much prefer to stay the course, according to the article. Of course, as we have seen with Bill Gates, self-made billionaires do love the status quo once they’re beneficiaries of it, and go to extraordinary lengths to suppress or buy out competitors.

Although concludes that 48% of the richest people of each country were self-made, which thus implies that you apparently have a 50-50 shot at making it big… one should note that there  are 1645 billionaires in the world, and the percentage of them who are self-made has fallen since 2012.

Indeed, a 1645/ 7300,000,000 chance of being a billionaire- or a 0.00001082% chance- is substantially different to the 100% chance you will have if you are born into Steve Jobs’ family…



Sources: How Much, The Talko

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