Bleach Away the Defect: The Medical Abuse of the Disabled and Children


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Written By: Jaymack



I am part of a group campaigning to raise awareness of a barbaric practice being inflicted upon vulnerable children and adults. I am not a physician or researcher, but am nonetheless mortified that the disabled have become prey to a particular faction of pseudo-scientists and I hope to achieve intervention before this practice results in death. In fact, as said practice goes further underground and has been promoted worldwide, it’s not possible to determine with certainty whether deaths have already occurred.
I share this with you now to enrage you. I share it to generate nothing short of fury on behalf of the victims, many of whom are unable to speak, let alone to advocate for themselves. I share it to gain your support and assistance.

For a few years now, a product called CD MMS (or Chlorine Dioxide Miracle Mineral Solution) has been marketed in alternative medicine circles as a cure for everything from cancer to AIDS. Lately, the solution is being pushed as a ‘cure’ for autism. The solution itself contains what is essentially industrial disinfectant. The so-called protocol for treating ASD children involves ingestion of the product, as well as baths and repeated enemas, in order to cleanse them of nonexistent ‘parasites’ claimed to be responsible for a host of different illnesses and conditions.

I was shocked to learn that, although the FDA has contraindicated MMS and posted serious warnings on its website, no United States government entity seems to be pursuing this dangerous practice. Very few European governments have officially taken notice. The substance itself is prohibited in Canada, yet the practice persists.

The use of MMS is a worldwide phenomenon which crosses all socioeconomic classes, political leanings, and the religious and nonreligious alike. The horror stories about struggling children, bleeding from their bowels, crying while the parent continues to administer the enema — these stories are coming from all corners of the developed world. This is only what we see; the creator of the MMS protocol founded his own church to gain protection, as he administered his chemical concoction to vulnerable populations in third-world nations as well. In fact, Jim Humble, founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, claims that the CD MMS protocol has cured the Ebola virus, among others. Mr. Humble’s primary co-conspirator is Kerri Rivera, D.Hom (Homeopath). Together, these individuals are pushing chlorine dioxide as well as the promise for a cure, contributing to the injury of the disabled.

The pages following are a cursory presentation of information found at websites devoted to the practice of CD MMS treatment. More information exists than I could ever present here, but it is my hope and the hope of my colleagues that this will motivate you to support our cause and play a part in ending this abuse.

The following is a compilation of screenshots obtained from the Facebook group, ‘CD Autism’, the Kerri Rivera website,, and the James Humble website,

(PLEASE NOTE: Many of the photographs are graphic in nature, in that they feature human tissue, excreta and blood.  Discretion is advised.)

To begin, I offer a quote from the ‘Archbishop’ of the Genesis II Church, Jim Humble, as reported by The Guardian:


I have included this excerpt to illustrate the ultimate mentality of the creator of Chlorine Dioxide Miracle Mineral Solution, and the proponents of his methods. Kerri Rivera’s layman’s description of CD MMS (copied from is intended to assure parents that the protocol is harmless…


…and the US Environmental Protection Agency accurately describes it as a ‘powerful disinfectant’: This is not about health care, nor is it about government interference in our private lives. This is about money and about controlling a flock, no matter the collateral damage.

Despite the fact that individuals — namely autistic children, many nonverbal — experience pain, bleeding, chronic effects and acute illness when administered the ‘protocol’ of CD MMS enemas, baths and oral doses; parents and caretakers are encouraged to continue dosing. Additionally, they are advised to do so under the radar of law enforcement, which is a subject approached later in this article.

Please consider the items below, copied from member forums on (Kerri Rivera):

1. Hair falling out due to ‘detoxing’:


2. Daily doses and ‘salt baths’; many of the practitioners report using water softener salt:

3. These sets of symptoms:


4. Cholesterol at 299 in a toddler… and it’s not necessarily dangerous?
5. Symptoms increasing in severity? Kerri Rivera’s advice (yes, she advises bleaching the child’s ear canals and entire head):


As mentioned in the introductory letter, it is the belief of the MMS creators and their followers that autism and many other conditions and diseases are the result of a parasite referred to as a ‘ropeworm’. The ropeworm is entirely fictional, fabricated by Volinsky, Gubarev et al, as a means of frightening desperate patients into an extreme medical protocol. Not surprisingly, Gubarev is the patent-holder of a homeopathic enema designed to eliminate these parasites.

Please refer to the Volinsky/ Gubarev ‘studies’ at:

For a more in-depth description of so-called ropeworms and the perpetuation of the parasite hoax, please see: The article is a bit tongue-in-cheek in parts but gives more information than I can efficiently provide.

This leads us to the actual appearance of the ‘parasite’. Of course, the introduction of a corrosive material to the interior of the body (or the exterior, for that matter) is expected to result in tissue damage by way of chemical burns. The practitioners of the MMS protocol frequently post photographs of those objects expelled from victims after enemas, and are assured that the same are ejected ropeworms/eggs/egg sacs. Indeed, these objects are portions of intestinal lining.

Below are photographs captured from both and the ‘CD Autism’ Facebook group. (As previously stated, these photographs are graphic due to content.)

6. ‘Intestinal parasites’:


7. A child’s post-enema excreta:

8. Notice that this object has a striated/fibrous texture… very unlike a worm-type parasite; very like tissue:


9. A post and its associated photo attachment. Lots of ‘parasites’:



10. Suggestion of parasite eggs in a child who, despite his abnormal liver function, is administered the solution:

11. A post and appearance of 2-foot ‘parasite’ from a ten-year-old:


12. Also attributing pica to parasite infestation. Pica, the ingestion of non-food materials, is widely accepted to be a compulsive behavior possibly due to deficiency of a particular nutrient:


Image – Ms. Rivera’s answer, never having seen the child — CD MMS protocol rather than assessment by a physician.

13. ‘Egg sacs’ (photo below post). Please note how the poster describes the victim’s enema-related pain:


14. This practitioner demonstrates her knowledge of anatomy:


15. Moon phases evidently play a part…

16. …as demonstrated by multiple postings:


17. And finally, what I find to be the most disturbing photograph, depicting intestinal damage:


Image – This victim is barely more than a baby.

The creators and followers of this toxic protocol are aware that anti-CD MMS advocacy groups are forming for the protection of autistic children and other disabled individuals. For this reason, they are beginning to move from such visible venues, as Facebook, to what they believe to be private forums. In fact, many of us have gleaned information like that submitted here from simple requests to join those forums. Many advocates have been ‘watchdogging’ the CD MMS-promoting websites under assumed names. We have been able to read their advice for evading Child Protective Services:


Their rules for remaining under the radar on social media and with the medical community:
Their attempts to convince their followers that those disagreeing with the protocol are paid shills of ‘Big Pharma’:


And fortunately, their ignorance of the workings of the internet:
I reiterate that I am not a member of the medical or scientific community, simply a human being horrified by this, so-far legal, child abuse. Absolutely no protection should be afforded to the abusive parents of helpless children, and especially not to the purveyors of dangerous and potentially deadly quackery. Again, my research is by no means exhaustive and I’m certain that the information I’ve provided barely scratches the surface of this bizarre alternative-medicine subculture.

I implore you, on behalf of Autism Spectrum children, their parents, the chronically ill grasping for hope, my advocacy group, and legitimate healthcare workers, to investigate Kerri Rivera, Jim Humble, any marketers of Chlorine Dioxide Miracle Mineral Solution and any adult caregivers who have caused damage to disabled children and adults through use of this snake-oil protocol. My colleagues and I have faith that, through extensive exposure and the help of compassionate citizens, we can shut down all MMS-related operations and criminalize this medieval behavior.

Nothing screams as loudly as outrage!



Blogs and News:

Governmental Health, US and Canada:

MMS Practitioner Sites:


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        • I’m not, that seems the problem around here.. It’s not bleach and never will be. You can yell as much as you want, it won’t change the fact. It’s not even chlorine at all. Funny, people don’t complain about swimming in chlorine in a pool (be careful you don’t dissolve!). And that’s REAL chlorine (Americans are even drinking it, aren’t they..). Piles of dead, dissolving people in all the pools, right 😉 Do some research Angie (and I don’t mean Wiki…)

  1. WTF!? This ‘treatment’ will ruin any credibility of actual homeopathic and natural health remedies. These people are being conned… this is sickening.

  2. i feel like you should take an interest in Vaccines. Yes there is no doubt that they can help, but when you look at the things people don’t tell you, you may realize that injecting yourself with aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, egg proteins, MSGs, and other things are not at all good for you. Not to mention the Laws passed that keep the injured and affected people from taking action against the doctors and companies that push it. I would recommend you look into it, anyone who reads this post, because I am not sure if we can trust what is put out about these things. Sorry about the long post, i just felt that i needed to defend my argument seeing that I do not plan on commenting again or getting into an argument.

    • oh you are one of those poeple that believe that vaccines cause aspergers dont you? well i suggest you reseach the actuall stuff that is in vaccines and what that stuff does, not read anti-science crap.

      as for these CD MMS forums, DDOS the shit out of them, before they become stronger.

  3. I have seen a lot of stupidity in my time but this takes the cake. Do these parents not realize that if this behavior was okay they would not have to hide the fact that they’re doing it? You typically don’t have to secretly do things that are acceptable. Also, when your child is in agony from some strange remedy, that has been concocted by someone other from a doctor, you would think that would even be a clue that something’s not right. I feel terribly sorry for these children and hope that the parents are found out before it’s too late. There is clearly no hope for this world.

  4. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. This abuse is rapidly gaining attention and it’s partly because of people like you.

  5. Thank you for posting this! I belong to the group the author is in who is trying to put a stop to this barbaric and deadly practice. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  6. i cant stand stupid uneducated granola people, and i am a holistic and spiritual woman but im not an idiot….babies’ bodies are very efficient and at their healthiest, they dont have fricken worms and parasites, this is disgusting, these peoples conversations imply that they arent even going to see a doctor after something like that comes out of their bums, and ya know what? its fucking normal to see a little mucus in poo, theres mucus in the bowel that is no longer needed, but it is very bad to see that these parents are forcibly removing very important mucus from the bowels, these kids are writhing in pain because they are loosing valuable mucus layers from the bowel. getting rid of parasites in the bowel should not cause headaches and fevers, simple cleanses can do it and if they cant then youve got a parasite that needs medical attention, not granola bullshit…do not deny the value of the medical system

  7. Thanks so much for posting this. The child abuse has to stop. Check out both Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble. They need to be locked up.

  8. This is so unfair and such a beat up. Chlorine Dioxide is widely used to disinfect water and is patented for use administered intravenously to treat the blood, bacterial infections and more.
    Really, ‘bleach’?? In 2015 I should hope that writing this article a journalist would know a bit more about science than is displayed in this article – which strays far from facts.
    I use CD and it has been one of the most effective treatments for fungal infections I have ever used. And it’s cheap.

    • Yep, to disinfect water, not a baby’s colon. Read the EPA description and the FDA warnings and feel free to use on yourself as an adult with a choice. If there are no deaths reported, it’s just a matter of time. Meanwhile someone needs to take down these sites.

      • Dj, evidently you don’t know about the thousands of babies and children that have quit banging their heads against the wall and who have started looking their mother in the eyes for the first time since their autism started. Evidently you don’t care. All that all of you care is that you believe what someone else has told you. A standard reaction to false data as you are part of the herd that is too lazy to really check the facts. Just jump on the band wagon an be with everyone else no matter how many people you hurt.

        • i wasent going to post on this . but seeing as to many MORONS dont know shit about autisum or how it works. im going to egacate some of you people that think DRUGING a perfictly healthy child is the way to CURE something that cant be cured.

          autisum is
          a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

          it is not a parasite. it is not a deadly virus. , its a simple condision involveing the brains of a child and how it is formed while the child is in the womb. it has also been resently uncovered that mothers pregnant in areas with HIGH smog and toxins in the air such as places like chicogo and LA . and other large citys where polution is high can effect a child while still in the womb and gives a low chance of the child comeing out autisitic.

          moveing on to real ways to handel an autisitc child. insted of pumping them full of drugs. you want to do phyical tharipy with them as well as speech tharipy. you dont need to drug them to get them to look at you. you dont need to flush there bodys with draino and kill of some unseen parasite inside of there body. if you pay attention to the photos in the article the clear fluwed with the red lines in them are mucus and blood. not a parasite. anyone that whent though 5th grade sciance can see that.

          what there doing with this so called drug. even if its not writen down as killing anyone wich ill wager is hevaly buryed and hidden from the public is esintualy destroying the insides of a child,

          i spent the better part of 3 years raising an autistic boy. never gave him any form of drugs or chamicals to ” control ” his actions or how he was. and with the proper tharapist. he was and as fare as i know to this day. growing into a normel child. when i first met him he wouldnt look you in the eyes or even say a word to you. he was in his own world. by the time him and his mother left my life. he could talk to some exstent. recanised shapes. patterns. could even read. he would hug you. he would play with others. and he interacted with anyone that came near him. he didnt throw tantrums. he was the apitamy of a normel child.

          all of that without some fake plasebo cure.

          • Learn to spell and people might get past the first paragraph without laughing hysterically. Not that I’m against you, but you really need to run your shit through a spell-checker…

        • Am over in asia and got a deadly infection named MRSA. Tried antibiotcs prescribed by doctor to no effect only got an allergic reaction. A friend advised me to try MMS and infection eased within days. The wound that it left took months to heal but believe that I would have lost the leg without mms. Also have two friends that contracted Tyfoid over here so I gave them some MMS and It cured them within 24hrs.Dont know about the use on kids but I did read an article on people that are paid by corrupt big phama to bad mouth natural cures and reading some of these posts pretty much confirms the truth of the article. Cheers Jim without MMS I would have only one leg.

    • how does some go from ‘disinfects water’ to ‘inject in ass’? i mean come on dont you know that bleach is harmfull to flesh tissue? you are litterally destroying and weakening the cells of your body.

  9. Can any of you people face facts? Last year more than in the US 900,000 people died after taking a pharmaceutic medicine prescribed by a doctor. More than 2000 people died as a result of taking aspirin. No one died from taking MMS (chlorine dioxide). Literally thousands of children improved in their behavior after taking chlorine dioxide. WHY DON’T YOU PUT UP A WEB SITE AGAINST ALL THE MEDICAL DRUGS? In 100 years no one has died from chlorine dioxide. World wide more than a million die from medical drugs when they did not need to die otherwise. WHY DON’T YOU FIGHT THEM. My church cures thousands of people each month. Do you understand Karma? Your stupidity and lies rack up a terrible Karma for yourself as your site will prevent hundreds from overcoming the their suffering. You won’t have the integrity to leave this post up. Another point rack up for your Karma.

    • Jim Humble is such a talented charlatan that he can sell you bleach to use on your child which has been proven to cause serious damage -as above – and then try to make you feel guilty when you try and stop this abuse.

      After all, Jim is a very wealthy entrepreneur who has made a fortune selling this poison to millions of foolish customers. He lives in exile in the Dominion republic so he cannot be arrested !

      • Ah yes, Steven Cousins: You are such a typical critic that you sort of represent all the other critics here and most other places. You, like the bunch of them, have no compunction to telling lies and you have no respect for the truth. You just start talking and without any research or any idea of what you are talking about or what is actually the truth. In the last 18 years I have sold less than 5 bottles of MMS, total and then I only did it as a favor to someone who didn’t want me to give it to her. I’m not rich. I barely make ends meet. But who cares, I have saved more lives than you will ever know. I know you hate that. But lies are disproved and they fall by the way side and you seldom hear about them again, but the truth is permanent and it lasts years, usually hundreds of years. Hitler, and Stalin are examples of those who tried to kill the truth of many things, but they are dead and their lies are mostly gone. None of you understand that the people of Earth want health and are tired of the torture and lies of the present sick system. Your biggest lie is of course that 3 drops of our solution in 1/2 glass of water can leach anything. It cannot. Our truth will keep us here 50 to 100 years and more beyond the time that anyone can even remember anonymous. I once thought that anonymous was something good, but now I realize you are just a bunch of arrogant children playing anonymous. The truth is, people want something that can help them take responsibility for their own health. And all you can do to prevent that from happening will eventually go to nought, because right now hundreds of thousands are doing just that.

    • @Archbishop Jim Humble.
      First of all thanks for MMS. In the very beginning I thought it was a fraud.
      But I looked into it, because I understand how H2O2 works. So I was familiar
      with the uses. I’m using MMS since one year. I haven’t had a cold since.
      My sinus infection is gone. No more caries or periodontitis.
      Anybody I have come across talking negative about MMS/CDS are people who have
      never used it. It’s a bit disappointing Anonymous are picking this topic
      without objectively getting into the details. I see the trend on this site
      towards becoming similar to mainstream media. They publish news without investigating, because when there is no story the viewers turn away. So they just copy and paste what they find on other sites.

  10. “Archbishop”, I’m not worried about my karma. I’m not inventing mystery worms and conning people into burning out their intestinal mucosa. You have no credibility except within your cult. Your insults mean nothing to me. It was a good laugh, though, so thanks for that.

  11. First of all. LOOK AT THAT NAME! –> Chlorine Dioxide “Miracle” Mineral Solution
    It has the word miracle in it…. ffs people wake up!

    It is a really old scam concept. Like in the old western days when the scammer rolled into town trying to sell miracle elexirs to townsfolk…

    Second: the chemical ingredients are right out deadly to humans in the longer perspective but with immediate pain. Chlorine will acidburn you from the inside.
    It even says so on the bottle…. mixing it or changing its chemistry body a little will not take away the danger..

    Not even torturing an evil person can be sanctified using chlorine oraly, its just to evil. Its just to unhealthy of a mental stabil mind to even do so,

    Now i am sure that not a single person that smelled a chlorine substance or read an chlorine bottle warning label would agree it was safe to ingest in any way.

    Therefor this is utterly torture and possible a growing “sect” or “get together of child abusers”.
    I simply cannot se any other explanation,, otherwise then satan himself is involved…

    ( I am aethist to religion and mainstream science and has aknoledged the practical fundaments of most inventions at the cost of our own future, but this is just riddiculusly wrong )

  12. Dear Jim Jones–I mean, Jim Humble: know who else tries to circumvent child welfare agencies? Paedophiles and child pornographers.

  13. Please tell me something is being done to find these kids and get them away their abusive “parents?” This is just so wrong!

  14. The following comment contains expletives!:

    What the hell?! These stupid parents just don’t stop. They’re relentless! I have Asperger’s syndrome, and would rather just deal with it than have CL02 (interest in chemistry) dissolve my insides. These fucking parents! Something needs to be done. We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget. Expect Us!

    • Arrow, if you are stupid enough to believe that feeding your children bleach is a good idea, I hope someone else loves your children enough to have them taken away from you. People that follow these practices are slowly killing their children. It’s abhorrent.

  15. and I will add that I am particularly disturbed that ANON has allowed this post to be put up. I thought ANON was for freedom. ANON is not qualified to determine truth on this subject.

    ANON has not attacked the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex that poisons and murders hundreds of thousands every year.

    ANON is not qualified to speak on alternative medicine unless they are a practitioner themselves.

    I believe that this article is written by a pharmaceutical shill to keep the truth from people.

    • Quack a little louder. I’m sure some other desperate ignoramus who can’t handle the simple truth neurological disorders are not ‘curable’ would be all too happy for your magic pill and believe these lies.

      As for your big pharma BS, NO DOCTOR EVER has recommended any medication for my son’s neurological disorder. None. Never. Yes, he has all of his vaccines. Because as his mother and an educated, sane parent with only his best interests in mind, I decided to give him every chance he could to make it.

      Which is the ONLY reason he is as healthy as he is. Insane monsters like you who refuse to look at real science and would rather torture your children and MINE by refusing to vaccinate them against preventable childhood disease, bleaching them into organ failure, and then they go to school and make medically fragile children like mine sick and since they are all miserable, taxing the resources of the school.

      You all should be thrown in jail for attempted murder. Because that is what you’re really doing.

    • Ah yes, the old “I don’t like what you’re saying yet I have no proof for what I think, so you must be paid to say these things!” response.

  16. I’m an epidemiologist.
    I know what parasites look like.
    These are not parasites.
    Feel free to Google any number of independent lab reports confirming that the excreted tissue contains nothing but human DNA.
    And no, this is absolutely NOT because your silly worms spontaneously generate from human tissue, or fuse with it to create a host, as you deluded jackasses are led to believe.
    No one has died from it YET…who wants to bet the first death will be the child whose liver and kidney disease is being exacerbated by the ingestion and absorption of Maniac Mineral Solution? That is, if there truly have not been deaths. These sociopaths are so desperate to conceal their activities that I wouldn’t be shocked to find that a child was buried on someone’s farm.
    I feel sorry for YOU.
    Wait, no I don’t. You’re consciously ignorant.
    Ah well. Regardless of the sneakiness, these cultists are being undermined as we speak.
    It’s proving a lot easier than expected.
    If only someone would go after the sites…we’re taking care of the “people”.

    • Well, as an epidemiologist I would think you would be more interested in facts than hysteria. For example that MMS isn’t bleach!

  17. I am so furious right now I’m shaking. I grew up for years on a farm. Those are the lining of the intestines..the red dots that the stupid cow said are ovaries, are blood blisters. These people should open up a can of Menudo so they can get a good look at what intestines look like..if they are even smart enough to use a can opener..I really have my doubts. The yellow thick “stuff” that the one woman said was coming from her child’s anus is fricken bile. Stomach acid.. the high cholesterol is because that child’s liver is failing..when the liver can’t function, it creates bands of fat through it that turns into cirrhosis ( hardening due to damage and scarring ). That’s what’s causing the migraines and everything. Jaundice will soon follow. I mentioned in a prior post that I am terminal. I have NASH, I know a thing or two or 3 about the liver, pancreas, gall bladder and nerve damage. I think I might spit nails I am so angry.

  18. That is no parasite! It’s intestine. Open a can of Menudo from the grocery store, that’s intestines with hominy ( corn ). Then tell me it doesn’t look like intestine. They probably stopped banging their heads because they are too weak to do it! They are being poisoned..oh I do not doubt it works for fungus…it’s BLEACH…you idiot. Ever go swimming in a pool freshly cleaned and your eyes burn. That is what you are doing to your child’s intestines. And to you, so called reverend…someone should fill your intestines with theramite and see how you like that one. Idiots..did any of you pass Kindergarten? How do you people live with yourselves…seeing your children writhe in pain…wth is wrong with you people… I can obviously see where the Autism is inherited from…YOU. My fiancee is autistic so don’t you even try to feed me a line of crap…I owned a day care that had autistic children..all of them were on the spectrum. Are you people sooo hell bent on *curing* your child, are you that embarrassed of your child or tired of the tantrums that you would go to this length and harm them? I hope all of you who are doing this to these children…get what’s coming to you in the end.

    • Autism is NOT a disease, and it certainly is NOT a parasite! Please LOVE and CARE for your children, don’t destroy them! You will regret what you are doing every moment of every day for all of eternity if you continue this practice! You are KILLING your child! Love you entire child, autism and every part of them. They deserve your love not your torture!!!

  19. Autisim is a neurological disorder. Not a bogus, nonexistant ‘ropeworm’ issue. You really need help. Mentally. Seek it. Bring your friends.

  20. Well I know one thing for sure. If your child is dead, he won’t have autism issues anymore.

    good luck with poisoning your enfants. We have an overpopulation anyway

  21. Wow, I had no idea this was going on. Someone needs to give the parents involved a copy of ‘A Child Called It’. Giving your child bleach to ingest is child abuse. It’s really unusual for people in the Western world to catch parasites. Even in the unlikely event that one caught an intestinal parasite, I’m guessing that drinking bleach is not the recommended treatment. Also, parasites do not cause Autism. Drinking bleach is not going to cure Autism. That’s like lighting yourself on fire to cure acne. That’s crazy.

  22. Why don’t these parents drink the bleach first before giving it to their children? If its as good for the child as they say, there shouldn’t be any problem with sampling it first.

    • Many of them do use MMS for their own health issues of course. It’s not dangerous as it’s not bleach at all. Check your facts…

  23. I really thought Anon was a site that didn’t promote fear mongering. Sadly I was wrong.. Please check your facts before publishing articles in the future. And please don’t rely on Wikipedia to tell you the truth! This article is mostly complete BS!

  24. You are very wrong. Any proper chemist would tell you that Chlorine dioxide is not bleach at all. They both contain Cl in their composition but so does TABLE SALT and other things. The fact that disinfects doesn’t make it bleach either. Oxygen and Hydrogen peroxide also, disinfect, whiten and are powerful oxidizers. In their proper dilutions are necessary. I bet you would also called them bleach. The body, to kill pathogens, creates and uses powerful oxidizers like Calcium Hypochlorite for example. I imagine you would also persecute that if it was said you can buy it to heal diseases because it has de Chorite word on it. I am so sorry to see that you have spent so much time persecuting something that is so extremely helpful in healing. You don’t offend me, I just see your profound ignorance and close-mindedness here. Are you really saying and believing that the thousands of people who have used mms to heal themselves and the parents who have already recovered their kids from autism with it out there are liars? Why would they lie? Just because for some reason it’s hard to believe for you doesn’t make it false, my friend. That is extremely arrogant. Jesus was killed by those who didn’t believe also. Don’t confuse some healthy skepticism with close mindedness, or fear, or arrogance. Do you think that people (like me) who have used mms to actually heal serious diseases (and don’t sell this or have any interests) are idiots to be taking it or would be giving their beloved children harmful products? Our positive experiences of healing difficult diseases are not real just because your mind decides that it simply can’t be? More ignorance/arrogance. I suggest that instead of trying to destroy something that you SUSPECT to be something so bad, you have more humility and try to get in touch with one of those parents who has recovered their child from autism and hear their story. Or one of those people who were diagnosed with cancer or whatever and healed with it. I do know one. Healthy skepticism would make you want to hear first hand from testimonials. Refusing to believe without that is called closed mindedness and is the furthest thing from being scientific and truthful. Contact some of those people, hear and check their cases. Most have all proper medical diagnoses and their proofs of healing. But interestingly, no official entities are interested on it. If you knew what interests are behind not wanting to let people know that this works my friend…., that is the truly UNBELIEVABLE thing here. God bless you all

  25. what your seeing here is plasma and how it metastasizes when the cell wall is being stressed and a Capillary action is induced. know what happens when women in the 50’s would Douche, they’d do it so much that it would burn them out then possibly give them Cancer. The body remembers stress. but doesn’t learn?! this Anorexic era thinking. although one of these people isn’t ‘fundamentally challenged’. would cholesterol levels would be so high if we smoke pot and get the munchies for 100 years. No we adapt just like regular people. Enjoy your Nepotism. i’m going to go grab an Apple Beer.


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