[BREAKING] Exposed: Online Community Leaks Identity of Dakota Pipeline Dog Attackers



The Saturday attacks on Native-Americans who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) gained national attention in social media over the weekend, spurring an outcry for justice. As a result, many citizens have demanded the identity of the privately hired security forces who attacked unarmed citizens – including a child and pregnant woman – be exposed, and through the collaboration of the online community, that’s exactly what happened.


Source: Facebook


Ashley Nicole Welch, the woman pictured in the photo above, has bore much of the brunt of people’s anger as she was the main aggressor among the hired security, according to witnesses. It appears she was the first to be exposed out of the group:



Welch’s aggression is apparent in the footage captured by Democracy Now! shown below:



Democracy Now! reporter, Amy Goodman, confronts Welch in the video:


Ma’am, your dog just bit this protestor. Are you telling the dogs to bite the protestors? The dog has blood in its nose and its mouth.”


Shortly after being asked if she was attacking protestors, Welch can be seen lunging her dog at the crowd in front of the rest of the security team. Among those included on her team, and identified along with her, is Robert “Bob” Frost and Ricardo Bullard. The following information on Welch has been leaked:


Ashley Nicole Welch

Owner/Operator of ANW Quarter Horses

12401 Snow Rd., Burton, Ohio 44021, USA

Phone#: 1-440-537-2517

Email: [email protected]

Approximate age: 30 years

Parents: Doug and Kim Welch


Source: Public Domain


Welch and her accomplices apparently use dogs that are trained at:


Frost Kennels

9038 Edison St.

Louisville, OH 44641

Phone: 1-330-267-8014

Email: [email protected]


Ashley Nicole Welch’s review of Frost Kennels. Source: Facebook


Citizens are now demanding that Welch and her accomplices be held accountable for their actions, preferably through legal means, however it has been commented that a peaceful public shaming is in order, as well. We here at Anonymous are happy to oblige.


Source: Twitter


This article (Exposed: Online Community Leaks Identity of Dakota Pipeline Dog Attackers) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.com.


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  1. She AND the kennel need to be shut down! PLEASE SAVE THOSE DOGS FROM THE ABUSE!!! And, I bet, if you dig deep enough, they are involved in dog fighting rings!

    • If you poke around you can see proof they are running a puppy mill and dog brokering ring. Fuck these guys they don’t care about dogs or people. Robert Frost has narcissistic sociopath written all over him. He probably jumped at the chance to play “cowboys and indians”

    • For starters its not abuse , they are trained animals operating on a more advanced and controlled version of thier base instinct , this woman is an idiot yes, although this does not translate into animals being abused and as for dog fighting rings ………hahahaha, very uneducated assumption as I personally work with such animals taken from actual abusive lives , I also own a fully trained attack dog , comments like yours are the match that starts the fires of idiocy. Please educate yourself before making byest assumptions.

      • You need to step back you pos! Standing up for these criminals is shameful! Go back to your hole! Or better yet, ANON, can you give this pos a taste of your medicine?

      • I wouldnt trust any dog as far as .. not with kids anyway .. dog lovers piss me off . they usually cant relate to people and assume everyone should love their shit factories and are offended if they dont ..

        • Mr. Grimes, I have kept basset hounds for over forty years. Quite frankly, I could hardly care less if you’re pissed off. Your loss is that you can’t maintain a relationship with people AND with animals, as I do. You’re nothing less than an arrogant prick.

        • Uh, dogs are much better people than most people. I question anyone who doesn’t like animals. Dogs are an EXCELLENT judge of character and my guess is any dog would love to bite your face off. It isn’t the animal, it’s the person behind the animal.

        • Well, I think your kids are stupid, whiny, annoying and probably retarded. I can’t stand parents who let their little leeches scream in public, throw toys, crap on themselves and wont even whip their little demon spawn if they terrorize other people. Also, by your attitude … I am sure your kids will grow up to be LOVELY people … lmfao

        • Hahaha you Crack me up. Dogs don’t just attack for NO reason, obviously you know this since you hate them. You would be the type of person that would provoke an attack because of your hatred for them. Buddy get educated because you haven’t a clue.

          • You know it all. Dogs trained to protect his owners property will attack unprovoked. No reason when they are trained to be aggressive then just just the fence to chase a kid down the road you arrogant fuk with. One day hope it’s yours.

        • I agree with you. Where I live people eat dogs as food.. The culture is that you should love people and not animals. You should still take care of animals. If a dog bites you and draws blood, you can kill and eat it.

          In this case, I would have had a knife with me ready to stab the dog if it bit me.

      • These protection dogs are poorly trained…They are foreign, they train these dogs with collars on and also do what’s called “stick” training. Another issue, they have GSDs. Great dogs but, as a person like yourself…who can handle aggressive animals, are easy to overpower and have straw jaws. This is why the military and some US PDs are moving to molossers/mastiff breeds. They are ten times less likely to become anxious from stressful situations.

        1) No leash or collar permitted. If you cannot control your dogs attention span off leash or collar GO HOME, your not ready
        2) Hand signals first! Your dog should react to your physical commands or demands
        3) WHISPER commands! The ability to put a dog on command without those around knowing such
        4) Finally, Voice Commands! This is basic stuff that 90% of owners can’t do with their “house dog”


        • I Applaud you sir!. Thank you! My shepherd is voice/hand signal trained, but still wouldn’t trust her with just anyone, as she was abused before I got her @ 6months old. I had decided as long as she is NOT allowed around certain types of people, then she’s ok..if she attacks without my command, then she will be put down, no matter what!

      • Doesn’t seem too controlled. If it was used to harm a little girl like is being implied you do what is supposed to be done with dangerous weapons used in a felony assault. Conviscate it and destroy it like how a lot of guys are taken and melted down. Trained or not trained, this cur was used to harm a child and is no different than an aggressive dog that was used to fighting.

        “Advanced instinct” a dog is a dog. Miss me with that super soldier talk.

      • Mydogsbetter – Are you condoning the use of dogs to attack people in public? If what the earlier poster said is true, the dog had blood on it from biting at least two people. What are the rules surrounding a dog that attacks a person who is not harming you, and away from your property? If my child had been bitten in the face, I’d want that dog put down. And to me, anything that causes the unnecessary death of an animal is abuse.

      • Your too funny…the dog as been abused to be taught to attack a human being is unnatural for dogs…their natural instincts is to protect humans the dog had to be abused to be taught to attack humans, even police dogs are abused in this matter.

        • guess I should say more on this dogs are given treats when they are being taught to attack, when they don’t attack they don’t get a treat, thus the abuse. that’s why further into the tape you see the dogs turn on the handlers

      • No, it is abuse and if you “own a fully trained attack dog” you’re also an animal abuser and a complete asshole.
        Talk about idiocy, it’s people like you that are the true idiots, thinking you need “attack” animals, because you’re a fucking coward.

      • I started in Schutzhund. I don’t know if I’m still registered, but I was a registered agitator. Currently an AKC tracking judge and an ASCA tracking and obedience judge.

        #1 – Private security firms can ONLY use force (i.e. guns or dog aggression) if people are being threatened or property is being threatened. People STANDING there is NEVER justification for the use of force.
        #2 – Private security firms MUST wear visible identification. How do the protesters, or anyone else know that these folks were a private security force or white supremacists who hated Native Americans.

        NONE of these handlers had control of their dogs. NONE. The guy who simply lets his Malinois(?) loose was one of the worst. Did you see ONE of them successfully call their dogs off?

        These “handlers” could have easily just stood there with their dogs if they wanted to make a point. Sort of like what law enforcement does. They don’t attack protesters when protesters are standing there peacefully.

        So. If I am being attacked by a dog, don’t I have the right to use pepper spray, or any other means, such as kicking the dog to stop it?

        Might want to check the law. These “handlers” have broken MULTIPLE state and more importantly, federal laws.

        I hope they all get bankrupted by the lawsuits they’re going to lose. And they WILL lose them.

      • ok educated lady! how would you feel to have a well trained attack dog be used to bite on you or your child in a illegal way and not even have the decency to bring the dog forward so this child and others that got bit don’t have to endure rabie shots
        ? I bet you would be posting way different then

      • I have a friend who is a dog handler. You, maam, are obviously not. Dog handlers have been voicing concern about the dogs from the moment they saw this. These dogs attacked the protestors, pipeline workers, and even their own handlers. They were quite obviously being mishandled and are poorly trained. I bet your version of handling dogs has to do with running a puppy mill.

      • Use your head. These dogs were not being handled correctly. I saw only one with a working harness. The rest were on collars for shits sake. Perhaps it is YOU who needs the educating?

      • They are domestic animals not wolfs. Your statement or better yet your opinion is false. There basic instinct is to shit eat and copulate. Being used as organic shields and weapons is just that animal abuse.

      • She was caught on video hitting her dog multiple times, when he didn’t do her bidding. If you think that’s not abuse, you should NOT have a dog, much less a trained attack dog which you have probably made aggressive and fearful. That is not a stable dog in any sense of the word. Dogs need to respect their handlers first and foremost and that is not achieved with violence.
        Stick with training goldfish.

      • Classic moron move: Urging others to educate themselves while misspelling “biased” in the same sentence….who is lighting the “fires of idiocy” now Butch???

      • “Please educate yourself before making byest assumptions.”
        Perhaps you meant “biased”? You sound like you knows them dogs real good. But seriously, who here needs the education?

      • How can you can you also make the assumption that mamabear is Uneducated? Could be this person is more educated than yourself dumbass. Looking at your username gives me the impression that you think you know more than others about dogs. “DO YOU THOUGH”? Mydogsbetter sounds as though you may in fact fight your dog to come up with a username like that. So get a life loser.

    • The dumbest shit on the internet right here… I live here, in North Dakota, those dogs didn’t attack anybody! Watch the videos people! They attacked the dogs, the protesters hit them with sticks, threw rocks at the dogs and did what ever they could to provoke those dogs.
      It was a bad idea to bring dogs in the first place, but those guards were on private land and the protesters were trespassing on private property. It’s a damn shame what’s going on verses what’s being reported. 180 degrees from the truth, the media playing SRST like pons in a chess game. All we want is for these out of state trouble makers to go home.

      • I don’t know what you was watching. I seen that woman take her dog where the protesters were and she made that dog attack. And another thing. That frost is a felon.A sex offender. I’m sure he had a weapon of some sort besides untrained dogs. I thought felons can’t have any dangerous weapons.??

      • I too saw the video..and you are mistaken..that woman’s dog’s mouth was dripping in blood AFTER it bit a guy…and the dog who bit the horse wasn’t even on a leash! You are obviously trying to stir trouble

      • You are one dumb asshole and racist, trash bag. I am not only from out of state; Immigrant, I live in Canada. You sure have slanted vision

      • If you watched the videos and believe that they did not attack people with dogs, wait… is this you
        “Minot, ND (WDAY TV) – A Minot man is facing a felony charge after yelling at workers and customers at two businesses and ramming his car into another vehicle, causing damage to a home, according to Minot Police.

        Police report Douglas Warren Carr, 53, was identified as the man who created disturbances at Taco Bell and Starbucks on Saturday afternoon.”

    • Wow! 2 sides to every story!
      Remember that. You all have literally taking this way out of context.
      1st off you were not there.
      They were sent there to PROTECT the pipe workers-!! Wonder why the pipe workers need protection?
      The protesters were asked NOT to cross the line. Duh, well don’t cross! You knew there were a few people with dogs.
      This was a complete mob mentality.
      The “peaceful” protesters crossed the line by viciously BEATING Bobs dogs.
      That was sick! Smashing a dog in the face with a flag pole. Maybe that’s why the dog was bleeding-Not from bitting someone.
      Frost and his handlers were way out maned.
      Ok what if the “mob” moved back (?) ever thought of that?
      This would NOT have happened!
      This Jonni J. Has NO clue. From what I saw in those videos.
      If was there and saw this huge angry mob swinging and beating those dogs bloody-I would have done the same thing, protect myself and the workers.
      Jonni said “Bob has taken the credit” (?)
      He was very transparent- not “crediting” himself. (He is NOT like that)
      Bob is a levelheaded peaceful man. He has also put his number out there for you to call him calmly and “talk” directly to him!
      Please talk to him directly-No need to bash someone sitting behind your computer.
      He is married to don’t know the percentage, native America Indian lady. So when you say he is racial-
      These crazy, absurd, comments makes you sound not very credible.
      Who is to say these dogs are improperly trained(?) I didn’t see any of that.
      Bob does lots of work for the police Dept. And military. He has been training for many years.
      Plain and simple you people need a pasty- because you can’t follow rules!
      The dog bashing has been going on for years!!
      Almost every trainer downs another trainer- or a kennel is so quick to judge another kennel.
      Maybe your jealous you didn’t get picked for the job. 😉

  2. She and her coherts are the lowest scum in the pond and need to be shamed, humiliated and put out of business quickly! Disgusting human beings!


    • Reba, no one made this woman do what she did. You are just trying to distract the attention away from her and her co horts. She needs to be accountable along with whomever hired her. I smell a lawsuit.

  4. This is so sick. Ashly WELCH forgot her duty to God. This is why the monetary system has to go. The government system has to go. and the corporations have to go.

  5. Why weren’t these security dogs muzzled? It is the law in the UK. Or doesn’t public safety for anything count in the US? Hope she is found accountable and pays the hospital fees and compensation to the poor child.

  6. u should move and no dog will be there. your not going to win, jaying u wasting your time. ts going to happen. right or wrong, i cant say both sides have good reasons. maybe work together to make sure the pipe in the water will never break.. re-enforce it.. something can be compromised

    • “Make sure the pipe will never break”

      Yes, because tons of fail safes were never used before where disasters happen.

      Are you retarded? I’m not even asking to be mean. You seem to be under the impression that reinforced metal, even when brand new, is 100%.

    • No pipe is safe, Earth Mother shifts and moves…pipes do not. They erode, they are flawed. Please research how many pipe lines have broken and leave carnage in their wake. The oil companies make assumptions, they assume they are in the right and all others are in the wrong. Follow the money.

  7. Pathetic….This is nothing more than cyber vigilantism. She is an employee of a private security business and can be held responsible in our countries Civil and Criminal courts. What your doing is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • How is it wrong? There’s no law being broken. Until then, keep your moral issues. Trying to get judgemental and stick up for someone who had to use a dog to attack a child. You’re a real POS, don’t you have an innocent black guy to harass?

  8. I have copies of their Facebook pages BEFORE they scrubbed and cleaned them up to what you see here 😉 If you want to get in touch with me. I will gladly share! #NativePride #NoDAPL

  9. Saw the video of the dogs being let of the leashes and biting horses and such.

    Simply solution. Dog is attacking, shoot dog. Dog bites child, shoot dog. The Dakotas don’t have stand your ground/castle doctrine? Peaceful protest, assholes bring inbred hillbillies from Ohio (the Florida of the North) with dogs trained to be vicious and attack, logical thing is for protesters to arm themselves since it has been shown that not even children are safe,

  10. My dogs would fuck ur dog up u dumb bitch ur lucky my dogs weren’t there they love kids.. Ur dog would have been the one bleeding out of his face

  11. Attacking the mercs is not going to solve anything you need to see the bigger pic, they are provoking a war, so they can use military force to push the pipeline thru, instead feed the dogs poison meat, haven’t seen a dog yet that didn’t like raw meat, just food for thought, maby some of that ceramonial herb the natives used sometimes.

    • That stands against the people of earth and other lives. It’s not the dogs faults their masters are tyrants. In fact one of them bit their handler it seems. They are loyal to who they know, it’s their nature. Can’t hold nature against them. Can hold what Tyrants do against the Tyrants though.

  12. unfortanately for all of you, you were not there to see the truth. 300 plus protestors with knives and rocks over take a fence on private land and charged after the 12 security with 6 dogs on the ground. the one security officer got beaten up badly….as well as two dogs with fence posts and poles. Of course all your videos are well edited to show the truth. This has not been a peaceful protest at all by any means by the “protectors”. But none of you will ever get it….of course your statements of securty attack innocent peaceful protestors would cause anyone to go crazy. BUT NONE OF YOU WERE THERE!!!! The pipeline is going alongside another gas pipeline. There is no sacred ground or burial sites!!!! Its all on private property!!!! They made accusations within a week of the construction reaching where the actual protest began..at the river. The federal judge over ruled their restraining order because its actual a bullshit injunction. There is an existing gas line right next to this one thats being put in!!! Its all on private property!! It is trespassing and an attack on the construction company to slow them down. But putting up false accusations to piss people off as it would piss me off too if I wast there to see what actually happened. Even there video Proves it!! Wake up!! Oh, and lets be honest..the tribe was offered $2million to use the reservation. They declined that offer, requested $4million. Yes…they had their price too….but the gas company declined and re routed the line outside the reservation. That is when the protest began. Their cries for water and land is disgraceful when they are pissed they didnt receive the money they wanted. So lets hear it….

    • —Security guards have to be licensed: these aren’t. Security guards have to be wearing identification: These aren’t. Security guards have to be using vehicles identified as security vehicles: These aren’t. Security guards have to be wearing uniforms approved by the state: These aren’t. Security guards have to wear ID: These aren’t.
      —Security guards have to be licensed in the state they are working in: These aren’t. There are laws relating to the use of force, and what type of force can be used and when. These laws were not followed. Dogs have to be licensed in the state they are: These aren’t.
      —Pedophiles are not allowed to work for security companies: One was driving one of the Frost trucks. This breaks the law.
      —So there ya go: They broke the law.

    • So sorry you see things so different. I just left Sacred Stone Camp. Everyone there is really peaceful. The Tribal Chairman continues to tell the protectors not to even use violent words. There are no weapons at the camp. The video by Amy Goodman was true. A few people did pick up sicks after they were threaten by the dogs and some protectors were bit. The Missouri River is half a mile from the reservation. That is their drinking water and the farmers irrigation water. When the pipeline leaks it will contaminate water all the way down the river. The companies that drill, make the pipelines, or move the oil have not been held accountable for spills. They may get a fine, but the amount of money they make billions, is not even close to the damage they have committed. They also have a fund allotted to the breaks and spills.
      All is calculated as money lost. I have yet to see or hear of a spill totally cleaned up. They are still cleaning the Valdez,and how many years is that,??
      This is a river not the ocean. If you look on the internet at a map of spills of oil, it is clear this will leak in time. This pipeline was done illegally as the EPA had not finished their ruling. the Access Dakota Pipeline began before all paper work was done. The EPA had already stated that there was a burial ground on that part of the pipeline. A burial ground must be accessible to the people, so the protectors went on to the burial ground. And even if it is deemed unlawful, vigilante law is even worse. You cannot enforce vigilante law or you go to jail! You are suppose to call the police. The protectors who were bitten have a case against the vigilantes who let their dogs bite the people. It is just abhorrent that the owner, Welsh does not come forward to let her dog go through what every dog that has bitten someone must go through. A rabies test. These bitten people will have to go through a rabies shot program. As I said, I just got home from Sacred Stone Camp. I took two white friends and their statement about the camp, was that it was the most peaceful place on the planet. Not my words. The “Protectors” were all very peaceful and accepting of everyone. I did not see knives, but some rocks were thrown. You paint this as a horrible threatening mob, when they were mostly women, children and some men. they were screaming , go home, leave, oil is not water and other things. Regardless of your sorry story, the dogs bit the people. The dogs should be tested. The dogs if violent should be put down. The people who were bitten have the right to legal defense.End of story.

  13. Frost Kennels are NOT licensed to do this type of work, the dogs are not licensed to do this type of work, there is no record of said licenses in the state of Ohio. These people need to be charged and jailed.

  14. The co-incorporator of Frost Kennels (according to the Ohio SOS office) is Kristyn Oakes. Kristyn Oakes was arrested for domestic violence in 2011 just a few miles from the location of the kennel. She eventually pled down to disorderly conduct and was found guilty.

    Ohio SOS: http://www5.sos.state.oh.us/ords/f?p=100:7:0::NO:7:P7_CHARTER_NUM:2195604
    Use Stark County Ohio Court Records to search for court records on the conviction.

    Also, check out this arrest record: http://www.ohio.com/news/crime-watch/crime-watch-sept-13-1.121429

  15. One thing just as bad as this bitch with the dogs, is Advertising for Donald J Trump, who supports the terrorists! I’ve kept out of the hate on AnonHQ, though now… You Fucking Sold Out! NYPA! Fuck Off.

  16. Everyone is more concerned for the dogs and the kennels and lets not give kennels a bad name…What about the fact they this Bitch let her dogs attack human beings???

  17. Man I admire the men riding those horses so much. Not many people would be able to control a horse while it’s being attacked by a dog and if they hadn’t been in such good control of their animals, the horses would’ve bolted right through anyone standing near them.

    As for the dog handlers: assholes and idiots the lot of them. Attacking 1000 pound prey animals with dogs in the middle of a crowd? You’re asking for people to die that way.

  18. No pipe is leak proof , at the very least any pipeline should be required to be double walled ( a pipe within a pipe with the material flowing in the center pipe and the outer pipe being electronically monitored for even he smallest of leaks More expensive yes but a drop in the bucket compared to the future health of all life .

  19. It’s all about injustice, grubby creed and and stpiid bitches who use dogs to show they have balls. Personally already sicken by greed, i would just shoot them in the head.

  20. Its all about greed, injustice and stupid bitches attempting to show they have balls by abusing dogs. Too sicken by these people someone should shoot them in the head. An extra shot for abusing dogs.

  21. The “trainers” were also bitten. Poorly trained dog in the wrong situation.

    A trained dog attacked a child? What training are they providing?
    When is a child an aggressor worthy of canine involvement?

    Glad they are exposed. Glad their business’s are exposed.
    Hope those injured seek civil damages and ruin these people for the rest of their pathetic lives.

    They were the trespassers… they were the aggressors. Better Call Saul.

  22. So, it’s one thing to call her out – the company out, but put her parent’s info on here? Anyone check in to if she has kids so people can go to their school and harass them, too? Seriously.

  23. What a bunch of crazy people. I doubt that you are reacting to actual information. If a child was bitten why were law officers called and it dealt with? Further more, why would you bring a child to a protest? Very irresponsible. As stated, did they trespass on private property, do you commentors know? I can’t say what happened because I wasn’t there, nor have I seen a complete video of what took place. If security was hired to protect property and they broke and entered the property, you get what’s coming to you. No, you don’t have the right.

    • No matter what, Ashley Nicole Welch and her goon squad and family are never going to be able to overcome the public’s hatred of them and perception that they’re nothing more than white trash psychopaths. Whatever redeeming qualities they may have will always be overshadowed by this.

  24. It’s interesting how hardly any of the comments are about that horrid little woman and the atrocities of the events. I see people blinded by petty comments and snarky remarks. Humans did a bad thing. And they will keep doing bad things as long as we keep sniping at each other over stupid post. A dog bit a child in the face, a pregnant woman was bitten trying to protect her land and heritage. And the only thing you can post is gripes back and forth to each other. This is why they win every time. We turn on each other at the drop of a hat. Just uhhhhhhh.

  25. Rip Off Report complaint about Frost Kennel.

    Frost Kennels/Frost Guard Dogs Bob Frost and Will Jones are scammers. They put dogs on craigslist for sale and list the wrong age of the dog.Their dogs are kept in a garage in crates with woodchips for flooring. They create online pedigrees that say dogs are titled and that they have been OFA health certified when they have not. They have you come sign a contract but dont filling the blanks claiming it is just for tax purposes only then when you leave they mark additional info on the contract. They claim they are unable to give you a contract because their copier/scanner isn’t working.

    They have many complaints against them filed with the Erie County OH Animal Control. Thy claim to have done all vaccines themselves then reply to the BBB that all vaccines were done prior to them purchasing her but have no proof to back that up. They also associate with known felons to obtain dogs. One person they were obtaining dogs from has recently pulled back her dogs after finding out 2 people got her dogs for a fee butshe was told they were given away. They also managed to change the AKC papers without the knowledge of th co-owner to Bob Frost’s name as owner.

    This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 02/06/2014 02:25 PM



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