BREAKING: New Wikileaks Emails Confirm Clinton Lied About Almost Everything




Transcript excerpts of Clinton’s private speeches, including those to Goldman Sachs and other major banks, were found among the emails of Clinton Campaign Chair, John Podesta.

Just one day after DC Leaks released thousands of Capricia Marshall’s emails, Wikileaks made good on its promise earlier this week and has released over 2,000 hacked emails belonging to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. Podesta was also Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001 and Counselor to President Obama. He also owns the Podesta Group, a lobbying firm, and the Chair of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a DC-based think tank. Wikileaks said this is the only first release in a series of hacked emails from Podesta’s server. The organization claims to have over 50,000 Podesta emails.

Wikileaks themselves highlighted emails related to the “Uranium One Deal,” where Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, signed away significant amounts, one-fifth, of US Uranium resources to Russia. Following the deal, millions of dollars were donated to the Clinton Foundation from individuals directly connected to the deal, including the Chairman of Uranium One, Ian Telfer. Clinton declined to publicly disclose this contribution despite an agreement with Obama to publicly identify all Clinton Foundation donors. In a press release of the leaks, Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange provides evidence that Brian Fallon, Clinton campaign spokesman, lied when he told the New York Times that Clinton’s involvement in the deal was “baseless.” This is based on emails between José Fernandez and Podesta which show that Fernandez, who was responsible for the State Department’s role in the deal, was also involved with the Clinton campaign before this statement was made and had been given an “extremely rewarding” position at Podesta’s think thank, the Center for American Progress.

However, the email that will likely cause the most damage to Clinton’s campaign is titled “HRC Paid Speeches.” This email exposes transcript excerpts from her paid speeches which were closed to the public and the press, including those given to Goldman Sachs. They confirm what many have long suspected about Hillary’s real political views. In the transcripts, which you can read here, Clinton expresses that she is both pro-KeystoneXL and pro-TTP (free trade) – positions she has declined publicly. Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street banks will likely be very difficult to “spin”, as she told Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank that Wall Street were held accountable for the 2008 crisis for solely political reasons and to appease the public. Clinton said that the blame placed on the United States banking system for the crisis “could have been avoided in terms of both misunderstanding and really politicizing what happened.” She also said that public perception of the rigged system must be controlled in order to maintain public trust. She also said that financial reform “really has to come from the industry itself,” expressing her view that Wall Street should police itself. She also said she “did all I could to make sure [Wall Street] continued to prosper” after 2008 and also said that she depends on Wall Street money for funding.

Most concerning of all to Clinton’s campaign is that she explains away her misrepresentation of her views to public as being born out of the necessity to have “a private and public position on policy.” To quote directly from Clinton’s words: “If everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.” She said the public/private position dichotomy is “necessary to be successful, politically” and said this was true throughout all of American history. Essentially, Clinton admits that everything she says publicly is done so for political gain and does not reflect her true, “private” views.

Other emails will have implications for Podesta himself as some emails on Podesta’s server were overtly racist. The email entitled “What’s the difference between a German and a shopping cart? A shopping cart has got a mind of its own” was sent to various Huffington Post and Politico writers as well as Podesta himself. It is largely an attack on Germans – calling them “brainwashable” and suggesting that the refugee crisis and immigration will destroy the German people. The email also called Muslim, Blacks, and “Gypsies” as the “professional never-do-wells,” saying they “fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances.” The email’s author also clearly believes in the superiority of the Jewish people, and offers numerous anecdotes praising them for their superior work ethic and intellect. It states “Jewish stupendous superiority in so many spheres of life is one of many PC taboos just begging to be busted.” The author also insinuates that the Germans deserve the refugee crisis now taking place. The sender of this email “[email protected]” had other emails where Podesta was the only recipient, suggesting they were in regular correspondence. UPC Netherlands is the second largest cable operator in the Netherlands, suggesting that the sender is connected to their company though no individual connected to the company with an alias or name containing “orca” has, so far, been found. Considering that this is only the tip of the iceberg for emails that could damage Clinton’s campaign for President, it should come as no surprise that the Obama administration officially labeled the leaks as the work of Russia despite zero evidence.

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    if one moves with some of the suggestions in the highlight of the Joy Behar comments… perhaps the light from the window can pierce into greater doubt or just the hypocrisy – as like donald or not, the victims that support him did so because really where could they go?

    they were destroyed by a more heinous campaign than people realize – if ‘liberals’ are the champions of oppression, then Hillary wielded that door close… they were branded as harlots by democracy and sacrificed for privilege..

    perhaps not even of a class or social wars, outside of the clintons games, but by feminism – willing to sacrifice the ‘virgin’ the madonna, ophelia, helena of troy, onto the powers that be in the name of justice – and it was never one sacrifice, there were always more and more…

    and they stood idly by, crucified them, with more vulgarities than we’ve heard in recent days

    people hate the term sjw and I get it now, because thats what they were… all that hypocritical outrage and over a fraud

    over everything we seek to change with our governments that social order, movements are equally as corrupted

    I don’t think anyone should crucify Ms Behar nor shame her, afterall, she’s just a victim of a mentality too easily justified on multiple sides, but she has a platform to spare to shine a light on the one that created this farce

    and provide an opening that the larger politics do not

    if we really are as good people as we think

    • Hillary supports Monsanto; Monsanto poisoned Vietnam Veterans with Agent Orange.
      Hillary Clinton murdered NAVY Seals, She is not a friend of the military and ANY military family that votes for her should be ASHAMED~! Besides, you will see for yourselves if she unfortunately makes it through as all of your military benefits will be cut by Hillary Clinton and you’ll be sorry then!

  2. The seconds paragraph deals with Uranium One. First I heard of it, but following the first link of the paragraph the claim that Clinton, “signed away significant amounts, one-fifth, of US Uranium resources to Russia” is contradicted on 2 counts by your source. First, it wasn’t Clinton but a number of government agencies, US and Canadian, only one of which was headed by Clinton. Secondly, 1/5 of “US Uranium resources” is also incorrect. Uranium One represent 1/5 of US production capacity. They need an export license if any of the uranium is to leave the country, which they don’t have. It’s would be worth mentioning that yellowcake was shipped to and returned from Canada for processing under their shipping company’s export license. If there is new and substantive evidence of unethical or illegal back room dealing, none is provided.

    The 5th para is a real misfire. Checking the emails, orca100 sent 3 emails to Podesta, none were sent from Podesta to Orca100. Judging someone on the emails, tweets and posts that they receive, probably unsolicited, seems pretty wild. You then write, “The sender of this email “[email protected]” had other emails where Podesta was the only recipient, suggesting they were in regular correspondence.” You are referring to 2 out of a total of 3 emails. That’s a generous prescription of the term ‘correspondence’.

    Finally, you write, “UPC Netherlands is the second largest cable operator in the Netherlands, suggesting that the sender is connected to their company though no individual connected to the company with an alias or name containing “orca” has, so far, been found.” seems much like or It looks like an address from a internet service provider which, according to UPC Netherlands’ website, is exactly what they are.

  3. It’s like, all of the sudden, any and every “hacked” email is the Russians doing. This isn’t true, but, even if it was, it’s not who did the hack but the content of the email that matters.

    • I know it, there are “White-Hat” hackers working for the current administration that probably do their “political-bidding” as well.
      Can’t trust anything that comes out of the progressive-aligned and owned media.

      • Forgot to mention, after all it is easy to setup a VPN or proxy mask to make it look like your IP comes from wherever you want. It is all about who has something to gain by doing it!!!

    • You are correct, it’s not who did the hack but the content of the email that matters; however, the liberal playbook dictates to kill the messenger to destroy the message.

  4. The sad thing is this race was already won by Killary before even getting into the blocks. She has been groomed for this job and played her part in all that has been asked of her. Two faced and out and out lies are just some of her arsenal. The American people have been duped and cheated. The only credible alternative was Bernie Sanders and we know how Killary and her cohorts dealt with that one. Donald Trump has and will be the ace up her sleeve. Donald does not really offer credible alternative which is exactly the position the Wicked Witch wanted at this stage of game. Billions of dollars have been spent on her behalf and God only knows what promises were proffered to those in positions of influence. The American people should stop focusing on the petty crap about Trump and should be declaring ‘mistrial’. If Killary falls at the last fence her ‘backers’ will leave her bleeding on the floor and put a new horse into a new race. This scenario is the only hope for the American people.

    • Not true. Your line of thinking is exactly what the Clinton machine, Wallstreet financiers and bankers and Neoliberal supporters want us to think: that we the People as a whole are helpless in the face of such awesome power, that we might as well not vote and just accept a Clinton presidency even though we disagree with it.

      I say bullshit! I won’t give up. I know we that we the People still have the power to change things here in our country. They may cheat, rig and suppress votes right now but they cannot effectively do so to the degree needed in the face of an overwhelming American vote against Clinton. You can only hack so much and they have not, as yet, completely taken away our right to vote.

      Your suggestion to essentially sit out the election and then after no one votes and Hillary is installed as president by the Neoliberal machine, we the People should then spend our time protesting the election. A protest that at that point will be meaningless and ignored.

      No thanks, buddy. I am fighting back now!

      • You’re right. They haven’t taken it all away yet. Give them time. Once there’s too many people voting to mask them all, they’ll do something to make sure their puppets win. Canceling votes for the “wrong” candidate, changing everyone’s registration. The Clinton primary was dress rehearsal for making sure we only ever get their “pre-selected” choices.


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