Despite Russia Warning, US Considers Hitting Assad




Officials with the US State Department have repeatedly talked of “non-diplomatic options” recently in Syria. Though they’re trying to be coy, what they’re really talking about is overt military action against the Syrian government, attacks which would threaten Russian forces embedded with them, and likely drag Russia into a shooting war with the US.

This chart shows military expenditure in 2013 (in billion U.S. dollars).

Russia’s Defense Ministry was quick to urge caution today, noting that they’d recently deployed air defense systems into Syria specifically to counter the threat of US attack, and that the US should “carefully” consider the potential consequences of launching such strikes.


The State Department acknowledged they were aware of the Russian warning, but insisted that internal discussion within the US government continues on the “non-diplomatic” options, which is to say, starting a war with Russia. Spokesman John Kirby added there would be no discussion with Russia over the matter.

a close look at the number of American servicemembers who lost their lives during wartime in an effort to put their sacrifices into a broader perspective.

Kirby added that the US was not “giving up” on Aleppo, and was continuing to discuss options to prevent the Syrian government from capturing the remainder of the city, which is held by al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front. This appears to be fueling much of the rhetoric on Russia.

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  1. Hey America, Guess what, Your nukes won’t make it past their defenses.

    Hey America, Guess what, Your nukes aren’t very well maintained.

    Hey America, Guess what, You’re a bigger enemy to yourself than Russia will ever be.

    • That isn’t to say that Russia is weak, It’s just to say that if self destruction was an Olympic sport, You would have left with all the medals.


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