Pentagon Finally Admits WW III is Around the Corner, Reveals it will be Fast and Deadly

World War III

For the last two months, we have been consistently reporting on a possible global conflict, World War III (WWIII) between the United States and its allies in the West, and Russia and its allies in the East.

The dispute on the South China Sea has severely damaged the United States relations with the People’s Republic of China.  After the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled that China’s nine-dash-line claim in the South China Sea, and its land reclamation activities on islets are invalid and unlawful, the United States has been preparing to sail in the area under a so-called Freedom of Navigation principle (FON).

World War III

This has angered the Chinese.  In August, the Chinese Defense Minister, Chang Wanquan told his country’s citizens to prepare for, what he described as the people’s war at sea. Mr Wanquan was referring directly to the United States planned provocation under the pretext of FON. China has since vowed to take all necessary measures available to protect its sovereignty over the South China Sea, revealing that it had the right to set up an air defense zone on the sea.

China has also since been positioning and testing its nuclear weapons, and planning military drills on its waters with Russia. Even the United States has confirmed that China has tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which is capable of striking everywhere in the world within half an hour.

World War III

Moving away from the South China Sea, we arrive in Syria. It is an open secret that the civil war in Syria is a proxy war between the United States and Russia. Russia has even intervened physically on the request of the Syrian government.  The United States, unable to get any invitation, has been openly and secretly arming many rebel groups in the country, with open plans to overthrow the Syrian government.

Of course, since Russia honored the invitation of the Syrian government last year, the war has been turning in favor of the Syrian government, which was falling before Russia’s intervention.

As we speak now, tension is mounting between the United States and Russia. Nerves are at their highest since the Cold War era. The United States, at the moment, is sitting on tenterhooks. Many officials in the Obama administration are frustrated and confused regarding the situation in Syria.

World War III

The United States has announced that it has ended all contacts with Russia in Syria. This announcement by the United States comes as Russia, beginning on Sept. 22, intensified its military operations in Syria, with the intentions to capture the city of Aleppo for the Syrian government. Diplomatic efforts to put an end to the fighting in Syria, have collapsed.

As the Aleppo operation continues, Russia has given the United States a stern warning not to take any action against the Syrian government forces. In fact, there are many Russian jet fighters stationed in Syria, ready to shoot down any United States jet fighter that attempts to strike on the Syrian government forces.

These developments from Moscow are not going down easily with the United States. The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, is said to have urged president Obama to intervene and face the consequences from Russia. He is said to have even favored a nuclear deterrent against Russia.

World War III

However, it appears that before Kerry could even make this suggestion to Obama, the Russians had already gathered intelligence on the happenings within the White House. According to Zvezda, a Russian defense ministry Television channel, the country has started preparing its citizens for a possible ‘nuclear war’ with the United States – because of the mounting tensions in Syria. Russia has since moved to deploy nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in its western-most region, Kaliningrad, which borders on NATO members of Poland and Lithuania.

Due to how the situation has become, some top officials at the United States defense headquarters have finally spoken. These Pentagon officials have admitted that WWIII is imminent, and that it going to be deadly and fast. The military generals were speaking on a future-of-the-army panel in Washington.

World War III

“A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch,” Major General William Hix said.

General Hix  also stated that China and Russia’s armies are becoming increasingly technological, and that the Pentagon was getting ready for violence on the scale that the United States Army has not seen since Korea.

His comments were also echoed by Lt Gen Joseph Anderson and Chief of Staff, Gen Mark A. Milley, who described war between nation states as almost guaranteed.

World War III

The generals also said apart from the conventional battle, cyber battle, too, has become a reality against the United States, revealing that even smaller nations are launching it against the country.

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  1. one more reason to vote HIllary ! because she said that she will start the WW3 with Russia, that’s exactly what we need right now, to start a war !

    /sarcasm off

    • Go F**K Yourself and die! OH, wait! My bad! You WON’T survive a week of that kind of apocalyptic warfare so never mind… Twat!

    • Donald Trump also said he wants to “Bomb the Shit out of them.” soooo either way, we are looking at a bad time soon to come.

      • You are right! He said that, but have you also heared that he meant ISIS? Donald Trump is more likely going to be the one who stays peaceful with russia and the eastern world… just check ‘the guardian’ and ‘anonymous’! There are the news that most of US never sees (because its the truth…)

        • Hillary idiots never hear… what are you thinking. Yes, Trump is our only hope to prevent war. I feel if he gets elected US and Russia will make sure any wars to come up will be small ones. Not a total melt down like Hillary would start.

          • Totally agree, Hillary has already declared war against Russia in the debate, she referred to a ‘no fly’ zone. That requires a declaration of war. The really terrorist here are the US. Syria elected Assad, he is a democratic type of president, there is no civil war that. The people are not trying to over-turn him. the county is being attacked by ISIS and the US supporting ISIS. The US does this, and then tells the media some BS story so none of us know what is happening, but the truth is we are trying to destabilize Syria so we can take control of them, so they follow our policy. And we imposed illegal sanctions on them that are preventing civilians from getting needed medicine and supplies. We (the US) are murdering large numbers of civilians. We are the terrorist. Sickening. Hillary is running at war, she will destroy us. Vote Trump!

    • Go ahead & move to Russia now. We don’t need pansies like you here when the shit really does hit the fan. Better yet, go ahead and renounce your citizenship and try to immigrate to Russia. When they strap that Izhmash Ak47 over your shoulder, and ship you off to fight Americans. I hope you get gunned down the minute you step your traitorous feet back onto American soil. I may hate our government and what they have done to our country, but I will NEVER leave my country for another. Period.

      • US is in its death throws if you have not heard and been living in a is neither China or Russia..threatening the is now..and has always been..US!

        • Ok the usa mite mite owe money to other country’s but a war no this scale China’s and Russia for every American there are 50 Russian’s or Chinese we are out numbered 50to1 and a war on this scale with the worlds to largest country’s just face it we are fucked up the ass with no lube with a barb wire dido we have not a chance of winning this war unless we drop nuclear weapons on them first and foremost and I’m ex army so I think I know a little bit more about this kinda matter then you all do I’m from the 182nd us army

          • “Oktheusamitemiteowemoneytoothercountry’sbutawarnothisscaleChina’sandRussiaforeveryAmericanthereare50Russian’sorChineseweareoutnumbered50to1andawaronthisscalewiththeworldstolargestcountry’sjustfaceitwearefuckeduptheasswithnolubewithabarbwiredidowehavenotachanceofwinningthiswarunlesswedropnuclearweaponsonthemfirstandforemostandI’mexarmysoIthinkIknowalittlebitmoreaboutthiskindamatterthenyoualldoI’mfromthe182ndusarmy”

            Because this is what your post looks like to normal people. Also, you can’t win a war by dropping nukes on them first, unless you’ve figured out a way to make them all invisible. The Russian’s and Chinese’ ballistic missile tracking systems are just as good as ours. They see us launch first, they launch second and third. Outcome: we don’t win. How about a nice game of chess?

          • @Locke :: To dispute with a f***ing blockhead is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you play, the pigeon will always overthrow the chessmen, poop on the chessboard and flaunt as if she’d won!

      • Who said he is American? Some countries have trieties with another and you are required to join their side/aid. Don’t assume USA is the ONLY country ion the world.

      • F**king well said mate but best not start something i mean us brits are getting a bit sick of having to come save your arse’s n clean your mess up for you #septic-tank

      • A bit of advice from Tunisia, it’s time to abandon the ship because it’s sinking !! Any country that might be part of this war is already toast ! You must evacuate at once especially poor innocent civilians before things go mad. Africa might be your last safe heaven ! Save the future of your nation and take your children away of the radiation !!!!!!!!

        • Same I’m a Canadian and I wish everyone could just get along. Anyone who wants to fight can go up to space and giver. I honestly think the millennials are a much better genreation and we will not cause as much shit as the old people. Worst thing we’ll do is tweet about somebody.

      • lmao this wont be fought with small arms whole citys will be wiped out in seconds and turned to nuclear glass by a tiny number of people operating mobile launch vehicles or silos deep underground, you talk like its 1940 not 2016 lol

      • also country’s are defined by there government without that government the country ceases to exist they are reflections of each other, each time you get a new gov you get a new country, they are unseperatable. remove the federal government somewhere like america and you end up with 50 different country’s consisting of this or that state.
        so in short, to say you hate your government, but love your country, is the height of cognitive dissonance 😉

      • Literally yesterday I got in a fist fight because I said that I don’t agree with a lot of what the US is doing and I don’t think this country is that great. It goes to show that these”patriots” that have literally done nothing for their country (besides pay taxes) really don’t understand how bad things are really going to get. If the US declares a state of war, it is legal for them to literally strip away all of our American rights.

        • They are not ‘patriots’. They are ‘nationalists’.

          A patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility while the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to a war – Sydney J Harris

  2. Why do you allow all these crazy adverts on your site? Everytime I read an article it fucks off and takes me to some Shit about UBER or Tesco vouchers or Google Play Store…. I thought you guys didn’t put up with bull Shit, yet you advertising loads of Shit on your page that has fuck all to do with any of your stories. Please sort it out and I bet if you do alot more people will come to your site as its really really good I actually love you guys, just the ads pissing me off sorry

  3. Hmmmmm. Fast huh? Sure the period of time the launch/fire buttons are hit may be only a matter of hours, but the consequences and fallout will set back ALL humanity for over a century.
    The ugliness of WW3 will be incomprehensible. Time for all parties to set their egos aside and take a big chill pill.

    • Well i totally agree that politicians need to stop thinking about their interests and calm down. I live in Lithuania and i love my country and it’s breaking my heart when i think thal all my fammily could die i few minutes.. and for what?

      • It’s so some world leaders and the ultra rich can make themselves even richer. That is the SOLE reason ANYONE has ever gone to war. Syria and other countries in the Middle East have oil and that is the ONLY reason Western powers give two shits about the desert and that’s the only reason the US and Russia are having a huge pissing match in Syria.

        • How does that work if the world is an irradiated ash ball? Besides all the nukes the nuke power stations and their cooling ponds will go up. Think of 100 or 200+ Fukushima’s. They could never come out of their bunkers as the radiation will be around for hundreds of years.

          • Even should a missile armed with a conventional warhead hit the world’s nuclear waste-bin, Sellafield (Windscale), a lot of North Europe could end up as a radioactive desert.

        • The Canadian province of Alberta has shitloads of oil, but does anyone start wars there? Nope. No, it’s unethical because it’s fracked from native ground right? Yeah.

          The wars in the Middle East are all just a warped liberal mission to bring peace and happiness to poor countries, especially the ones full of Muslims, because terrorists are our friends. It’s because liberals don’t practice what they preach- if it weren’t for ‘white privelidge’ and ‘Christian bigotry’, they wouldn’t interfere.

      • I live beside you, Laura couple hundred kilometers north. Not few minutes. It they will start bombing we will be well baked even evapourated in seconds. As I heard from some military guy – if shit really happens there would be better/easier to die at the very beginning.

      • Estland, Latvia and Lithuania will be the first countries to be nuked by Russia, and that is because you have invited the attack pact NATO onto your soil. Since the US and NATO have encircled Russia they are forced to do so. Next will be Norway (where I come from) and possible Sweden since they have changed course. Well worked of our maniac leaders. The only light I see now is the Germans that finally march in the streets of Berlin and demand the Yankees to go home, and ask for peace with Russia.

        • Russia wont nuke any countrys but he can still ocupy ,first Romania ,Putin is very obset beacuse they are sided with US ,Hungary and the rest of the 4 (coalition )already sided with Russia .Russia is not ofensive ,but defensive and a big oportunist ,when he sees it ,grabbes it .he wants the eastern side of Europe not the western ,logical geografical and political tactics ….

    • Well said there, mate. We all just need to bring the stars in power back to their senses, and help them discover that pressing the evil button will only kill off Earth’s life forms altogether, including themselves, and so they need to stop right there, and focus on peace and love for each other from now on, because we, the people, will rise up, and bring back control to the righteous forces, with the help of our Anonyomus friends here, of course. But yes, DJR96, you summed it up beautifully there, mate, thanks too, then men. Amen.

  4. Russia we dont agree with the current administration just takeout Washington. We the people will start over again and have better relations lol

  5. Sorry, it’s a b/s article, just guys with bird shit on their epaulets gassing off, and I’m not sure at which end.

    Look, the Americans are mighty tough with little guys who don’t have nukes, but damn well should.

    That’s why N Korea wised up when they saw what happened to Iraq, which didn’t have nukes.

    Russia isn’t going to be provoked, but instead will parry all thrusts and not counter attack.

    However, if Hillary gets in, all bets are off.

  6. The big question is Who Invited the USA to be the World Police Force? This role that US has taken for several decades now is a False Flag role and only serves to further the US interests in the territory they disrupting. These actions create great wealth but only for the US, Arms sales construction contracts and the such like. If you think about it, this just like the Mafia acted, send someone out to smash all the shop windows in the street over night and then send your Glazing company in the morning.

    The break up of the Former USSR has weakened the only tangible threat that the US has ever had to consider before it’s actions. Putin is tough and is bringing back the old Soviet Union attitude. The US are testing this resolve by proxy in Syria and by strong financial sanctions and other methods to prevent the rise of a former Super Power who can demand answers of the US. Putin is smart and is aligning Russia with China which strengthens his hand.

    Now we wait and see what happens. The Wicked Witch may well have already planned the US response – God help us all!

    • The US was never a global policeman. That is cobblers propaganda peddled to the deep thinking US population. The US is an empire and the narrative of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ has been a cover and justification for proxy and direct wars that bring nothing but a big mess. I used to think creating chaos was the strategy but now I think the Washington degenerates are simply clueless. Their global domination PowerPoints never align with reality.

  7. This can’t be allowed to happen, How dare the US, Russia and China threaten mine and your Children’s Future, because of Economic maneuvering, Politics aside! Are we really gonna let them fuck up our world for 50,000 years. This will be our end, I’m not going down without a fight. We have 3 competing Empires, there can be only one captain on this Lifeboat of ours, and none of the existing Beasts truly measure up. Anonymous if you are as good as you think you are, you gotta hack this shit and stop it happening, Americans you gotta exercise your 2nd Amendment, and hopefully Russia, China and Europe will take inspiration from this and follow suit, it needs to be a coordinated global initiative, we need to infiltrate on mass, storm the the Bases, stop the weapons, I don’t wanna die just yet, but I will to save our Children’s future, If there is a God, it should send us all to Hell for spitting in his face after giving us all such a wonderful gift. So if you do nothing, then maybe there’s an Eternity of Pain and Regret waiting for YOU! Yes I mean YOU! How the Hell did it come to this we allowed Psychopaths on all sides get into power and play god with us all, Humans, Animals, Plants, Our whole God damn Planet. WE are crying out for a Global Revolution, we need Global Governance free of Religious and Corporate influence. We need to trash the Banking and Stock exchange systems, eradicate Money, go Green and re discover our Humanity, putting it really simply. PEACE and LOVE to ALL.

    • yes… since no one asking you about your rights… those 1% that holds 95% of us capital are the ones that hold all the cards and if hell broke loose, they will run in their shelters and the rest of you… well that means, who cares about your rights? 😀
      btw, first you need to hit them where it hurts the most, shut down FED
      second, ask to give a proof of gold deposits and public inspection of us gold deposits… either 2 options would hurt like hell

    • It is only theUS which is trying to control the world and threatens every country that does not go along. The US infrastructure, schools and services are crumbling because 57% of the budget goes to supporting military occupation of 157 countries with 800++ bases plus hundreds of CIA outposts. The only real threat to peace for many years has been the US expansion of empire. Russia did not start any of this and is operating entirely within international law and the UN Charter but the US has invaded, bombs or used proxies(ISIS A-Q and others) in dozens of regime changes and killing hundreds of thousands just since Obama come to power. If there is war, it will be due to neocons like Clinton who think they have the right to rule the world. China and Russia say no. That is what Russia is being threatened, solely because it refuses to submit to US aggression.

    • Sad to say that we will go to war for the sake of peace.

      Maybe when mankind is face to face with its self annihilation after WWIII, peace and love for one another might enter the psyche of all that survive.

      Let’s face it, if who is left still want to fight, WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.

  8. So long Bush and Blair and the others do not get judged in Den Haag, for their lies and the start of the war in iraq with around a million deaths as war criminals, this court is a farse, and only used as a western political instrument.

  9. When this war will began , after it we will have a new stone age,

    Do we want that ?

    I never ever can believe humanity can be that stupid.

    I don’t believe in a nuclear war against any super powers.

    I won’t. End of mankind. You can’t hide. You can’t survive radioactive fall out, pollution.
    Any one who thinks a nuclear war solves problems is a lunatic.

  10. Its like this, They may use conventional weapons, which may be good, But the first one to use a nuke, would go down in history of the one who was the bad guy. Neither side wants to be the first one to lunch a nuke, it might not even happen due to nobody wants to go down in history as the one who pushed the button for the first time since ww2.

  11. they want the nwo through the world war so they can be gods and have everything… but they are stupid… and why doing that before people awake and overthrow them… there is a fake story that the planet knows and the true story which is phantom time… the history that never existed… of course it falls into the story of the illuminati and they wanna kill everyone because they are afraid of being known and the pentagon even stands that it will be fast… it ends like, oh ok humanity and all other speices… we wanna kill you but we promess we will be fast, its just the atomic bombs we collected in the black markets thorugout all these years and because we will seem like gods after that with all we collected from you and robbed through diverse means… computers, research, intelligence, emotions, values… why a story of a unique psychic value created the vatican, forged the history of earth and the phantom time to hide the true story and why then created illuminati and programmed the TV to gain advantage over all the other people possessings…. like next time on roulette or poker or lottery you will win or lose… then someone discovered their dirty trick and tried to reprogram de tv programs and their own minds and then they created loops in tv with fast slow sweeps of imager and frequency and flashes of light and EMF while you were asleep at night with voices or sounds to provocate fear on you… to make you introvert and there were a map program in TV programs… and they could select types of people even discover more or less through telephone who they were… broadcasting hijacking, common interests program maps and selecting people with specific interests, fields, gifts and intelligence…. so these pieces of shit they know we know and we are discovering and they are trying to put a world war to kill everyone… please Anonymous, with this way of thinking do not -provocate- the world war in 5th November… capiche’? 😉 this can be stopped… and remember they started the wars in middle east, so the world would be in a constant state of war and they could have the excuse and being close to the world cleansing… it seems racial cleansing but in reality is class cleansing… more to come… and protect yourselves from entering of information, any types transformed nature, EMF and voices, they are using a lot in the last days… on me… so i can guess they might use on everyones too… shut off the TV, use the internet and laptops, TV is stupid… it is just a square dumb box… and you are thinking bad when you think that Russia is helping anybody… it is the same stupid game, the god like game, exterminate everything, keep every possessing, intelligence and all those things they collected, but why they are doing this, is it statistics or people that know more consciousness and are warning them through looking in between societies and can tell oh oh my god people are awakening we need to exterminate these scenario or we will lose… the movies of consciousness all are telling that and the truth and how to fuck with the elite even have research, espionage and security tricks… there are hidden messages in movies and symbols that are beings discovered througout the years… we are discovering we all can be free and natural and pure and we have a gift and we are original nature and they wanna kill us all because we are strong and perceiving our nature and strength from earth natural forces channeling… don’t worry, as you see people are awake and understanding freedom and nature, and what really stays in my mind right now is?? are the people on the elite fighting for true nature and freedom?? are the people working for them working for the values and ideologies, freedom and nature??? **unique

  12. lol…Really…is this another form of Fear Mongering?

    Found this Statement of Karen Hudes in one of her fdf.
    We are now in a holding pattern. Despite desperate noise from the now-highly discredited mainstream and so-called alternative media, we are not in WWIII, and paper currencies are not crashing. People know that the Global Currency Reset is underway. We are going to take just as long as necessary to get the job done right. That is because we (the coalition for the rule of law consisting of the US, the BRICS, the G-77, Japan, Germany, France, and the good people living in these countries) are now in charge, and we refuse to pay interest on the scam called country debt. The international banks (and central banks) are now in receivership inside the Global Debt Facility. The accounting issues as these banks are wound down are going to take many years, but we will not be rushed, and things will proceed transparently, allowing people to get themselves organized and up to speed.
    Source Link:
    Truth, Love and Light will set us free…
    God Bless…us all his creation.

  13. Listen up you fucktards. Anonhq has absolutely nothing to do with anonymous, and are just profitting from the good work that anonymous does, by spamming everyone with doomsday prophecies and stories that doesn’t check out, but gets people to click their link, and pull you into their add ridden website.
    Stop supporting this bunch of dipshits, and get personally involved in you local politics. Vote, protest, demonstrate and show your leaders that you will not accept them ruining the future for our children.
    And no i don’t support them by visiting the site. I visit every site that brings stories about geopolitics. I just know how to tell bullshit like this from real news.

    It’s no secret that the reason the US are so involved in the middle east, is to protect the petrodollar. Gadaffi, Sadam, Assad and the likes dared to suggest that their oil should be traded in a currency based on gold, and suddently they were using WOMD on their own people, and
    other lies.
    IF the petrodollar were to fail, that would be the end of the dollar, and would throw the US into a deep recession.

  14. WW3? Will this hit England and the rest of the United Kingdom? America, Russia and other countries are fighting over what? Absolutely nothing!!! And I don’t think the public should be involved in whatever it is that politicians are having conflicts over as, it shouldn’t be our problem. We have other things of our own to deal with without wars and, just look at the immigrants who have now come to Europe in search of protection from war in their own country, is that really what we want? Or do we want to wipe out most of or our entire population? I also see declaring another world war as selfish. It’s claiming lives over nothing. We need to think twice before we do these things.

  15. Yes they do want NWO but when that falls into play if that does fall into play there are so many militia groups that have been being organized for the last 10 years they will not succeed and does everyone honestly think our own troops will pull us and their loved ones from thier lands hell no foreign toops will have to do it and maybe you guys should Google fema concentration camps that our worthless president OBAMA has wasted our money on to build to imprison us in

  16. My fellow Americans:

    I have fucked up. I have perpetuated a system of lies that has been ongoing for longer than I have been on this planet. Russia is not to blame, we are. Know that in the days to come, you will see the truths that I have been forced to keep secret from you. Godspeed.

  17. this week EMF voices then loud ultrasound in my left hemisphere brain… because of this news and anonymous and wikileaks news… from this week… trying to affect my abilities of intelligence and thought…

  18. Ha ha.. “Kerry favours a nuclear deterrent”.. who writes this rubbish? This ‘article’ is 10 pounds of shite in a 5 pound bag.

  19. The American government is a criminal organization operating under the guise of freedom and democracy… it is raping the world and it’s people of their wealth and liberty like every other empire that came before them… USA is the biggest threat of the 21st century and will undoubtedly be the cause of mankind’s demise.

  20. I am an American and I presently live in Moscow. There is no evidence of any problem though the Rurssian people are concerned. They do not want war but the U.S. keeps meddling in the regions of Syria, Ukraine and the Baltics and Russia sees herself as threatened. So the mama bear is growling.

    I believe the powers behind the American gov’t have a very insane goal of destabilizing the rest of the world. I do not understand why but it does seem more and more like the real enemy is us, the U.S. government. I know the Russian people have no quarrel with America. They just wish to chart their own nation’s course in peace.

  21. URGENT FACT!— World War 3 is on our doorstep and when it hits you will be exposed to WORLDWIDE TOXIC cell mutating radiation from the air, water and from the contaminated food you will eat! PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE! You Need To learn about zeolite for radiation detox. See

  22. I don’t understand why is this happening? Why are people so darn right stupid. Why aren’t we doing anything about that? How can we make it stop? Why can’t we all just get along? I understand the fact that I sound like a neurotic hippie and frankly I don’t give a hoot but seriously, why? Can’t we just open our eyes to what life is and that is the living and enjoying it while we can. So caught up in this world of greed always wanting more and never having enough. Whether it be money, power, sex, the next best thing. When all there is to need in life the joy of life itself. We are all pawns in this game of risk we the world following the heard and never straying from the yellow brick road. We feel safe even though we are not. We feel sheltered even though we are not. We are blinded by the bright lights and glitter. We need to see the troubles ahead and be cautious of our actions. We need to listen and comprise even if our egos tend to get in the way. Understanding, coexistence, and compromise is the only way to make sure we live to see our children prosper.

  23. The transdnista needs to be linked back up with Russia via Odessa before any shit really hits the fan. That’s why their old mate Mikheil Saakashvili is in charge of the city (Former Georgia Guy). Its the next to fall. Once they do that Belarus will make the final changes necessary to rejoin Russia through diplomatic means. This will mean that not only will the Ukraine be surrounded but the Russian army can simply bypass Ukraine all together when it comes to the full front war. This will also allow Moldova to re-merge with Romania. While all that is happening Nato will be looking on the new western borders and the Russian can fianlly take its land corridor to the Crimea. After that it is basiclly checkmate.

  24. Drop a bomb and we all die. Even if you have a very expensive shelter you will eventually have to open the door and let in your enemy with a half life of 10,000 years.

  25. ralf’
    remember the movie “on the beaches”
    thank god i live on the sunshine coast,queensland, australia.should have time to
    get pissed and smoke a couple of bongs before the radiation arrives.

  26. I am so sick of Anonymous trying to scare everyone with bullshit. The link that shows the “Pentagon admitting WWIII is Imminent” is nothing of the sort. What is your agenda? This is just conspiracy theory bullshit. Get your head out of the clouds. You ain’t Anonymous, you are stoned.

  27. Awesone awesome awesome mass murdering plan! The shit states against the whole world! The easiest and quickest way to get rid of most of us citizens. Well, if the nwo can’t have it all in one go, why not one country at time…starting from the biggest shithole corporation of them all?
    Well unless the citizens do finally REALIZE THAT the only WWIII here is to be fought against that lurid yankee gov and co… the world can say bye bye to the average brainwashed american, forever.
    Nofkinbody wants to go to war… and considering one can’t rely on those yankee cherry marines to be smart enough to put the guns down, it is more than obvious that who is gonna pay the dire consequences are going to be 4/5 of the citizens.
    No genious mathematics here.
    But what the world sick is to see the yankee gov pushing to massmurder most of its own citizens and NOFKINBODY is doing anything about it. On top of it all, let’s not forget the aftermath… soldiers coming around to help? Forget about it when there will be no communication going. Underground facilities to gather civilians? Most can only dream about it. Old sick handicapped or too young? U are dead even before the war starts.
    Let’s also not forget the wiki doc leaked about hellary using aliens’invasion to gain popularity again and that shit obama confirming this idiocy, in announcing at the end of its fkin term, that aliens are real and already here…
    This disgrace of the human race is the shit that needs to be wiped of the face of Earth for once and all. So dear yankee citizens, time to pick those famous guns and put them at good use before your fkin gov is gonna nuke the christ out of you all. If you don’t wanna do it for yourselves and if any of you still have some fkin functioning brains left… there you go your fkin WWIII to fight. In your own home. And once taken the fkin dirty blooded trash out, the world tomorrow is going to be a much better place … and by far. So you got not much of a choice here… you are the most hated, distrusted and disrespected people in the world that you don’t like it or don’t believe it this isn’t certainly the fkin point here: nobody wants to have anything to do with you and your gov is just about to send you all back to the creator… Let’s not even mention the two fkheads that are running for presidency …. cause only an idiot would still believe that one is going to be better than the other one….PA THE TIC!

  28. It is just the ego of some shit headed people in the govts of different countries who are making the world a difficult place to live…
    The citizens of all countries are very peacefull (Well most of the people) and want peace in the world.. Insted of verbal fighting with eachother we all should try to put some sense in the people sitting in the govts.
    So stop fighting guyz nothing good is going to happen if you continue…


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