ISIS Beheading in Hollywood Studio, Leaked By Hackers?


This week we published an article called Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos.

Via ATS forum:

Remember when all those terrorist beheading videos were surfacing, and a bunch of people were saying they’re probably fake? Remember when people claimed the idea of the government or the military making fake terrorist videos was crazy tinfoil-hat-wearing nonsense? Well, now it’s out there for the public to see. Not specifically the aforementioned ISIS beheading videos, but the fact that the government and military were creating fake terrorism videos as part of various psychological operations. ***They did it***

This reminded me of a video I saw recently …

The original beheading video with ‘Jihadi John” as the beheader, a video which we’ve all seen on MSM. You know, the bald guy being beheaded. I knew it was fake as soon as I saw it. Look up the original video and focus on the background of that video to know what I’m talking about, it doesn’t look real.


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    • And it can all be blamed on a corrupt subset of our world as a whole: U.S., Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and sometimes I think the other religious lunatics are in on it like the Pope/The Vatican (and the medieval jerks like England/The Queen/anyone who thinks they are more important than everybody else and has been around too long so they are sour and lost sight of true glory). After all, although religious people claim they are peaceful and good, all they seemingly do is ruin everything and indoctrinate children into believing their made up nonsense and being abused by disgusting old men. Then they think their actions are okay because they “confessed”. Nope!

      This is what happens when you let nazi’s, jews, christians, catholics and muslims take over your country. It gets completely ruined in every facet and to the highest degree until all that is left are jails and churches/mosques on every corner. Sick society. There is nothing normal about being well adjusted to a sick society!


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