[BREAKING NEWS] 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Chile on Christmas Morning

Tsunami warnings have been lifted from coastal regions of Chile.


An earthquake that had a shaking magnitude of 7.6 has hit Chile, 140 miles south-west of Puerto Montt. While no one was killed, the earthquake disrupted the power supply to more than twenty thousand homes. The experts feared that the earthquake might also result in a tsunami, however, fears of this have lessened and the warnings have been lifted.

People initially reported the earthquake hitting their city during the early hours of Christmas day.

According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, the data they had collected while monitoring the earthquake led to a warning for a tsunami, as they feared that some major changes under the Pacific Ocean were taking place. However, they later found out that the sea level fluctuations were minor.

Image Source: The Guardian – A road in Tarahuin, Chiloé Island, damaged by the earthquake on Sunday, 2016.

According to Ricardo Toro, the head of Chile’s National Emergency Services, the waves measured after the earthquake only reached 8 centimetres above their average tide levels.

Alamiro Vera, the owner of one of the hotels in Chile’s fishing town Quellon, said that everything was moving inside his hotel. He further said that the movement was so strong that it shook things from their places.

The country sits on active volcano sites and fault lines that surround the country and can be found on land and in its regional ocean. Chile and its surrounding area experience many volcanic activities, along with both minimal and impacting earthquakes.

Image Source: The Telegraph – Chileans stand around a fire on a road after being evacuated from their homes following an 8.3 Ritcher scale magnitude earthquake, in Illapel, Chile, 2010.
Image Source: The Telegraph – Two women recover their belongings in Concon 110 km north-west Santiago, Chile, 2010.

The earthquake that hit Chile more than five years ago was an 8.8 magnitude. It took more than six hundred lives and destroyed the lives of more than a million people.

Luckily, no houses were severely damaged in the Christmas earthquake in Chile.

Sources: The Independent, DW, The Guardian

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  4. A magnitude 7 .4 earthquake centred north of Christchurch has jolted New Zealand. People have been posting pictures of the damage to their homes. This is a breaking news story and we will update it as more information comes to us.


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