California Precedent for Impaired Marijuana Drivers


Driving “impaired” in the State of California covers a myriad of violations one can be involved in, not just intoxication from alcohol, and drugs. It could include texting on your phone, sleep deprivation, prescription medications or something as simple as swerving on the road. The law encompasses impairment in its truest sense, a broad term to cover reckless driving.


It is this law that others should consider when searching for answers regarding the implications of marijuana, driving, and impairment; stemming from the concern that marijuana is not comparable to the current impairment laws involving alcohol. Marijuana isn’t processed in the body the same way as alcohol is. If you add those who use it for medical reasons, the lines blur more, with their body building a resistance to the drug, hence not being affected by the legal limits imposed.


As more states across America adopt policies legalizing marijuana, it may or may not see an increase of impaired drivers on the road. The question is how to test them fairly under these new changes. California may prove itself in paving the way for a more accurate and efficient law to trial this.


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  1. I do advocate pot legalization and have been following it for many years and even written several reports on it regard the economics about legalizing it. This is the 2nd place I have ever read that has highlighted the biggest roadblock to legalization. nobody knows how much an average user can take before driving becomes out of control like alcohol. However, believe it not, Israel is doing the world’s largest funding of medical testing of pot so hopefully one day we’ll not only see a limit being agreed on for driver, but also for medical uses too.


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