Child Mass Grave Uncovered, 350,800 Dead


It’s old news. The Catholic Church has been accused of brutality during their watch, over decades. Countless children have suffered, but many haven’t had the chance to voice their horrendous stories. It’s a scene out of a horror movie, something unfathomable to the real world – the real world who cares about their children. The grotesque torture and mass graves of thousands of children continue to become uncovered as those who search for the truth dig deeper. 80249946 One such story is that of close to 800 children’s bodies found in an Irish Nun’s septic tank. The bodies appeared to be emancipated at the time of their burial in the Tuam home, one of the ten institutions where it is thought that approximately 35,000 unmarried, pregnant women were sent.[1]


But this is one of many cases where children in a darker time, were considered to be a mere burden and not something to consider precious. The mass grave in Tuam was the 34th child mass grave to be uncovered mid last year. It was also at a time when we saw the beginnings of formal prosecutions against the Catholic Church, holding them accountable. And it isn’t just in Ireland that these sites are being uncovered; Canada, Spain and England are to name a mere few.[2] It has been reported by Byington in her article that some 350,800 children are suspected of being in the graves in the above countries. In 2013 the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) prosecuted Pope Francis of the Catholic Church for trafficking 300,000 children during the Dirty War in Argentine. Witnesses during the prosecution state that some of those children did end up in mass graves in Spain. But it isn’t the 350,800 deaths in the article that fights for attention. Digging deeper, it’s the 10,077,574 child abuse/sex crimes committed by the Catholic Church that begs for understanding and thorough attention. [3] Yes, the figure is correct and supported. (See hyperlink or reference 3).

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The grave site uncovered in Tuam held bodies ranging in age from a few days old to nine years. It isn’t the first mass grave to recently be discovered, nor will it be the last. These figures really only demonstrate that we are only at the tip of a massive iceberg that saw innocent children massacred or sold off for large sums of money by the Vatican. [1] BBC News. (2014, June 5). Tuam children’s bodies: Catholic Church ‘has no records’ Retrieved from [2] Byington, J. (2014, June 7). Catholic mass grave sites of 350,800 missing children found in Ireland, Spain, Canada. [Blog]. Retrieved from [3] Organized Crime Implemented Globally by the Vatican. [Vatican Crimes Revealed]. Retrieved from

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  1. We live in a hopefully different era today. Trying to “go back” and punish a group for what was probably standard practices centuries ago is as wrong as it can get. Change and hope for improvement for the future. And if you think this is heartless, just read Adam Smith “Wealth of Nations”, when every man knew he would have multiple wives, and the loss of the family cow was a much greater tragedy. We are blessed to have moved from murder to the mere abuse of children, and in the future hopefully that will not happen either. It is for God to judge, and not us.

    • Centuries ago? Mere abuse of children? My aunts and uncles have suffered at the hands of corrupt priests, butting their way into villages and land they had no business in. And they are still followed as “Holy” men. Surely there are many righteous Catholics and leaders, but the lack of response or revolt in the church as a whole toward their history and priests is disturbing. Your comment is spoken like a true ignorant, privileged being.

      • Agree with you Lindsey. I am 54,one of my friends was abused by a priest from about when she had her first communion to confirmation. Her family, in shame, kept quiet and did nothing. My friend developed mental illness that got worse with age, her life destroyed by the ignorance that religions promote! The real shame is the cover up is still going on!!!

    • Wow. You just used “mere abuse” in a sentence. This is wrong no matter the time, and the organization that let it happen, then tried to cover it up, should be brought to answer, my man’s laws btw.

    • Judith……try telling that to an abuse survivor, see what response you get, youre ignorant and foul it you think its ok to just let these horrendous crimes go, regardless of how past they are. The institution is still in full existence, and continues to allow horrible things happen to children by the millions at the hands of its followers. If a god allowed this, then I am proud to say that I believe there is no god. There is no eternal judgment, there is only now, and to continue to allow children to be abused in such ways that their lives are destroyed, at the off chance that the predators will be punished after they die, is ludicrous and insane. There is no blessing in this article other than the chance that the church may finally be held accountable for so many hundreds and hundreds of years of evil done in the name of religion, oh, I apologize, in the name of “god”.

    • Judith, that mass grave in tuam was used in the 50’s and 60’s, not centuries ago. It was first discovered in the mid 70’s by local children and reported to the Guardai, but ‘why was nothing done?’ i hear you ask; well the Catholic Church ran the country and sure why would the guardai risk the wrath of the Church?
      As for your statement about “the mere abuse of children”? I’m sure if you picture yourself in the position of a young child, in the presence of a priest who is wholey trusted by all of your family, sticking his hands down your pants and telling you not to tell your parents because they’ll not believe you and beat you for lying. When he feels you’re scared enough to keep quiet about what he’s doing; he penetrates you repeatedly and frequently.
      The trouble is that there are too many people like you judith, that think these crimes were perpetrated long ago in the past and because it was done by priests that they should not be made pay for their crimes.
      Fuck you judith, I hope you get ass raped by your local priest!

    • It is for god to judge? Centuries ago? This was happening in the 60s and 70s. If someone murdered your child would you say it’s for god to judge? People like you are why this has happened and gone un punished for so long. Do you think the nazis should have gotten the same free pass? Same thing.

    • seems legit , before the renaissance era , atrocities were the only means of control and every institution that was in power used such. from commanding husband to king .

    • Hmm So what Judith is saying basically is that it’s not right to “go back” and punish a group for what was “Okay” well hmm knowing my history, who made the rules for what is and isnt okay? Okay Judith Im just going to quote scripture about what Jesus has to say about Child abuse, get some perspective (if you don’t believe or follow Jesus don’t bother reading the rest it’s not meant for you): Revelation 21:8 “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” – Pretty sure being both sexually immoral and murdering children are in there, also lying too about covering up their crimes.

      Deuteronomy 27:25 “‘Cursed be anyone who takes a bribe to shed innocent blood.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’ (Pretty sure article said: “These figures really only demonstrate that we are only at the tip of a massive iceberg that saw innocent children massacred or sold off for large sums of money by the Vatican.”)

      Luke 17:2 “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.” (Pretty sure having sex with children falls under this category.)

      Exodus 21:22-25 ““When men strive together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out, but there is no harm, the one who hit her shall surely be fined, as the woman’s husband shall impose on him, and he shall pay as the judges determine. But if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.” (So pretty much restitution needs to be paid in this case and not just “let the lord sort it out” but a LEGAL prosecution for damages is what takes place here.)

      And finally ill just end it with Matthew 25:40 “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”

      What this implies is that all the thousands and millions of children that have been “Merely abused” and not “murdered” God sees it differently, it’s not a blessing both are abominations so no we are NOT blessed the bible makes that clear!

      • Dude. Why are you jumping down her throat? All of us are guilty. We all allow our countries to make war in other lands. What do you think happens to the orphans? Have you gone to the countries where your military and government is fighting “terror” and stood in the way to stop it? I haven’t. None of us have. Bring your government and legislators to trial for war crimes and don’t worry about the church and mass graves when we won’t hold the public accountable. You sound like a hypocrite.

        • Dude, “holy men” ARE to be held to a higher standard, in fact the HIGHEST standard of all. These “holy men” wielded the power of the pulpit over their young charges and to disobey them meant a sure fire path to Hell, as far as those children were concerned. They had the FEAR of displeasing those holy ones forcefully BEAT into them right from the very beginning of their lives with them. What YOU are doing is covering for them and making it possible for them to continue to avoid having to answer for their misdeeds. Just because OTHERS have done similar or worse is NO excuse to ignore what those jerks did.

        • I agree with Lawrence Spicer that we are all guilty. Look at how the children are suffering today, all over the world, from our neglect. Wars. Famine. What’s changed? We have enough food to feed everyone but we don’t. We live in fear so we allow wars because there is no peace in our hearts. Paedophile groups and the slave trade run riot. It is good to recognise finally that because someone claims that they were sexually abused (by a trusted person in authority: mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, grandparent, stranger…) that they are not mentally ill. It is good to take action to ensure it never happens again. The past needs to be dealt with and let go eventually in order to heal but it will take years. We know it’s wrong. Let’s deal with the NOW! Let’s take action to prevent further damage of those who are alive. Forgiveness– the Rwandan people are great role models for this action which works. Then get on with living and saving the children who are alive now!!

      • Amen!Kevin Green. Man, Catholics that defend this or brush it under the rug or justify it are just as guilty. That unholy, war mongering, child raping, man made religion that is clearly against God of the Bible will be destroyed. Jesus said, “not a stone will be left standing.” He was talking about false religion. Btw, He was innocent and traded for a murderer by “Holy” men leading a mob of idiots too comfortable with their traditions and beliefs to accept The Son of God! Hear that Judith’s of the world. Guilty, no hiding it anymore either. Continue to follow a man, just like the Jews who killed Christ. Meanwhile, I hope the Catholic religion, which is actually Satanic! Is destroyed soon. Hang child rapists in the streets till dead, especially Catholic ” priests “. That is Justice! If we don’t end them, Jesus will. Either way, those evil people are dead forever and all those children are Jesus’s beloved precious ones rewarded with a perfect everlasting life. Praise our Righteous Heavenly Father Amen. Vengeance will be His ultimately!

    • I love how a non existent god gets thrown around. Just so you know, he does not exist, the bible is a book of hate and believers are dumber than me. All of them. The RC church is notorious for never answering for their crimes and are still committing them, so you can wait for someone who isn’t there to “judge” you, or actually grow a brain and your own mind and realise that all religion is used as a weapon.

      They need to pay for past and current sins and idiots need to stop believing the absolute crap and leading lives of hypocrisy in fear of an afterlife that will never come.

    • It is for us to decide! How dare you.
      The Kingdom of God resides in every man and woman.

      Wise up Judith Mason or take your narrow religion and get the hell out of here!!

    • The Catholic Church is responsible for the suffering and impoverishment of hundreds of millions in the developing world right now by doing everything possible to interfere with women to control the size of their families and not only preaching against condoms in countries with high rates of HIV but actively interfering with the distribution of them. This is happening right now and there is no sign they will see the light on this terrible human tragedy anytime soon.

    • LOL. Wow! Your justification is totally skewed but most religious people’s are. So, I think it’s great that the predators are now becoming prey. The Holy See has reigned in corruption for far too long. I think burnings at the stake are in order.

    • If you leave it up to God to judge evil then evil reigns supreme on God’s green earth, idiot. 300,000 children disappear every year that are never heard from again and my gut says that based on LEARNING FROM THE PAST–the The Catholic Church is in on it and MUST be abolished in the present to protect the children of our world in the future.

      Worshiping Christ doesn’t require an evil empire to rule over the innocents. Most likely, Judith, you are a public relations person paid to defend this organization. If not–you are a soulless wretch to write “the mere abuse of children”…die in a fire.

    • “Everyone is equal in the eyes of God.”
      God will not judge them, to him/her/it everything is equal. Humans are the same as ants or a rock.
      The only one who can judge a human is another human.
      The guilty should not be allowed to be be free without punishment just because they are ‘holy’ men or because they have money. No human is holy or unholy. They are mortal and need to be treated as such.

    • You don’t think this type of thing is going on today?! Google “CPS medical kidnap”. You’ll quickly find the horrific events going on today, just to name a few!

    • if doctor ned to save your life with a heart transplant and science, thank god right? fuck science right? fucking little bitch

    • “It is for “GOD” to judge not us”.Why is there a judical system of courts,attorneys,prisons,death penalties for previous”Practices”.These vile “practices”are happening TODAY.Judith Mason,Stand Up or stand back to fantasy island.Peace Out.

    • No, ain’t a damn thing has changed with Humanity. Humanity is STILL the same Evil that it is. You obviously are out of touch with the World News of Today. Humans are nothing but Evil – !!!

  2. What does this mean: “The bodies appeared to be emancipated at the time of their burial in the Tuam”. Did the author intend to say “emaciated”? If so, that kind of ridiculous error makes this article and this website extremely unreliable.

    • Emancipated apparently means this – Emancipation of minors is a legal mechanism by which a minor is freed from control by his or her parents or guardians, and the parents or guardians are freed from any and all responsibility toward the child. In some cases, emancipation can be granted without due court granting when the minor is bound to make a decision alone in the absence of the parents, who might be dead or have abandoned the minor. – So in this case, its the right word to use seeing as the bodies might have been from children who have been abandoned by their parents forcibly by the Catholic church.

  3. is that the God who looked on as children were being ‘merely’ raped by his representatives Judith? I think it’s pretty plain that it’s humans who need to do the judging, you’re imaginary deity isn’t up to the job.

  4. Considering that these vatican people are indoctrinated and made to follow their own specific code, it’s not unusual to assume that the practices of the past are continuing in the present. In such a closed group of people, who confess their sins only to god (if they do at all), it’s easy to keep their child abuse secret from the world, especially when people hand them over willingly in the assumption that they’ll be protected in the house of god.. There’s a lot of uncomfortable digging that’s gonna need to happen in the Vatican, regardless of their political immunities.

  5. The almost only real news i ever get from anywhere is here. Thank you guys for all your support on the war with the iSIS goats too #gowhitehats 🙂

  6. In the old days lots of children died of disease. There were no antibiotics, no vitamins and no vaccines. In earliest times vogue out of five children does. In the 1920scommonest solution was to ,one sendchildren of of the cities to live and lots of them still died. One out five died among the rich. the The Catholic Church ran orphanages. So this slander piece is written ignoring all facts.

    • The mass grave in Ireland was from 50s and 60s when nursing techniques and medicines had improved (and nuns would have been educated in such things) A slander piece isn’t needed when the Catholic Church is involved – we all know the horror they have caused, are still causing, in the name of their made up god

  7. Judith Mason, that’s just the problem; this still happen. Every day. And I know this is gonna hurt but if God can only judge and couldn’t help these kids, then fuck him. I’m gonna judge him. And we ar allowed to judge people, it’s our right as humans. Don’t you judge them or think this is wrong?

  8. It’s truely horrific the way these children were treated by the not just the nun/priests who looked after them, but also society and the state as a whole. Very little people wanted anything to do with them just like their unmarried mothers and her family. It’s awful the way their bodies have been buried/disposed off in such an unchristian manor. Malnutritian, no antibiotics & high levels of disease were the killers here.. I doubt very few were the result of murder which is what many may pick up from this article.

  9. Its still happening everyday everywhere, its sickening. And people still try to justify it. In my eyes there just as bad. I believe in no religion. I believe in love and righteousness.

  10. Jackie…The facts are that the testimony of a Irish Garda Police Force investigator who went before the ICLCJ Court said that marks on the bones of the 796 children found in the Catholic Nun septic tank in Tuam Ireland indicated they had been ritually killed. He said forensic experts had confirmed the decapitation and dismemberment of children ranging from newborns to age five showed the usual signs of ritualistic murder or child sacrifice. The Garda investigator approached the ICLCJ court after the Irish government and Irish Cardinal Sean Brady refused to release their findings.

  11. Quote: “But this is one of many cases where children in a darker time, were considered to be a mere burden and not something to consider precious. ”
    Excuse me … but on what fukking planet was the quoted statement ever true?

  12. Thanks for the links but seriously man, why not have the text in a clean format so it can be read. Or at least in a contrasting colour. The red works good for the dates of the comments. And don’t hack my laptop either. That wouldn’t be cool. Ask for my email to comment. Can you clean this up please or send it to me.

    Thanks, Lawrence

  13. This is better. How many children have been spirited out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Organ harvesting is big business. Kids have been shipped all over the world since forever. I don’t know why people continue to be shocked. Every single one of us are slaves to the system.

  14. Judith and Jackie – poor souls brain washed into thinking it is impossible for such a massacre to have taken place but try to justify it anyway. The sooner this generation of ignorant idiots die off the better. They are no better than the murdering nuns who killed these poor poor children. This is the fear I have – these kind of people hiding the truth and allowing it to continue…,,

  15. My history stems from a beginning in one of these places, in the 70s….I consider it lucky to be alive, & for the people who are so ignorant in their comments, I would like to let you know that when this story broke, here in Ireland, people travelled to cork to lay flowers, teddy bears, sits of solidarity, all which were removed in the space of 8 hours….

  16. I think that Evil runs the world – it uses religion to control minds of the sheep mindset… and the rest of the world are controlled by the banking system, just the other hand of the same evil.

    I felt sick when I read Judith’s comment. “mere abuse of children”. Sick, twisted, warped!

  17. I need help people as a so called survivour i have started a page on face book……. stop all child abuse……I need support, storys share likes ect can you help me????

  18. What happened to the Mann act of 1910?Tey called it “White Slavery”back then.Unusually young girls,kidnapped,or “sold”into a black market for sexual perposes.A trade I hear,making big money nowadays.I would center my attention there because it is a contemporary tragedy.

  19. As a Catholic I firmly condemn those atrocities, committed by people worshipping Evil, instead of God. These only-self-describing Catholics are nothing but sh*t to me, using faith and trust of other people for whatever disgusting practice got through their twisted mind. And I believe that before being judged by God himself, murderers, paedophiles, etc. are to be judged by men in a courthouse. Lots of “religious” people committed crimes against humanity though and even in the name of atheism so to me they are all the same. Worshippers of evil.

    • Evil be they name your religion is a fake to cover for the real agenda. Control of mankind they are not humans they Anunaki and coneheads a advance race of beings obsessed with control money and power. They have used humans . In violation of the prime directive.

  20. I have heard these horror stories all my life, and the time of the stories I heard went back to before Civil War days. But there was never any concrete evidence and the people who did the reporting were accused of being catholic bashing liars. with the passage of time, the concrete evidence has been uncovered, and all of the stories are proved to be true. Thanks to all the tireless ongoing investigations. The Lord of Heaven promised a Day of Judgement, where every hidden thing will be uncovered, and every evil shall receive its punishment. the world will come falling down on those evil ones, and they shall be buried deep in the deepest pit of Hell.

  21. my mother told me about a Catholic building that was being torn down in the town she lived in. In the basement were buried 42 infant babies. So sad. I do not feel that all Catholics are bad. We should not be putting all down. We need to stand up along with them and ask that more be done. The parents need to make sure that the abusers are punished. We need to teach our children that we will be there for them and that abusers are bad and need to be told on. We do not make sure that our kids know this kind of thing happens and they should come tell us.


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