Clinton’s Body Count: 5 Found Dead, All Linked To DNC


The Clinton body count grows with 5 people found dead, all with solid links to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Clinton Foundation. Even more alarming is the media blackout on these mysterious deaths and the overwhelming evidence that those who died had insider knowledge that could have taken down Hillary and the whole Democrat Party.

Over the last month, bodies close to the Clintons and DNC have been dropping like flies. Five more have been added to the Clinton body count, adding to the speculations that Hillary won’t let anyone stand in her way, no matter what it takes. As the mainstream media seemingly avoids these stories, here’s what we know about those who met an untimely death after their ties to the Clintons and the DNC seemed to threaten Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich was the Operations Director for Voter Expansion at the DNC. Rich had all the top secret information about the DNC’s inner workings, and when he shockingly turned up murdered, it had Washington insiders talking cover-up.

It looked like a robbery gone bad until further details emerged. “There had been a struggle. His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and they never took anything,” his mother, Mary Rich, told NBC News.

According to the Daily Mail, “The mystery surrounding his death has sparked a flurry of theories posted online, including claims that he was on his way to speak to the FBI when he was shot. There have also been suggestions he fed Wikileaks the 3,000 DNC emails that were released at the start of the party’s convention last week.”

Seth Rich’s position at the time of his death was Director of Voter Expansion, and he described himself as an analyst. He would have key information about all DNC voter fraud schemes. Rich’s death is very convenient for Hillary and the DNC, a little too convenient when you consider that he was the main operator at the DNC with access to all top secret documents.

Joe Montano, who was a former DNC Chairman, would have knowledge of the criminal activities used to get Hillary Clinton elected. Montano died from what was said to be a heart attack on July 25, the day the DNC started.

Tim Kaine & Joe Montano (left), Seth Conrad Rich (right)
Tim Kaine & Joe Montano (left), Seth Conrad Rich (right)


At 47-years-old and in good health, a heart attack is suspicious. Montano was on low-dosage of high blood pressure medication, which means his hypertension was under control, which put him more at risk of low blood pressure. His family says he was packed and ready to go to the DNC convention when they found him dead. They report he was in tip top health.

His death was within hours of the Wikileaks dump that outed then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Montano was also an aide to VP nominee Tim Kaine, which makes one wonder what he knew. Insiders say Montano could have known too much about the DNC scandals and Tim Kaine.

Shawn Lucas (left) Victor Thorn (right)
Shawn Lucas (left) Victor Thorn (right)

In another Clinton-linked death, as MW News has previously reported, Shawn Lucas, the lead attorney who was working to expose the DNC fraud case in Floridawas unexpectedly found dead in his home.

A viral video shows Lucas serving the DNC court papers. Lucas’ death is still under investigation, but the mere fact that he was alive, serving court papers on the Clintons and the DNC, and the next minute dead under suspicious circumstances, is leaving everyone pointing straight at the Clinton crime family.

Another strange death is that of Victor Thorn, who was a prolific author and seasoned investigator of the Clintons. He was best known as a Clinton expert, writing over 6 books on all of their scandals. Co-workers report he was working diligently on a new Hillary scandal, and his brother reports he possessed damaging top secret emails involving the Clintons.


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  1. I had no idea the Clintons had that many wiseguys working for them. If what you say is true, they make the Mafia look like pussy-cats, and even better, somehow they’ve kept the police from linking these investigations to each other. I have to go now; I ran out of tinfoil.

    • They have a higher body count than that. I knew someone directly related to a member of Al Gore’s security detail when Slick Willie was in office…he has warned against the Clintons for years. And it does say something when Al Gore refuses to endorse HilLIARy.

      • Charles Ruff
        Don Henry
        Kevin Ives
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        Vincent Foster
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        Jerry Luther Parks
        Ed Willey
        Hershell Friday
        Ronald Rogers
        Dan Lassater’s Lawyer
        Kathy Fergusson
        Bill Shelton
        Admiral Borda
        Ron Brown
        Ron Brown’s Lawyer
        Mary Mahoney
        James McDougal
        Gandy Baugh
        US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens
        Sean Smith
        Tyrone S. Woods
        Glen Doherty
        Walter Scheib
        Victor Thorn
        Shawn Lucas
        Joe Montano
        Tim Kayne
        Seth Rich

    • Ignorant sheeple LMFAO HAHAHA can’t wait till she’s president and Takes all your rights for Corporate Governance!!! The Clintons have been to Bohemian Grove only a place for worshipping the Diety of Power and Finance. Its called research LMFAO lame retarded Prick.

    • No other politician has a body count. Former President of the United Nations, John Ashe, in a plea bargain was to testify against his partner in crime Hillary Clinton. The day before he was to testify he was found dead in his exercise room, his throat crushed in a bar bell accident,. There are over 40 such circumstances during the Clinton’s time in politics.

    • Shame on you, Hillary. Running around between campaign stops to kill your opponents and/or meet with hit people, I have a whole new respect for 67 year old women in pantsuits! =poof= There goes Putin! Yeah girl, I’m voting’ for this kickass candidate.

    • Don’t forget John Ashe, who was supppsed to testify in the FBI investigation. He was found dead in his home with a crushed neck. But was firsy reported as a heart attack.

    • The count is now 50-55 of those around the Clintons who have been murdered or suddenly died. Many more of their “friends” have ended up in jail. BTW, Comey wass the one who investigated the Clintons several times, putting their comrades in jail, but turning the clintons free. Comey also is on the board of the bank that handles the Clinton Foundation’s money. Seems like he should have recused himself

  2. The core question still stand… Why on Earth are these lurid criminals allowed not only to walk free but also to run for presidency? Especially after that horrible and disgusting event, the Franklin scandal? Don’t these citizens have any integrity, pride or sense of justice at all? Cause honestly at this point in time… this country really deserves the politicians it has. … But the most revolting show here, is that these criminals get idolized at such level that the rest of the world is asking itself… are these people really that stupid and that arrogant that still can’t see the wrong that they have been surrounding themselves with? But when then one remembers that usa is actually NOT a country but just a corporation, a fair bit of dirt can then be placed in its right spot…. Shame shame shame and again…shame!

  3. Maybe the Clinton campaign is flawed/evil/call it what you will, but with Hobson’s choice what does the American voter do now.

  4. People need to wake up!
    It’s no longer party lines. It’s do you want a person (man or woman) as this country’s leader who has lied, cheated and stold from and against the United States? She will continue to rape this country until we have no freedoms left. I agree that Trump is egotistical, emotional, and narcissistic but he is the best one running right now. Yes we do need to vote for the lesser of two evils. If you don’t vote then don’t complain AFTER the election.

  5. Thank you, whom ever you are!!
    Keep up the great work.. I can think
    of several People in Washington
    who should watch their backs!!

  6. Keep up the solid work Anon! It’s not about politics or who will or will not be the next president. It is about outright corruption and the desecration of the Constitution. Both sides of the aisle are in cahoots and they will keep getting a pass until they are exposed. Sooner or later the dominoes will start to fall…they are tipping now. Anonymous is a group that many young people pay attention to. That is critical because they have been brainwashed to believe what ever the media tell them to believe, and many of them refuse to hear the truth. Open the eyes of the sheep. If things keep going as they are, America and the west will be communist regimes run by the elites, who clearly don’t care about us, and will do anything to maintain their power.

  7. I want desperately to believe this isn’t true …but one after another ,I’m beginning to think this horror is definitely happening …I hate Trump ,he’s scary ,unhinged unqualified and a loose cannon ,so he’s out ,but to have a murderous person as hillary ,who would do anything to anyone who gets in her way is ,well quite frankly freaking me out …the evidence is so blatantly clear ,it’s undeniable ,why can’t Bernie run as an independent ?? He’s who we need to start fixing the hopeless situation our politicians have put us in ,,it’s don’t love to see a woman in the white house ,cause let’s be realistic ,men have had they’re chance over decades and look where we are ,we need to give a woman a chance to clean up all the trash .but she needs to be human and uncorrupted,which as time goes by hillary surely isn’t ,..beginning to wonder if she’s not satan dressed (lol)in women’s clothing ..this is a scary time in history …and I’m starting to lose sleep worryingabout what tomorrow brings …I guess I (we) have to put our faith in the almighty ,if we don’t vote we’re doing wrong ,but what if we vote for the devil him or herself ?? I’ve never been so torn and confused about anything in my almost 60 yrs on this planet …scary times my friends ,no doubt about it

  8. Unbelievable that I write my thoughts and fears and you ,,,whoever you are ,apparently don’t like what I said so you erase it …wtf …freedom of speech is no longer the American way …makes me sad and sick !!!


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