CNN’s Chris Cuomo says Calling Journalists ‘Fake News’ is the Same as Using the ‘N-Word’ Against Minorities

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Chris Cuomo, a CNN big gun is going against those who say CNN provides fake news, and went so far as to go on radio, comparing the term to being called a ni**** .

“You understand that all of us have these hideous words for people and that is the one for journalists,” says Cuomo.

The radio show aired during early February, where Cuomo pulled no punches about being a journalist for the media giant; and defending them, said the fake news label is a form of belittling. He further supported his argument by saying it’s as though you’re calling out someone in a negative or belittling manner.

Cuomo, instead of using research and insight to defend his argument, preferred to effortlessly use the abusive word to describe his comparison. CNN’s Chris Cuomo also took the liberty of comparing anyone who questioned CNN’s news to that of being a racist.

fake news
Washington Post in the early days

During the final days of the presidential election, a local newspaper started fighting people who questioned Washington Post’s articles, and as a result, the term ‘fake news’ was coined. From there, many newspapers joined forces, targeting online publishing sites in attempts to shut them down.

However, attempts to profit from the fake news media campaign turned against those who mitigated the ‘war’; conditions went from bad to worse as big names in the Mainstream Media industry started pitting against each other. When the water rose above neck level, Washington Post conveniently stepped back. The term the MSM coined themselves, has started to define what the citizen now thinks of them: a powerhouse of lies, deceit and manipulated information.

The current President even took the liberty to share his thoughts via Twitter.

Overdoing everything takes the charm away, so the MSM has discovered. President Donald Trump has also discovered this, who says that everything published related to him in a bad light, is fake news. Many media watchdogs, such as Media Matters are also suffering similar fates.

What remains now is a mainstream media – and similar institutions – now incapable of processing the truth between the lies.

fake news
Image Source: The Institute of World Politics – Ed Meese (left), Bill J. Casey (middle), and Ronald Reagan (right).

William Joseph Casey, the director of the CIA from 1981 to 1987, once said the agency’s disinformation program will be complete once the average American believes everything is false, something now not so far from the frightening truth.

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, for example, CNN published a story quoting the daughter of the late singer Frank Sinatra as not being happy with elected President Trump and the First Lady dancing to Sinatra’s ‘My Way’. On the contrary, Nancy Sinatra never suggested the like, and later, CNN re-edited the article without explanation.

If this piques your attention span, then some research will be enough to set you on fire. Thousands of examples are online of these everyday practices that news channels like Cuomo’s CNN work by.

Unfortunately, these terms are nothing new. There are always two political sides to the situation. One will be called a racist, while the other who sympathises with such kind are labelled as terrorist sympathisers, as we’re witnessing with the Muslim scenario. It’s a simple ‘us versus them’ notion. for now. The MSM continue to wage their war, dividing society with false notions while we sit in the living room continuing to drink from their bucket.

Source: The Free Thought Project, YouTube.

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  1. I do not agree with Trump referring to CNN as fake news. But because Cuomo used such poor taste and judgement in comparing Fake News to the N word You just lost a viewer. The two in no way compares. Poor choice.

  2. Wow, CNN has reached an all time new low. If I don’t agree with there sales tactics of “what can I print that will sell the most ad space” Then clearly I am a racist. That may work on the majority of the ignorant people that are patrons to CNN. CNN is now officially a grocery store Tabloid. There is always room on the rack under the National Enquirer at check out isle.

  3. We use the term “fake News” BECAUSE it’s MEANT to belittle and discredit corrupt media outlets like CNN, ABC, or any of the other major media giants. We call it fake news because its not the truth, not the whole truth… or news… or ever really have anything to do with relevant information. Yes, CNN we desperately desire the most recent scoop on how much bigger Kim Kardasian’s ass has gotten… I don’t even know how Kardashian is spelled. THAT information would have been more useful to me than the garbage you dump into peoples heads… bravo


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