Cold Hard Figures in War.


Written by: Anonymous Watcher



In light of the Military Industrial Complex, it is worth noting the 25 largest companies in the American Defense arena, and why war is vital to the ongoing economy of the U.S. Empire.

In total, these 25 companies equate to an approximate Arms Sales Dollar: $234.6 Billion

This produces a Total Profit of: $99.25 Billion

Employing approximately: 2,011,320 personnel.

It isn’t difficult to see why these companies are now essential to the economy; and in turn war.

The following are from bilde

  1. Lockheed Martin

(Military aircraft programs)


  1. Boeing

(Global Strike Military Aircraft Program)


  1. Northrop Grumann

(Drones & Cyberspace Security. Development of CBRNE detection systems to identify potential threats.)


  1. General Dynamics

(Military grade communications systems.)


  1. Raytheon

(Missiles and electronics development.)


  1. L-3 Communications

(U.S. military information gathering platforms.)


  1. United Technologies

(Aerospace Engineering. Responsible for the UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter)


  1. SAIC

(Engineering systems and anti-terrorism technology.)


  1. Oshkosh

(Development of armored vehicles.)


  1. Computer Sciences Corp

(Aerospace and defense sector.)


  1. Honeywell

(Supplies engine parts)


  1. General Electric

(Specializes in electronic warfare.)


  1. Pratt & Whitney – Parent Company of United Technologies.

(Produces military engines, eg. Striker Fighter Plane F-35 Lightening II)


  1. ITT Exelis

(Electronic battlefield security.)


  1. KBR

(Involved in Homeland Security)


  1. URS

(Disposal of weapons of mass destruction.)


  1. ATK

(Largest provider of ammunition to the U.S. military and its allies.)


  1. Rockwell Collins

(Navigation, communications and aviation electronics.)


  1. Textron

(Owns Cessna Aircraft Company, Bell Helicopters; known for Drone and Armored Vehicle development.)


  1. Hewitt-Packard

(The creator of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet, connecting over 700000 personnel, and is the second largest network next to the Internet.)


  1. Man Tech

(Maintains military surveillance systems.)


  1. Navistar Defence

(Develops military strength trucks and engines.)


  1. DynCorp International

(Provides logistical support to the U.S defense programs.)


  1. Goodrich

(Develops fighter aircraft landing systems.)


  1. CACI International

(Responsible for the development of TROJAN satellite communications and supplies the U.S Army with an “information lifeline.”)




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  1. I’m all for against the government. But I’ve researched all of these.. And some of these things we kinda need :/ protection for our freight liners. Communications for our passanger planes. Coordination telecommunications. Evil yes some. But we need some of this shit. Oh well I guess. We trying to change. But can the government overturn the government? Who’s on who’s side. Who has say. It pretty much comes down to who we can’t stop. And that’s the whole government. Constitution is a piece of paper. Can be burned and re written. Who says they can’t. You gonna stop that person re writing deep in ground 30ft concrete walls? This is fun and all and I like to try to make a difference. But how? I reach out to anon members and I get no response. Guess I’ll cheer from my phone lol

    • You are right, I dont know what to do either. but its good to see people making the effort to try and find a way. No one said change would be easy, but it will be worth it. Thats why we all need to put in. We are so used to our current social construct that we are afraid to leave it, but with this social construct, comes all of the social problems that we have.

  2. I’d also like to see a little more detail on how these companies touch our lives. I know a few (ie Hewlitt Packard) but I’d like to know more about the consumer based products these companies make.

  3. The figures seem too low. Looking at an annual 1 trillion $ War budget, these are not the real numbers and a lot of companies are missing here. There needs to be total transparency. The 1 trillion budget is the defense budget from the
    US govt only. The sales to foreign nations, such as Taiwan, Saudi Arabia,
    South Korea, Afghanistan, Kuwait, India and others are not included.
    Also not the Arms sales which are connected to development aid to 3rd world nations. And of course the weapons which are delivered to ISIS, El Kaida and associates. No Islamic nation is able to develop the weapons technology they
    are using right now.


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