Congress Quietly Ends Federal Prohibition On Medical Marijuana


by Amanda Froelich at


“The war on medical marijuana is over.”


Great news! A provision ending the federal prohibition on medical marijuana, banning federal agents from policing its users or raiding dispensaries in any state or district where it is legal, was just passed by Congress.

The provision can be found in Congress’ new 1,603-page spending plan. 

Mainstream media may be quiet about this latest news, but you can guarantee the little passage will radically alter the way America treats – and views – the use of medical marijuana. 

The spending plan, with the medical pot provision within it, became law when President Obama signed it last Friday, reports the LA Times.

Up until now, police could still prosecute people for using or distributing medical marijuana – even in states that had legalized it, because federal law designated cannabis in any form as an illegal drug. As you know, federal law takes precedent over state law.


A massive shift has now taken place. Reportedly, even Republicans were more inclined to support a less strict federal drug policy.

Said Bill Piper, a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance:

“The war on medical marijuana is over. Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana.”

At present, thirty-two of the 50 states and the District of Columbia have already legalized some form of marijuana use, or its ingredients, for medication.

For this reason, the new law “is a victory for so many,” says Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Californian Republican and co-author of the provision.

“This is […] the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana.”

The benefits of cannabis are numerous, which is why the herb needs to be legally available in every state. Studies have shown that cannabis oil helps treat everything from glaucoma and multiple sclerosis to nerve and seizure disorders, and chronic pain. In addition, hemp is not only a nutritious food (hemp seed), the crop can be used to make clothes, building materials, and fuel – among other uses.

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        • It say on the top left corner of this article that it’s December 25th ? and I don’t see the date 2014 anywhere on it . I’ll read it again but

        • OK , it was placed in there last year but has been codified ( enforced ) this year as a code of law ( no longer allowed to be violated by unconstitutional raids ) by federal officials , so as of this year it is in violation of your legal rights to arrest you for use of your medical marijuana in any of the 32 states it is legal in and in any state thats legalizing it in the future.

  1. This is the exact same wording in the spending bill as the last few years. The war against medical marijuana didn’t dissappear, and won’t until legalized federally. Quit copying and pasting other people that have no clue what they are talking about.

  2. The link to the 1,600 page federal spending plan and the link in the LA times both lead to an LA article that’s one year old.

    • Mr. Kiefer’s 110% correct. The LA Times article you linked to was published on Dec. 16, 2014 at 4 AM. When referring to a 1,603 page federal spending plan — the link should go to the actual federal spending plan of 2015, not link back to the Dec. 2014 LA Times article. Nor could I find a direct link to The Drug Policy Alliance stie to fact check Bill Piper’s statement. Your link led to an unverifiable source. All you’ve got is rumor and innuendo. This is an incredibly important issue which deserves thorough & relentless fact checking. Your credibility is shot.

  3. It is an was only a matter of time for Medical an now soon to be recreational uses to be legalized in a world of ever growing information so widely available to a wider much younger more in tune society they must move, they cant hide behind their propaganda now 😀

  4. No they did not. The part of the Act being mentioned simply says none of the money in THIS spending bill can be used for federal marijuana law enforcement. It has nothing to do with any other money nor is it a change in federal marijuana laws or policies.

    • Learn how to put the Law together. A Bill was written ,thats a fact Appropriation Bill the one at that, attached to it was a very exclusive condition on the Bill approval was and Is
      …..No more refusing to treat patient who test positive or use marijaina for medical purposes. The appropriations bill that did pass the Senate and through Congress is now law if not then no more construction can be done on any va building facility clinic improvements will have to stop if the bill is not in full force or enforced in full that’s the law that’s a bill

  5. This development is yet another signal that the fed will soon reschedule the drug or better yet, deschedule it from the list of controlled substances. It is a true victory along the way to the ultimate maneuver of changing the federal guidelines on the plant.

  6. Because they ‘Cannot spend any Federal Monies” is that like, it may be legal now, but we can still put you in rehab /jail, if your an idiot,…?

  7. It’s about time. Medical marijuana is a needed medication for cancer patients for sure, and multiple other mental disorders that the Dr’s could use instead of getting everyone addicted to pain killers, anti anxiety drugs. So many uses that will help people so much!!!


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