Creator of Internet Demands For Internet Bill of Rights To Ensure Greater Privacy


Written by: NiRA



The creator of the WWW has cautioned that the liberty of the internet is endangered by the government and corporation concerned in controlling the web.

Tim Berners-Lees, the British computer scientist who is famous for inventing the web 25 years ago, on Saturday demanded for a bill of rights that will guarantee the freedom of the internet as well as user’s privacy.


In London at the Web We Want festival, Sir Tim Berners-Lee said about the future of internet:-

“If a company can control your access to the internet, if they can control which websites they go to, then they have tremendous control over your life”

“If a government can block you going to, for example, the opposition’s political pages, then they can give you a blinkered view of reality to keep them in power.”

“Suddenly the power to abuse the open internet has become so tempting both for government and big companies.”


Sir Tim Berners-Lee who is aged 59 is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium, a federation which creates guidelines for the improvement of the internet.

He demanded for an internet version of Magna Carta, 13th century English agreement attributed with assuring basic rights and freedoms.

Apprehensions over the freedom and privacy on the internet have increased in the wake of the exposure of mass government monitoring of online action succeeding leaks by the former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

A presiding by the European Union to allow individuals to ask search engines like Google to remove links to information about them, called as the “right to be forgotten”, he also elevated his concerns on the potential for censorship.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee said:-

“There have been lots of times that it has been abused, so now the Magna Carta is about saying… I want a web where I’m not spied on, where there’s no censorship”


He included that in order to be a neutral medium, the internet have to reveal all of humanity, even if it includes some ghastly stuffs.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee included:-

“Now some things are of course just illegal, child pornography, fraud, telling someone how to rob a bank, that’s illegal before the web and it’s illegal after the web”

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  1. We must let our freedoms be challenged by our governments. People like Tim have good intentions for all, that should not be forgotten

  2. Crazy as this may sound….. my knowledge might be useful to you. I am having very big problems that include everything your talking about.

  3. i like the idea this man is promoting cause i think its everyone’s right to have there privacy and i hate the fact that my cell phone company knows what type of phone am using before even asking me any form of question about the device that type of shit will scare people they probably watching us as we eat,sleep, and shit excuse graphic imagery but it just goes to show for regular civilians that don’t understand technology to the extent that we do they have no one to bk them but anonymous they are here for the little people without a voice

  4. Admirable but will it happen? And if it does will it make a difference? If the government suddenly sizes everything they’ll take back their bills and promises.

  5. Who or What is it that has the “authority” over anyone else to dictate what rights anyone has or dictate which rights anyone does not have?
    This article coming from “anon” truly surprises me.
    Since when is ANY information “illegal”. This the vampire called AUTHORITY to enter by your own invitation. All authority must be by your own CONSENT since everyone of us is not born with any authority over anyone else except, perhaps themselves. The right of freedom of speech is not “given” by any “constitution”, rather it is protected. A Constitution cannot GIVE rights, it can only ensure them. If it could then someone must have been BORN with AUTHORITY over you, me and everyone. Only the Creator might have this and even he knows that our own FREE WILL and Choice must be given, even to HIM. It is the “unalienable” rights we are talking about here. There is no such thing as one man having any AUTHORITY to GIVE RIGHTS to any other HU-MAN.


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