DARPA Experiments With Alien Shaped Flying Objects in Top Secret Mission

flying objects
Mysterious objects floating over Kansas City in late June sparked such a media flurry and public response, that the National Weather Service of Kansas City was compelled to tweet “we honestly have no explanation for the floating objects over Kansas City.” The tweet was accompanied by an image of two “floating objects” in the sky and only served more speculation.

Social media was alight with many speculations that an alien invasion was occurring. It wasn’t until hours later, that the mystery behind the flying objects was revealed to be a top-secret DARPA mission.

flying objects flying objects

The project, named the Adaptable Lighter Than Air (ALTA) program was developed to test high altitude lighter-than-air vehicles. The ALTAs are said to be capable of wind-borne navigation over lengthy ranges. The “floating objects” that turned out to be balloons are capable of flying at altitudes of more than 75,000 feet while carrying a small payload.
The three ALTA balloons were launched by DARPA from Cumberland, Maryland, around 80 miles west of Camp David, on June 18. It was reported that DARPA was tracking the balloons and that the ALTA balloon flights were coordinated with the FAA.


“The balloons are controlled from fixed and mobile ground stations, with consistent point-to-point links and satellite relays,” said ALTA program manager, Dr Alexander M.G. Walan, and noted the sensors attached to the balloons are used to assess flight performance. Also, the balloons are larger than weather balloons and look like orbs, giving them an “alien” appearance.

flying objects flying objects

The real purpose of the mission is classified, however. What we do know is that DARPA constructed the balloons look like giant alien spaceships.
Kansas City residents spotted the giant balloons floating across the sky, with some thinking it was an alien invasion while others worried about the Russians.
On Twitter, further speculation of the balloons took place.
The news of DARPA’s alien-looking balloons comes on the heels of the US government officially acknowledging reports of “unidentified aerial phenomenon.”  
In early June, U.S. senators received a classified Pentagon briefing about a “series of reported encounters by the Navy with unidentified aircraft.”


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  1. The balloons are designed to be eventually used to condense the frosty clouds that hang around arsia mons on mars into useable sources of water for people on the martian surface. I would hope. Because i came up with the concept.


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