Democrat Senators Mount Pressure on Bernie Sanders to End Contest


The race for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the November elections is getting interesting. In the past weeks, we witnessed how the corrupt mainstream media was used to proclaim Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee for the party.

The Associate Press (AP) claimed that through a survey it conducted, Hillary has reached the number of delegates needed to become the leader of the Democratic Party for the November elections. The announcement by the media outlet was picked up by the rest of the mainstream media in the Western World. It became a breaking news story that Hillary has won the party’s nomination.

However, this sparked an outrage against the AP. Some observers questioned the method the AP used in arriving at their findings. Although the AP could not tell how it arrived at what was published, the outlet issued a statement trying to amend the damage it has caused. Feeling it was too late, political commentators said the credibility of AP has been dented, as many people in the United States have realized the diabolical agenda of the establishment in the Democratic Party and their corrupt mainstream media, to at all cost, install Hillary as the nominee for the party.

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Moving away from the orchestrated mainstream media war against Bernie, the latest news is that some senators of the Democratic Party are putting pressure on Bernie to end his campaign before the party’s convention in July, where the race for the nomination  will be finally decided.

NPR reports that some Democratic members in the senate are angry at Bernie, as he continues to contest Hillary for the party’s nomination. It is said they expected that the media’s crowning of Hillary would have forced Bernie to throw in the towel.

“I think he should stand down now. That’s my conclusion. I believe he is uniquely positioned to be able to be a unifier,” Democrat Bill Nelson of Florida was quoted by NPR as saying.

The pro-Hillary senators claimed  their concerns for the way the Bernie campaign is defiantly carrying on; how it could jeopardize Bernie’s influence if he tries to reshape his role in the Senate when he rejoins them. However, Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California revealed the main reason behind the senators attempting to have Bernie to end his campaign. Feinstein said their biggest concern is Bernie’s campaign plan to try and flip super delegates at the July convention. This, according to Dianne, will create a problem for Hillary.

“It all depends on what he does now. It all depends if he is willing to be a team player and willing to come together, and help the party move on and not create a problem. I think in the time it’s going to take to do that, what we need to do is put the two candidates together and have them march on to a general election together,” she said.

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According to an anonymous source among the Democrats in the Senate, these Democratic senators are now mounting pressure on Bernie to stand down; even wanting him not to contest Hilary from the beginning. It is said they were furious when Bernie announced his campaign. The source revealed further that this conflict has led to a breakdown of talking terms between Bernie and some of them. It is said many of the pro-Hillary senators do not even know how to approach Bernie face-to-face.

But despite all these odds against Bernie, his campaign team has said the struggle for the nomination will continue until the last day. Many of the Bernie supporters too, have vowed to continue their support until the final decider in July. Some supporters are furious, to the point that they have decided not to have anything to do with Hillary, even if she gets the nomination.

A fan called Jennifer Peters wrote on the Facebook page of the Bernie campaign: “I think regardless of the outcome of the election that Bernie has started a revolution in this country and the next election will speak great volume to that. I am proud to be a Bernie supporter till the end and grateful that he brought issues and the changes needed to the attention of our country.”

Another called Taylor Burgdorf also wrote: “imagine our world today if the media were unbiased. I wish I had a count of all the articles and outlets that covered Hillary Clinton instead of our man, the man Bernie Sanders.”

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