Diseases That Strike You When You Don’t Drink Enough Water


Most of us, simply do not drink enough pure water to stay hydrated. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of Water for Health, for Healing, for Life, if we wait until we are thirsty to drink water, we are already dehydrated. It is important to drink approximately half of our body weight in ounces of water daily, to avoid falling sick, tired and fat. 50-75% of Americans are unaware that they are chronically dehydrated. Here’s why all of you reading this article, wherever you may be, must know why it is important to drink enough water… This is what you can expect from chronic dehydration

Fatigue – Dehydration causes energy levels to drop and leads to increased tiredness, making it difficult to be active.

Kidney Problems – When your body is deprived of water, the ability of the kidneys to purify blood is affected. With a limited water supply, the kidneys cannot completely flush out metabolic and foreign waste from the body, causing diseases like cancers, Parkinson’s, kidney stones, gall stones, and kidney failure.

Weight Gain – Stress on the kidneys causes the liver to become stressed, this stops the liver from metabolizing fat efficiently. Dehydration causes the body to store toxins in fat cells. The body will not release fat unless it is adequately hydrated, to safely remove the toxins. Simply put, you eat less when you drink more!

High Blood Pressure – Lack of clean, pure water consumption causes your blood to be thicker, and your body has to work much harder to circulate it, which is strenuous on your heart and liver.

Asthma – The lungs need water to keep the air passages moist and to prevent them from drying up when air circulates in and out. A large amount of water evaporates during normal breathing. When dehydrated, the body attempts to reduce water loss by restricting airways.

High Cholesterol – Dehydration elevates cholesterol levels, this can lead to arterial blockage, a heart attack and stroke. When cells become dehydrated, the cell walls thicken to preserve fluid balance. In the process, cholesterol production is increased, and more cholesterol is released into the circulatory system.

Skin Disorders – Due to dehydration, your skin may feel tight and you may feel a burning sensation. Lack of water results in flaky, rough and dry skin. Dehydration prevents the movement of toxins through the skin and causes premature wrinkling.

Digestive Disorders – Dehydration reduces the secretion of digestive juices and can also lead to acid reflux, ulcers and gastritis.

Constipation – When dehydrated, the colon removes more water than normal in order to provide fluid for other critical parts of the body.

Joint Pain/Stiffness – Cartilage is mainly water. Dehydration weakens cartilage and delays repair.

Premature Ageing – When there is insufficient water, every bodily function suffers and the body begins to ration water. Long-term water rationing leads to premature aging and disease.


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