Drunk Man Terrorizes Polish Town With Stolen Tank

Earlier this month, a drunk man drove a Soviet-era T-55 tank through the Polish town, Pajeczno, terrorizing the local community.
Local police arrived on the scene after being called to the disturbance, finding the 49-year-old driver in the middle of the road nearby the parked tank.
The authorized driver took the Polish military tank, straying from his directed task of moving the tank between two transportation trailers so it could be shipped out. Rather than complete the task, the driver decided to go for a joy ride instead.
No one was injured in the incident; however, the driver now faces up to ten years in prison. Charges include driving under the influence and “creating a dangerous situation.”  


One Polish Redditor commented, “Our army still has about 100 of them in reserve. They modernised them with 105mm guns, modern optics, electronic equipment and reactive armor and rebranded it as ‘m55’.”
Others stated on Reddit that the tank was unlikely to have been armed with ammunition at the time.
It is unclear if the driver intentionally set out for a joy ride or if he was intoxicated to the point of being unaware of his actions. 
The tank was then impounded by the police department later that day.


Although this incident turned out to be a drunken ‘joyride’, similar incidents have come to pass in this township. Marvin John Heemeyer, a business owner who lost a zoning battle with the city killed himself after his rampage with a tank-like bulldozer he constructed. The infamous “killdozer,” incident destroyed property, including the town hall, local newspaper and his former business. Overall, 13 buildings were destroyed, resulting in an estimated $7 million in damages.
Witnesses say Heemeyer went out of his way to not harm anyone.
“I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things,” Heemeyer said in a suicide note he left behind.


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