“Earth” 2.0 Found


According to NASA, a planet resembling Earth was discovered orbiting in a relatively nearby star within our Milky Way galaxy. They believe that it could contain life. new-earth-2

This Earth-sized planet, known as Kepler-186f, is the first to be found within the so-called Goldilocks (not too hot, not too cold Juuuust nice) or habitable zone, where the conditions are just right in terms of the balance between atmospheric pressure and temperature  for water to exist as a liquid.


Although it has been estimated that at least 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbit within the Milky Way, this discovery was the needle in the haystack that seems to indicate that Earth may not be unique.

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Also known is the fact that four other planets also orbit its star. Should the star prove to be similar in terms of size and properties to our own sun, it becomes increasingly likely that life could be found on the planet.


“We know of just one planet where life exists – Earth. When we search for life outside our solar system we focus on finding planets with characteristics that mimic that of Earth,” said Elisa Quintana, research scientist at the SETI Institute at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., and lead author of the paper published today in the journal Science. “Finding a habitable zone planet comparable to Earth in size is a major step forward.”


Unfortunately, the star it orbits is only half the mass of our sun and the planet would only receive a third of the energy that we receive from our own sun. Further, its orbit takes about 130 days, about a third of ours.

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    • Kepler-186 is about 500 light years away in the direction of Cygnus. Though it’s in our backyard on a galactic scale, it would still take thousands of years with even a nuclear rocket to get there. Alas.

    • we shouldn’t be spending billions of dollars looking for planets to spread our infectious diseases to. worry about what we have left and change it for the better get these fukin government fucktards out of office .the liers and cheats and money grubbin politicians need to be shot dead focus on what we have you cunts

      • Exploring the universe helps us understand our own planet so that we may develop new ways to sustain ourselves. You wouldn’t ask a neurosurgeon to focus on bettering the economy so don’t ask astrophysicists to deal with sex trafficking in Uganda. You think your ability to try and influence the greater good through the internet would be possible if it wasn’t for hundreds of years worth of science?

        • Well said, very nice rebuttal to an ignorant comment. I’ve been trying to decide who to donate to since I learned the terrible truth about feminism and cut off my years long donations towards “female-only” organizations. I do believe it is going to be towards space exploration.

          • I agree with both sides of this, sort our planet out and get the idiots out of power who are literally destroying it, and focus more resources on looking to outer space, instead of allocating them to weapons to kill each other for petty religious feuds, or to control resources.

            I see the Jayda’s point, but it possibly wasn’t put in the best way to gain support. If we had more focus on looking after each other and the planet we have, the time could be spent more effectively looking for alternate worlds, and how to get there.

            This planet has gone crazy now, it’s worse than ever with so many fractions all in it for themselves. I don’t feel part of it at all, so I wouldn’t want to spread what we have now around the galaxy, until we can sort out what we have on our own planet.

        • Think we should concentrate on our own planet first .We’ve made a good job of fucking it up!!
          Spraying tons of sulphur into the atmosphere in the name of global warming !!

      • I complitely agree with that we need to recreate the earth as good as we can and try to use the options we have but humanity grows every year and someday we need another planet for all the humans anyway

      • How ignorant you are jayda and what a poor way to express yourself. If you want to make a valid argument then actually post information and a view rather then just cursing and calling people names. YOU are actually one of the reasons society is in the shape it is in today with your attitude and lack of proper verbalization skills. I feel for the next generation if this is how they act and respond.

      • I wonder, does your comment have ANY relation to the topic at hand ? Secondly, English is a beautiful language. Learn it (fukin = fucking; liers = liars; grubbin = grabbing…). Thirdly… “cunts” is a pejorative word. (If you do not understand the word “pejorative”, look it up. Perhaps you might learn something).

      • It’s too late for Earth or aren’t you getting that…we need to spread out to save her you dick. with comments worded like that what hope have we?

      • Yep – Humanity need to get amped. It’s time to get active and take these Global Elite/Zionists, Reptilian Royals, Corporatocracy, whoever-cunts into custody – put them on a few rockets and get them the fuck off our planet. These guys are all ego – they’re self-serving and psychopathic. They have no empathy or understanding of how their actions affects Humanity, our planet and the life on it… they gotta go!!

    • If by chance you happen to come across your Bible please read it and find the answer why it is impossible to exist life in another planet.

        • First off they think the planet could contain life. That could be as small as bacteria or bigger than humpback whales. Why do you act like earthly humans are the only thing that is ever violent. What’s going to happen if youre side by side with a lion on the savanna? You are going to get ripped to shreds. Being aware of possible danger and being prepared for self defense is not immature in the least bit. Assuming non earthly life are going to be all cabbage patch kids and carebears. That’s the immature idea.

          • I agree, if we happened to land troops on the planet to investigate it, we are in no danger of getting into a war (assuming there is another species inhabiting the planet,) as if the were more intelligent and advanced than us, they would have already landed troops on Earth and discovered it. Therefor, they are of no danger to us, and it is our responsibility to co-exist with them.

          • Nah, you’re not exactly making a lot of sense. The chance that any life on this planet (of which I highly doubt it exists) is intelligent like we are is incredibly small. So we’d be looking in the direction of animal-ish beings. Now, would you imply that if there would be carnivorous species on this planet, we should have the right to kill them if they pose a threat to us?
            Heck no. When you know about lions in a savannah, you don’t go running in there guns blazing. You respect the creature, and you leave it alone.

      • We just found a planet that might have life on it, and war bis the first thing that enters your mind? We definitely still have humans on Earth who are not mature enough mentally or educated enough to be in contact with other life forms.

        • It’s not our minds that are on war, it the worlds,. The people on this planet are contstently at war with each other. It will eventually happen with another planet. But on that note, I still think it would be cool to find another planet with life, and make contact, before I die. Lol

        • You never met him, but you’re concluding mental immaturity from only reading the first part (not the second) of his comment. We all have a long way to go.

        • “First off they think the planet could contain life. That could be as small as bacteria or bigger than humpback whales. Why do you act like earthly humans are the only thing that is ever violent. What’s going to happen if youre side by side with a lion on the savanna? You are going to get ripped to shreds. Being aware of possible danger and being prepared for self defense is not immature in the least bit. Assuming non earthly life are going to be all cabbage patch kids and carebears. That’s the immature idea.” – Jeff (see comments above)

    • Yeah but they only get a third of the energy we get from the sun. So they could not move faster. They would be weak in comparison to us.

      • Well, then a war would be very boring, if they move 3 times as slow…..
        But you forgot mental powers, if it takes you three times as long to shower, then you have a lot of time to think, true story

      • how do you know that the further away from the sun could be better for us i mean think about it no life on any other planets close by we could just be lucky. the further away might mean better life

      • That’s not actuate, the planet is much closer to the star so actual energy levels very possibly are the same. The speed of the planets orbit also doesn’t have the same effect as gravitational time dilation as explained in Einstein’s theory of relativity. Psychically they move at the same speed as we do, time itself would differ, like a day on that planet would be decades on earth.

      • You clearly do not understand genetic biology and the ability for life to evolve to survive given whatever environmental hurdles they may face.

      • Just because the planet gets only 1/3 the energy that ours does, does not mean that possible species on this planet are incapable of adapting to such situations and being equal on the level of movement and motor skills that we are.

  1. The author of this article needs to watch the video. Yes the star is smaller and cooler then ours but the planet is much closer. The author claims 186 will only receive 1/3 of the solar energy we get from our sun but the scientists say it’s in the Goldilocks zone. At 150 light years away I don’t think we’ll be getting there any time soon.

  2. Anyone with half a brain would put two an two together that there is NO possible way we are alone! The universe is never ending so it’s fair to assume there are other forms of intel event life out there

  3. This news is already over a year old people. Do your research, don’t trust second party websites that can just tell you whatever they want to. NASA is the only reliable source here.

  4. Planet only receives third energy we do from our Sun? We receive far too much as it is. A little less might make Planet destroyers conserve energy for a change. Better still, why doesn’t everyone stay firmly put with their feet on the ground and clean up this dirty Backyard first before they start calling in the (Anne McCaffery) heavy loader furniture removalists? Glad I’m at end of my Life not beginning …

  5. Either way, if it is real or not, friendly or warlike is it not time to push into space? We are on a over populated and dying planet and I feel we should be looking at ways to expand. Find new energy sources and livable land. We have a united nation why not make the earth federation or something? Same concept really and all the nations that agree to peace and find that we no longer need to fight for this rock can bring there minds togather and take us out to terraform, expand, build defenses against aliens, rocks, etc.

  6. Protect against aliens??? We would be the aliens and they would be protecting themselves from us! We are the destroyers of all living things on this planet, we are killing Earth! We would do the same to any other planet and being we came across. Just leave them the fuck alone!

  7. Another bogus article . First they tell you it is like earth , even with a faked photo! The at the end they tell you it isn’t anything like earth!

  8. On one hand this would be cool if there is another planet like earth, but I would worry what man would do to it as well should we inhabit this. I can think of much better things for money to be spent on other the space discovery. There is no need of it really.

  9. Earth receive only 1% of the total energy from the sun. There could be high chances that they (aliens) might be more powerful than us (homosapiens). And moreover, I don’t think we will have war between humans and aliens. As long as we don’t disturb them, they wouldn’t be bothered.

  10. if what I plan to do in the future happens. Someday we will be able to colonize the moon and move on from there. Someday even Mars will be within our grasp.

  11. lol 500 light years no one can make it that long they could just die on the spaceship unless they inventn something like teleporter or a time machine

  12. Hmmm that’s the latest news…but I think so that is not a real fact doesn’t exist any more like earth… is aby body here who gives me more info about thae kelper

  13. At 500 light years, earth’s earliest radio signals will take about 400 more years to reach this planet. If ‘they’ decide to answer, it will be another 500 years to hear back. 1000 years for two-way communications. Forget it.

  14. Okay so for the people here who tend to hear what they want to hear like bab and hoffman. it said kepler 186 is the system kepler 186f is the name of the planet.. did you see the f that time? And yeah he said approx 180 days rotation and that it is around 500 light years away. Then again there was a lot of estimation in the study of the planet, and although the accuracy of these types of estimates has substantially grown there is still a lot of room for error. That and yes we do say that this may be impossible in our lifetime. Then again in 1980 only 35 years ago we said that the technology we have today was so far off in the future that we would never see things like holographs and hovercrafts in our lifetimes. If you talked to my grandmother she would tell you how in the last fifty years we have gone from people asking what a radio is to our kids saying they want the 10 TB hard drives. A computer in the ’80s had an average RAM of 1 KB. There is roughly 10,000,000,000 KB in one TB hard drive. That means in one of your 1TB hard drives there was enough memory to hold 1 sixth of the worlds public digital information in 1980. Today that would narrowly hold the information for all of your games and the rest of your programs pics and info. So to think in aspect of the advance we have taken in the last 35 years, I suspect it to be quite possible to find a faster way of space travel in the next 20 years. That would put me still on this earth and willingly able to venture to a new planet given the mental capacity. Open your eyes and minds the world is headed to bigger and brighter things.

  15. We definitely are not ready to meet another race of beings. As a Christian, I believe God peppered life all over the universe in more forms than we can ever imagine, because God is great… and as a Christian, I definitely believe we won’t be ready to meet an intelligent alien race until we can stop fighting amongst ourselves… which isn’t going to be for many centuries. We are still part caveman… and that can’t be forced out of us with laws, it has to be evolved out of us. There are some of us Christians who see scientific proof and believe in it, and understand that the bible is not a history book, but a book of hidden wisdom. If there is sentient intelligent life out there, I do hope we stay away from it until we are ready, BUT there are scientists and government people who have no moral compass due to the literal separation of church and state… its not that God cannot be mentioned or used as a moral compass, its that the church doesn’t pay taxes, and therefor has no right to have churches in areas where decisions are made.

  16. I thought christians didnt believe in cave men? Religion is a dellusional comfort blanket for the feeble minded. Science..Darwinism..pure luck..chance and those principles hold more water than the bible..even if it was true ..in 1000 yrs time will people discover a decaying tabloid newspaper and wonder if holds the key to a meaningful life? Lol..

  17. we all have theroies of what Kepler 186 can do or be the the human race, but it doesn’t change the fact the human race is one born out of violence and war. We spend more money on war then we do on education. I hope other civilizations dont make the same mistakes we have made. I think we need to improve ourselfs before we decide to involve other planets. Make the human race a beacon for other civilizations to look to for help and follow

  18. The government is probably still allowing the funds to go towards this kind of research, So after they have turned us all against eachother and we are completly screwed, the gov. Can jump ship and go live their.

  19. If the star it orbits is half the mass of our sun and that planet is proportionally close enough to the star to have about the same temperature range as on Earth isn’t it receiving the same amount of energy??

  20. Do I believe life on said planet is plausible? Yes. Do I believe that our researchers are notifying us to this information so we’ll do something to assist in reaching there? Yes. Simple fact people, our planet is nearing the end of it’s cycle, and without a back up plan we will be just like the dinosaurs, extinct. There are several factors people aren’t considering first of all the fact yes it will take several hundred years just to journey there, so we will have to find some sort of travel that is faster than the speed of light, we have not, second we will have to figure out a way to put people safely into stasis and remove them just as safely if we are to survive said trip, with these technological advances being just out of our reach travel to this planet is improbable if not impossible in our lifetimes, let alone the lifetimes of our children. Yes, it is possible/probable that there is a self sustaining environment on this planet, however, we have gained massive immunities to our own bacteria, who’s to say either we won’t bring some of these bacteria to this planet and destroy it in a single lifetime, or be destroyed by the native organisms? Has no one seen war of the worlds?? Same concept. Different scenario. We need to research this planet further before we come to any indefinite conclusions about whether or not we will be able to travel there let alone survive.

  21. The fact that everyone leaving a reply is fighting with each other is fact that we would never make it on another planet even if we made it there.
    What we need to work on is ourselves on the inside and make personal improvements to ourselves and how we treat each other to make this a better planet while we are still breathing.
    They mention the star surrounding Kepler-186F is smaller, but who is to say it’s not as powerful or greater in power, concentrated power?
    Bottom line, no matter what we to do improve and save this planet is in vain, for it will be tossed to and fro, and be done away with and be no more.
    So I stress again, we need to work on ourselves. Make things the best we can while we still have it.
    Too many people spent too much time arguing with each other, what a waste of breath and text.

  22. Well if some asshole didn’t have Nicola Tesla shot by those couple of G-men back in the 1800’s to keep the banks rich and that windmill ended up being used world wide, this planet wouldnt have such a pollution problem due to coal seem gas, nuclear waste and carbon dioxide, so for now let’s just focus on recreating that windmill, oh and did I mention that this windmill could have provided free electricity for the whole world? So after that windmill is recreated and the illuminati are eliminated, then we can focus on sustaining life on another planet, which sooner or later there will need to be another planet due to how many people earth already has!


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