Energy Drink Addict Is Left With Hole In His Head – Here’s His Traumatic Story


For some of us, energy drinks are the only way we make it through the day. Most people, however, rarely consider how all of that caffeine and sugar is really affecting their body.

Back in April 2017, a teen in South Carolina died suddenly from a caffeine overdose aggravated by energy drinks. Now, a new father named Austin is lucky to have made it out with his life after overusing them for months to cope with a hectic work schedule, and has been physically changed forever.


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  1. It’s amazing the things that kill and impair us that are on the shelves for us to consume and no one I mean no one cares the impact these products have. Who’s pocket is being filled with revenue from such products is all that matters. People flock to the U.S. and yet I want to leave this hell forsaken place and it cost me more to leave than stay.

  2. They never mention besides the caffeine the enormous amount of sugar they are taking in! Look at the cans some have like 5 Tablespoons or more per can! The sugar is just as bad or worse than the caffeine for your heart and kidneys !!!


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