The Eric Garner Aftermath – We Need to Talk


The Eric Garner case exposed a side of America that many would prefer not to look at.

Watch the video:

Sources and transcript:

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  1. I like this vid but I have a strong sense of survival and I would definitely use violence to save my life. Make no mistake,our lives are at risk. I love this group and what it stands for and I agree with %90 of that video. I approve of hacktivism and I am on my way to my CS degree as well. but our lives and freedom are at risk. Our lives and freedom has never not been at risk since the settlement of this land. I hope for peace and I prepare for the worst.

  2. I like this vid and I agree with about %90 of it but i will use violence to preserve my life. Make no mistake, black lives are in danger and you’re right it is going to get worse. This is not anything new, its just rearing it’s ugly head more than ever now. I love this group and what it stands for. I like hacktivism and when I can’t wait to complete my learning and degree in CS. I don’t know what happened to my first comment but oh well.

  3. im fine with this stuff, its just it seems the political debate has been hijacked. now speaking personally, i love to call my brother ‘nigger’. ‘sok when i do it, cos it’s just friendly

    doesn’t mean i like greeks, a certain sector of whom in a particular city in no important part of the world i found to be lazy and stupid

    and so on and so forth. you could go on with this stuff all day

  4. What am I supposed to do? Carry on with my life and just pretend like nothing happened? Do you really think that telling people “please dont be racist it’s not right” is going to affect anything at all? Your points are totally valid and I agree there must be a better way, but you failed to describe one.

  5. The video makes a very valid point. We can’t really use force to justify our anger. We need to have a better idea in order to improve race relations in America and all over the world. One thing to do is to win the hearts and minds of all sides.

    • Your correct , one of the things they’re not doing anymore as police officers , is they not policing , they are enforcing , they don’t take the time to get to know people on there beat , ( this doesn’t apply to all of them because we still have a few that do ) for the ones that do , the community tends to have more respect for them , I know you and you know me , with that being said , we know he’s on duty , he has a job to do and will arrest me if I do wrong , and I respect that.

  6. Good stance. Our government is pulling out all the stops to deceive us, and scare the 99% into submission, just like they always have. But now, there’s a difference…..we’re waking up to the tactics, and our very lives are at stake. The almighty teet of the government will NOT produce the milk that WE….the People require to thrive, at least not without genetic modifications. The ball is in our court from this point on People, and we NEED to band together as a RACE…..the HUMAN race…..or all the tactics they use to keep us divided will sink the barbs of injustice deeper and deeper into our souls. Now is not the hour for division, and ridiculous old stereotypes, since they plan to put us ALL in the same fed funded cages together.


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