Father Chops off Hands of Teen Who Raped His Baby After Judge Refuses to Convict


(CCN) A father of a 7-month-old child says he was left with no other option than to take revenge against a 17-year-old boy who raped his baby daughter — after courts refused to convict — citing lack of evidence.

The Indian man tied the teen to a tree and chopping off his hands, according to The New York Post, following a refusal to convict the teen of the more serious charges associated with the crime.

“In court, the father said he was willing to forgive the teen and accept cash as compensation — even offering to drive the perv home to Kotli Ablu, a village in Punjab where they both live, the Mirror of the UK reported.

“But halfway through the trip, the father stopped the bike, tied the rapist to a tree, and hacked off his mitts with a machete.

“The father then fled, leaving the teen screaming for help before being found by locals.”

The Daily Mirror similarly reports that during court proceedings, “the father reportedly indicated that he was prepared to forgive the teenager and accept a compensation deal to limit his punishment.”

The teenager was then let go and the father reportedly even offered to drive him home. “Halfway through the journey, the father apparently stopped the bike and attacked the teenager, tying him to a tree before chopping off his hands with a machete,” the Mirror reports. The teen was hospitalized and is still in critical condition.

While the courts had not convicted the teen, sources say that the cops are still looking for the father, and he is expected to be convicted if caught.

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  1. Should have cut off his penis too, then sliced his back up to see if he could cut the spinal cord just right to make him a cripple. Nothing would truly be justice, but it’d be a half decent start.

    • You’re talking about a man who a COURT OF LAW could not convict. Because there wasn’t enough evidence the man actually did it.
      INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, you fucking psychopath.

  2. Pray for the father and that baby. That kid did not deserve that type of Mercy. 17 vs a 7month old! What kind of sick fuck does that.

  3. 2 wrongs dont make a right. How is the father sure his daughter was raped by this guy? The boy and the father are all sick in the head!

    • This is exactly what alarms me about this story. A court of law failed to find this guy guilty, and yet looking down here in the comments there’s tonnes of sick fucks DEFENDING the father who mutilated an innocent kid.

      Innocent. Until. Proven. Guilty.

  4. If the father is 100% sure that this guy did the rape, then I say good for him. Not only will this severely hamper the rapist from ever raping anybody again, it sends a message to other would-be rapists and to fathers everywhere… rape somebody and you could end up with no hands, if you’re lucky. So the father is doing a public service. I hope he is never caught.

  5. Sad article, but BOY!! That soft-core porn below really takes the sting away!Men rape babies because the porn girls would laugh at them. So whip it out, nerd boys, and spank away to the tits! And after awhile your infant daughter will start to look pretty good to you. But that will be the last female you’ll ever see.

  6. no local source, no location, no official report, instead we get an article showing the savage nature of the jungle that is India from the mirror and daily mirror in the UK…because the don’t hate Indians…
    Of course no one is going to question and article about rape, why would they, Its not like the media is trying to get peoples attention in any way possible…
    Anons…how our standards have fallen…

  7. Didn’t any of those who have posted comments here read the article? It said the court failed to convict because of lack of evidence. And yet most of you are singing the praises of the father. Totally warped logic. One can only hope that one day you find yourselves falsely accused of a crime and then be delivered vigilante justice buy those who claim to be the victim(s). Yep, the kid did it – I have no doubt that investigations carried out by the Indian police are always thorough and impartial. And of course the article appeared in the Mirror, so it must be true. Bunch of dimwits. Hard to believe Anonymous published this. Shameful.

  8. Cutting off his hands seems a bit much. He should’ve just branded his forehead or something. Some crimes are unforgivable.

  9. Good job, provided you were 101% sure this is the guy. If not, then you in deep shit. Both in this world and hereafter

  10. To all the scumbags here, there was NO EVIDENCE that he even did it. You should all really learn how justice works before you spout off bullshit about castration. Or just kill yourself for being an extremist piece of shit. We are not an extremist organization here. Do not drag us down with your sick fantasies.


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