The FBI Just Indicted Hillary Clinton over Libyan War Crimes


By Nick Bernabe at


Washington, DC — A months-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered serious international crimes. Though the investigation seemed to focus on her illegal communications regarding official state business, more serious issues quickly began to emerge. Now, the FBI is abiding by international law and has just announced Hillary Clinton is being indicted for war crimes over her role in the overthrow of the Libyan government, among other illegal activities.

The charges stem from the former secretary of state’s active role in enabling genocide against black Africans in Libya. As Anti-Media reported in January, Clinton was informed by one of her closest advisers that Libyan rebels were summarily executing black Libyans. However, this information did not stop Clinton from supporting those very same rebels with military aid. She even perpetuated the myth that these Libyans were simply foreign mercenaries hired by Muammar Gaddafi. Adding insult to injury, Clinton was later caught on camera joyously joking about the brutal execution of the former Libyan leader.

Furthering Hillary’s troubles with the FBI is another indictment, handed down last night, that focuses on her role in the 2009 military coup in Honduras. The indictment highlights further evidence the former secretary has made a habit of violating international law. Thanks to recent email revelations, we now know Clinton actively supported the Honduran military’s overthrow of the country’s elected government in order to establish a military dictatorship.

As is the case in many U.S. foreign policy adventures, this military coup had disastrous consequences for the people of Honduras. The country is now one of the most violent places in the Western hemisphere, and the coup is directly related to the massive influx of immigrants (read: refugees) flowing out of Central America and into the southern United States. In this sense, Hillary Clinton’s policies in Honduras are helping Donald Trump, who has capitalized on anti-immigration rhetoric, inch closer to the presidency.

But the FBI did not stop there. A third indictment came last night over Clinton’s role in the Syrian Civil War. In an even more blatant flouting of international law, Hillary Clinton apparently helped start the Syrian war simply to help Israel deal a strategic blow to Iran. Read that again. Hillary Clinton wanted to overthrow one government to help another government deal with yet another government.

“The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad,” said an email from the State Department outlining Clinton’s strategy in Syria. However, her plan failed. It has turned the Syrian conflict into a bloody stalemate that has cost the lives of approximately 300,000 innocent Syrians and turned another 10,000,000 into refugees so far. This, again, is another Clinton policy helping to elect Donald Trump by inflaming fears about Middle Eastern refugees flooding into Europe and the U.S.

Republicans and Bernie Sanders supporters alike are sure to applaud these indictments as they will surely cause Clinton to drop out of the 2016 presidential race. It’s hard to believe the American people would elect a war criminal to the highest office in the land — or that a wanted international criminal is allowed to freely travel and conduct a political campaign. For now, Clinton has gone into hiding somewhere in South America, though her unabashed support for regime change in basically every country on the continent will make it hard for her to blend in with the local population for long. Anyone with information about Hillary Clinton’s whereabouts is encouraged to email the FBI at [email protected]

Yes, sadly this is an April Fool’s day article that amounts to wishful thinking. But all of the information provided (except for the indictments and Clinton being in hiding) is 100 percent factual. Hillary Clinton actually did all those horrible things, yet she’s somehow still not behind bars, and in fact, continues to run for the most powerful job in the world. Go figure.

For an in-depth look at Hillary’s dirty dealings, see Anti-Media’s Clinton archives here.

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    • I was indicted through the investigation of the atf so in other words the atf brought the evidence against me to get get the indictment against me. So saying Hillary was indicted by the FBI isn’t 100% incorrect.

  1. If only… You know the Republicans just want to keep her around to try and rile up their base so they can try and control Congress, unless their own train wreck somehow manages to pull off a stunningly incredible (and election fraud/ voter disenfranchisement assisted) upset. There a reason why they kept harping on Benghazi instead of Honduras or other issues, and I think it may have something to do with her right-wing policies, particularly in regard to “national defense,” or helping prop up illegal right-wing governments or brutal totalitarians abroad. The spice must flow…

  2. I would expect more from an organization that prides itself on producing verifiable information. My countries politics and future are anything but a joke for fools. Not to mention all the Libyans that actually died so you could make a Joke.
    Get it together people.


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