Fight Against ISIS: This Is How You May Ignorantly Be Promoting ISIS’s Agenda In The West


Recently, the leading presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Donald Trump told the whole world that Muslims should be barred from entering the United States of America.

He based his argument on the actions of radical jihadist groups, especially the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). For Trump, last month’s attacks in Paris, and the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, means Americans are not safe, and the only way to make Americans safe is to ban millions of people from entering the US because of their religious affiliation.

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Although some politicians on both the right and left political-divide issued statements condemning the opinion of Trump, others stood firmly behind him, praising him for his vision to make America strong and great.

According to the Free Thought Project, Alex Jones, the former supporter of liberty at, put out a video supporting Trump’s plan. Jones said, “Donald Trump is right about saying that we need to ban Muslims coming into the nation until we get the Visa situation and the problem handled….because upwards of 25% of Muslims who’ve been polled say they sympathize with ISIS and want to conduct violent attacks in Europe and the United States.”

As it was later revealed that Jones had lied about the research that suggested some 25% of Muslims want to carry out attacks in the West, Infowars published an article, linking it to the actual data that proved Jones and his cronies wrong.

However, in a blatant attempt to strike fear into the hearts of their xenophobic reader base, (who used to be anti-war and pro freedom of religion) Jones defended Trump by pointing out that 21% of Syrians polled have favorable views on ISIS. This statistic also turned out to be false.

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Another anti-Islam post written by Paul Joseph Watson, also referred to people in the West who think Islam is a peaceful religion as “stupid people.”

As Jones, Trump, Watson, and the rest of the fascist Muslim-fearing cowards continue to push the fear-narrative, stoking dangerous levels of hate against all Muslims, some observers say they are buying into the ISIS propaganda. They are also making the job easy for ISIS. In addition, it is feared that these actions will further exacerbate the situation.

According to social commentators, the gray zone is the zone of peaceful coexistence between humanity in social context. ISIS and other jihadists’ primary goal is to eliminate the gray zone, creating animosity between Western Muslims and the rest of the population.

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In fact, a recent ISIS publication, entitled Extinction of the Grayzone, made it clear that the strategy has been at play for the past 14 years. It is believed that the late leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and his allies planned to eliminate the gray zone.

“The grayzone is critically endangered, rather on the brink of extinction. It’s endangerment began with the blessed operation of September 11th, as these operations manifested two camps before the world for mankind to choose between, a camp of Islam… and a camp of kufr – the crusader coalition,” the publication said.

And unfortunately, the then leader of the US during the September 11th attack, George W. Bush also ignorantly said, “Either you are with us or with the terrorists.”  That is what ISIS and other radical groups want. Now, the jihadists in the East, and the fascist fear-mongers in the West, are getting closer to their goal of divide and conquer than ever before.

Currently in the West, Muslims are being thrown from buses because individuals fear that they may be potential terrorists. There have also been many physical assaults against peaceful Muslims. Since the Paris attacks alone, there have been two-dozen anti-Muslim attacks in the United States. These attacks range from rubbing human feces and leaving pigs heads outside of mosques.


Two Muslim women nearly lost their lives recently in Tampa Bay, Florida, after they were attacked with a gun and rocks. They were attacked because they are Muslims, and could be potential terrorists. People have deliberately created fear in the Western public, increasing an unprecedented hate against Muslims.

Meanwhile, according to recent polls and studies conducted in the last few years, Muslims have been crucial in helping law enforcement find terror suspects in the United States. Many have served in the military, protecting the country against terrorists. Many have also been highly outspoken against terrorist organizations. Recently, over 70,000 Muslim clerics came together in India to publicly condemn and denounce ISIS, describing the group as a threat to humanity.

For us, our concern is that hate cannot drive out hate. Let us not blindly follow the jihadists in the East, and the fascists in the West. If we do, the gray zone is sure to be eliminated swiftly. We can do this by showing love and respect to Muslims in the West, putting the jihadists and the fascists to shame.

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  1. I aggree that they are over reacting duo to fear. for the record I have few muslim friends and they are fantastic fun :D!
    Then again when you look few years back. When a person came back(Country of residens/home) from the sivil war in syria or any other Jihadist “controled” country. The goverment in the country they came back to got them on the watch list,so it was some way of control.
    now Millions are on the run, and most countrys say they have it under control when in reality you and i know its not true.

    My opinion is that if US close the border the muslims who are peacfull in the states, will be treated better. Becouse then american people will know that Govrment is controling it unlike now.

    Lets say for example Anonymous want to send 1X to Y. Y will get it under control in few hours, now Y got the X on watch list.
    Now you send 1000 Z and 1 X. by the time Y figures out who of those 1000 is X it might be to late.

    • For the record, I know a few black people, but I’m going to propose a preposterous conspiracy theory, insert that they need to be controlled because they’re black, and assume I sounded intelligent when I conclude that black people shouldn’t be allowed to travel into the U.S. so that black people in the U.S. will be trusted more. Did I get your statement right, ARage? Or is it different because you’re talking about muslims and I’m talking about nigg- I mean, black people?

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  3. “Recently, the leading presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Donald Trump told the whole world that Muslims should be barred from entering the United States of America.”

    This has been done many times in the past by presidents from both parties. I think from just looking at news from Muslim areas in the US and UK and other EU nations there are clearly some problems.

    I have a sister that lived in an area in the UK that had been settled a few years back. Her family had to leave the violence was so intense toward non Muslims. Her and her daughter were accosted on the street by Muslims on more than one occasion. In the last one her shirt was torn off of her and the police would only come and take her home. I don’t know if its them lashing out at the natives because of politics or religion but clearly something is going on and must be addressed. Any immigrants must assimilate to the society to a degree if not there will be issues. They have no desire to assimilate it seems they want the host nation to adopt their culture.

    • I will be taking my time for this thread, or whatever the hell it is called as I eat the useless soup of my grandma.

      That sister of yours, did you ask her why she ran away instead of talking to them without crying for backup? Might not have helped, though. Some Muslims really lost it over time. Just ask her everything you can to get out everything there is, even if it hurts to talk about it.

      But now a big, fat, juicy, heavy fact in your way, from mine – experience that is not just mine, but which I made mine through wisdom of not just the own family or nation, not just befriended ones, or the teachers. All of them from all around the world by hearing, talking, reading, seeing, smelling, and the most important of all, thinking.

      I’ve been living in Germany for 10 years now. Foreigner, no money, almost got homeless, no real friends with funktion in their lives. My surrounding is full of people ignoring and downgrading me. No acceptence although Im learning, using, doing and socialising with humanity — what it just seems for them. Not even the family cares about me. I got kicked out of school for the reason “being not able to withstand”. My german classmate and I had to repeat class in the end, he went first to the director. I believe he said “wish me luck, dude!”. I happily shouted “good luck!!”, smiling. With half-patiently waiting asking myself how his appointment is, smooth or not. He came out, almost didn’t see me there when I jump-talked him “well? tell me!” He had a faint smile, but was embarresed saying “uuuh yeah..heh, I made it, repeating” and I “yyESSS! See? No worries”. Then it was my turn, I guess I can repeat after all. Get in, we start talking, he says I dont show any progress or courage, well NO-SHIT, thats why I was there in the first place. “We have to cancel school, this is not going anywhere, I don’t see any profit for any of us” in short “You are not worthy”, sounds like a movie, huh? There I go to the next real school to get a middle-school graduation, got it and was send away immediatly, I was “too good” for them, befor I was “too horrible”. Next thing I know of is talking here and there in Integration System Places for “Handicaped” People. Finally prove myself good enough and get a dual school/work place as an IT Specialist for Systemintegration (love the irony which I rub in my own face. Yet again no patience or stamina they show, judging beforehand and already deciding Im “too bad” again. Talked me into it. There I met a german lady for 4 months the least where she made me clear its unheard of and unfair to judge of the roots, and I actually look pretty darn good, told her I had feelings. She looked totally surprised, after a while she always repeated “you gotta understand eachother”. I agreed, but told her we need to see for the chemistry. I learned 4/5 of what I thought to be 1/3 in those times. I carried on, watching that I dont go on her nerves by grinding the gears too hard. First I told her a LOT about me as she seemed interessted by saying so, after and during she told a piece of the cake known as her life. I did a lot, she enjoyed so much she started jumping in the middle of the room. I loved the feeling I gave her. After a while I still was asking sometimes if she would go out for a dinner, have a real walk through the forest, go to town, watch a movie, meet to play ball “f.E. Volleyball”. All she asked was would it not work. When the next time I saw her, she said the same again “you gotta understand eachother” scratching her head and faintly smiling…ahh…those faint smiles of humanity. Our next meeting: Yet again I do the next step and ask why she thinks it wouldn’t work, when my looks and roots are totally fine (her words). All of a sudden “How can you have feelings for me, you dont even know me”

      now comes the part where you start laughing after reading the next line
      –thats what she said– 😀
      ….shocker…just turned my head slightly to the side and back raising the shoulders at the same time. What-The-Fudgecookie did we do all the time!? Did she ever listen? With all the time I counted and spoke her Humanworth, abilities and skills, when she finally told me after her Revelation “You are a fun guy…but….hh well…. I just dont have any feelings” Well, if its true that we dont know each other how can she just go straight to feeling-business? That would mean only my appereal and power was “calculated”…so its the looks and roots…again….the next tries were almost the same “you are sooo cuuuute, awwwww” me:”….uuhuu…..well, at least….” another one “you woudl have a nice face without the beard….you look like a–” “bomber? terrorist? or just a guy who screams ALLAH-U-AKBAR five times a day?” “YEAH! Thats right!”

      when I had all my beard shaven they always say too small, non-male, with one moustache I become the pupertating one, with beard its the mad-bomber. How about no head at all instead? xDDD When I use that joke befriended ones always smirk, look away and say “yeah, you better”. My joke is used 5/20 times, theirs 17/20 without me even saying anything. But I won’t diskriminate these people, they’re confused. Germany is destroying itsself already, they cant control the discrimination rate with eachother. Talked with a girl younger then me the last 3 Months, after semi-successful talk I asked her if she would like to have MY number and I Wouldn’t need hers, just for the security-feeling these people love so much. Still “nnaaaah, I’d better not”


      Wow, thx for being pushy-pushy, don’t need to be a, pardon me, bitch. I never said I wanna lay you down and slam ya booty with my tease-stick.

      “Captain! CAPTAIN! Man overboard! Man overbo–” “Who is it!?” “…its Humanity, shouldn’t we?” “Naah….may it rest in peace”. Trying to get into studying psychology for academic grade or higher, philosophy, Attourney, Diplomatic-Educator, but if all still fails…..Musician. Before that I thought about prostitution as a male. I held my ground. Another Fun Fact is I still don’t hate humans, them for not learning what the truth and meaning of life is very sad, but usual, im just TMS, Too-Multi-Sided. As the Grandma just ran by my door right now, shouting “this damned devil child! Devil himself”. She never saw a devil, never gonna as long as she still stays blind. Just because I don’t follow their “Rallygion” as they do with a lot of fart-out interpretations and hate worship. So Im somewhat out of their Believe. And I will keep holding them off until my last breath for humanities sake. THESE are the people that lose themselfs – again, no patience and endurance, a lot of ego, zero conscions, how dear Maynard often says.

      Another fun fact to the family and believe story, because of my long hair I got called “Tarzan” and “Tarkan”, which I still listen to, I like it, another big coinsidence for being a “something” between two worlds. Got seperated a lil from roots, found a new habitat, adapted somewhat, found my roots, tried to go back, apesh*t got bad, but I desided NOT to deside for one side only, still in the middle.

      Ever heard the pros telling you you are manic depressiv? (or however its written) They just don’t hear the -Sound Of Silence-:

      Simon & Garfunkel
      The Bachelors (1966)
      Los Mustang (1966)
      The Ventures (1970)
      Anni-Frid Lyngstad (1971)
      Emilíana Torrini (1996)
      The Bates (1998)
      Gregorian (1999)
      Nevermore (2000)
      Brooke Fraser (2007)
      Pat Metheny (2011)
      Behnam Moghaddam (2012)
      Disturbed (2015)

      But I know I have real friends, no, siblings out there. And If you really care then listen to real-humans.

      “I am but one of a dying breed
      Hate kills this world, but it won’t kill me ”

      “Trapped in yourself, breake understand
      beat the machine that works in your head”

      “It’s your right and your ability
      to become my perfect enemy”

      “Try to numb the ache inside
      And I’m still afraid of the lights
      And a thousand voices share their
      Laughter at my demise”

      Find out who they are and listen to the wisdom of the whole universe that you are ignoring

      This is just a tablespoon of my yoghurt (no homo).

      I got erased on the minds of the people around me, now im awake, Im alive, Im unknown.
      Yea, Im fuckin’ Anonymous, alright

      You might someday find me out there, search.


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