Former Israeli Spy Chief Calls Out Netanyahu’s Bullsh*t


Written by Sydney Barakat at


As we all know by now, Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Iran and Nuclear weapons did more harm than good. Or at least someone thinks so.

An Outspoken Critic. Meir Dagan, a former spy chief of Israel’s Mossad agency, recently made a statement against some of Netanyahu’s comments during the Prime Minister’s speech on Iran’s nuclear program, as ABC News reported.

*Cough* BULLSHIT! *Cough* Quite literally, he referred to Netanyahu’s claim that Iran could potentially build a bomb within a year, as “Bullshit”.

Finally someone has told Netanyahu how much his crap stinks.

As we noted earlier in the week, Netanyahu has been lying about Iran’s nuclear ambitions since at least 1992.


Here are five more kind of important things Benjamin Netanyahu forgot tell Congress:

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