France Makes Major Shift Toward Fascism in Wake of Paris Terror Attacks


By Michael Lotfi at


Paris, France — Ahead of planned United Nations climate talks, the French government is utilizing emergency laws put in place after November’s Paris terror attack to hold climate activists under house arrest.

Immediately after the November terror attacks, the French government declared a state of emergency based on a rarely used 1955 law that allows the state to conduct warrant-less searches of private property, impose curfews, restrict public gatherings and movements of people, confiscate weapons at will and take over the press.

Legal activist Joel Domenjoud said he had been served with a restraining order describing him as a “principal leader of the ultra-left movement,” a title he disputes, only a couple hours after a judge refused to hear an appeal against the ban on the climate demo Domenjoud had petitioned for. A neighbor informed Domenjoud that a swam of police were lined up the stairs waiting for him to arrive home.

“I feel angry about it because I think they made a big mistake,” Domenjoud said. “They weren’t looking for people like us activists– or if they were, it shows that they can target people for no reason at all and our civil liberties are in danger.” demo-30b67evu4qmm973a9jltkw

On Saturday, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed that the French government had used the recently enacted emergency laws to place at least 24 Greenpeace activists under house arrest.

Cazeneuve claimed the activists are suspected of planning violent protests at the talks which kicked off on Sunday — a day ahead of the opening ceremony  and is scheduled to run through December 11.

“These 24 people have been placed under house arrest because they have been violent during demonstrations in the past and because they have said they would not respect the state of emergency,” said Cazeneuve.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace France director Jean-François Julliard says the activists under house arrest had never committed violent acts, nor had they ever been charged with anything.

“We have the feeling that [the government] wants to stifle criticism from the militants, but they are going about it in the worst possible way, this is repression,” Julliard said on BFM television.

Several sources claim that officers have also raided three squats in Paris- and more across the country- seizing computers, documents and personal items.

Regardless of the threat of house arrest, some climate protesters still took to the streets.

According to the Interior Ministry, more than 300 people have been placed on house arrest since the declaration of a state of emergency just over two weeks ago.

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  1. Just how stupid do you have to be to be French. You honestly think ANY country in the world would allow ANY demonstrations in the wake of what’s happened?

    • Unfortunately my country still allows them. It’s called the BLM movement. They hold demostrations daily, looting, fighting, leaving trash on the streets and sidewalks, creating anger,…. all with Obama’s blessing. He even rewarded them with 300 million dollars. While the rest of the working class tax payers still struggle. I never had a problem with my tax dollars funding our military, supposedly it is to protect our freedom. But I do have a big problem with my tax dollars going to people who refuse to work and would rather protest all day about ‘woe is me’ all while receiving free money, free housing (section 8), free food and in some cases free college. I work full time, pay taxes,raise a daughter on my own, pay my own way, but still can’t receive help for college to better myself.. Once upon a time, I used to be so patriotic and proud to be american. Now… I’m considering moving to North korea, at least there the citizens are treated EQUALLY bad.

      • That’s amazing. I’m sure your daughter will thank you for that. People living on sec. 8 aren’t the same people that protest. I’m sure some do but to say protesters are lazy people who don’t wanna work is absurd. No one is gonna miss you when you move and I’m certain no one is going to be protesting your free room and board at one of N. Koreas’ lovely “work centers”.

    • Yeah … the U.S. depending on what your organization or protesting group is all about. If you’re a radical “Christian” you get a free pass. If you’re a gun wacko, you also get a free pass. If you hate gays, women and abortion, etc., you get a free pass to do whatever you want. Other countries would label such people “terrorists” but here, they pass of such people as being “mentally unstable” all the while cutting funding for mental health care. It’s no wonder other countries hate America and the loony right-wing here. The prisons are filled, but the real criminals are walking the streets, and many of them either do or did hold political office. Sad!

      • WOW…you are SOOO off that it is TRULY sad. The ONLY people that can NOT protest without being absolutely devoured and ridiculed ARE hetrosexual white christians…..NOW if you are of any other denomination, any other faith, or any other sexual stereotype HAVE AT IT ….because if a white straight Christian protests against ANYTHING they are ANTI something else…they must be, right? TELL ME when the last white hetrosexual christian group ( in the last 20 years) had a protest that resulted in looting, fires,death and destruction….yea thats what i thought. Get a grip…wake up…and watch something besides MSNBC. NOW as far as the state of emergency in France…it should absolutely be in place and if these people would stop to think for five seconds they would know it is for THEIR safety. My sister in law lives there…guess what she isnt trying to protest she is obeying the law and glad that France acted swiftly and is keeping her and her family safe….smh….the gull

        • Only a SHEEP would be thankful for a STATE IMPOSED LOCKDOWN Right after it commited a FALSE FLAG ATTACK AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE.


          You’re So called “faith” and CULT, oops meant “religion” used to burn people at the stake, and tortured people because they didn’t accept your HATEFULL RELIGION, and now YOU wanna talk about being “hated on” or “repressed”????? CAUSE OF YOUR “FAITH”…..HAHAHAAAA OH PLEASE, FUCKING “christians” ALWAYS , ALWAYS PLAYING THE “VICTIM” . WALK ON YA TOOL.

          • Ya know, I’ve never heard of an Irish slave seeking retribution for the terrible things they went through in the past such as being demoralized, outcasted, treated like crap in the military during the Mexican – American War forcing many of them to become deserters and honored in Mexico being called the San Patricios which accounts for some Mexicans being white, but you know white people. Apparently white people haven’t done enough to shed their blood as they came from the north side of America to fight their brethren white people in the south for the freedom of black people. Sooooooo yeah, them white people aren’t victims at all considering a black person can call a white guy cracker which is slang for being a slave owner but a white guy can’t call a black guy a nigger which is slang for being an ignorant black man. I’m sorry, but Chris Rock is right, if you’re ignorant then the word fits. My ancestors are Irish and never owned a slave, we were slaves and yet black people call us crackers? Fuck you, ignorant racist.

  2. Dont forget that the story is more complicated than that : thèse 24 activists were violent as hell, they were throwing up all the hommage, candles, flowers deposed for thé victims of thé 13th of november on thé Place de la république

  3. Ya, can you guys stop treating us like idiots? Please? This is just so it can be spread here, cause more panic and then *insert stupid cause* fake-anon will come and do something incite more rage from the other side. Great. Thanks.

  4. @everyone who calls this site or it’s authors fake-anons… Anon is not an organisation, it has no leader. Everyone is anonymous.

  5. Isn’t it funny how the 2nd amendment gun rights are defended so vehemently, but the 1st amendment protesting rights are whined about? Such assholes here.

  6. I think if youre going to call yourself part of, yes, an organisation like Anon whos sole purpose of for truth, please be sure you make your reporting accurate and unbiased or else youll lose the respect of the people who can really help make a difference… Or, if youre mainly just going for views to make the most money off ads, then never mind me.


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