French tackle ADHD with counseling, diet, not drugs


ADHD – Everyone who has children fears the word, and most others are aware of this “illness” that is diagnosed on a grand scale in the United States and other western countries. In the U.S. at least 9 percent of children are diagnosed with ADHD. The most common treatments are heavily promoted by big Pharma, such as Ritalin and Adderall.

Many articles and discussions have had contentious debates as to whether ADHD is even a real illness or if it’s a product of a world that no longer accommodates the active and creative minds of our little ones. The reliability of an ADHD diagnosis is debatable amongst many circles; with rarely a glance given to the psycho-social, and environmental factors contributing to these possible behaviours in kids.


Schools and the education system fall short when closely examined. Outdated education models, creatively sterile environments, and diets crammed with GMO’s and artificial ingredients contribute to child’s disruptive behavior, according to French child psychiatrists.

Surprisingly, France diagnoses less than .5 percent of children with ADHD. Less than point 5! Compared to the U.S. percentage of 9 – why is this?

Rather than drugging our children, the French look for underlying causes for the child’s distress from a psycho-social perspective. The ‘contain and drug approach’ is swapped for counseling and a rehash of the child’s diet. Aspartame, GMO’s, artificial colouring are only some of the suspects they hold in contempt. Lifestyle changes are implemented, and the figures suggest the French are incredibly successful in eliminating ADHD in their children the natural way.


Maybe society is designed to be incompatible with childhood. Our children need to be loud, full of energy, creative, boisterous. It’s their childhood right as they don’t have the confines of an adult life. These are childhood traits and ones that must be treasured. Their minds need to race quickly during their journey of discovery in their new and wondrous world. In my visit to France, I witnessed the beauty of the French allowing their children to be ‘free range’ and independent; rarely did I see a parent yell or restrain their brood.


We as adults need to be held accountable for how our children grow up.

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  1. In the Netherlands and Germany the possibillities of changing a diet are more and more common too. Sadly enough some doctors still think the pharmaceutical industry rules. However, most insurance companies are paying for homeopathic treatments.All is not lost 😉

  2. C’est bon! Way to go, France.

    Here in Mexico, ADHD is more rarely diagnosed than in the US. And in this part of the country, where the cultural and nutritional influence of the US is strongest, studies are showing obesity and, perhaps over time, ADHD increasing.

  3. There is no such thing as ADHD-formally ADD- it’s all a lie. It’s called kids being kids. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Some kids are more active than others….what’s wrong with that? Why do they need to be medicated?

    It’s all for profit.
    It’s all so sickening.


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