Fukushima 2014 – It Is Out Of Control


Written by: S.S.

The Fukushima Dai – Ichi Nuclear Power Plant was severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011.

This report is divided chronologically, in before and after the catastrophe.

The Fukushima power plant might not be in the place you’ve heard before, but you might know something about it or might have a small clue about the plant. This plant was popular among the Facebook news feeds in 2011 as it was revealed that there is some radiation in the ocean or in the ground level of the Fukushima plant which could have been the major problem to the earth. It could have caused a meltdown and changed the earth or displaced people of the northern hemisphere.

Fukushima radiation nuclear fallout map

Unfortunately, no one knows the whole truth about this, but the research is continuing and some of the main points are evaluated here:

Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO] had predicted that a tsunami would occur, based on the data from 1960, they predicted that it would arrive with a 8 meters tall wave and they predicted that the plant would not bare this event. This report was published by TEPCO just 4 days before the tsunami occurred. But due to no seismic activity or prediction no measurements were taken.

TEPCO also revealed that 300 tons of radiated water has been leaking in to the sea Every DAY Since 2011, but there is a no valid proof and no one really knows what might happen in the coming years.

In the 1980s and 1990s the top 5 executives resigned from TEPCO because the reactors failed to qualify the safety test which resulted in some cracks in them as well. But in 1999 two workers were killed due to the chain reaction as the employees lacked protection and gear.

Cesium-137, Cesium-134, Strontium-90, and Iodine-131 are all radioactive poisons currently being released into the environment and contaminating the water supply in the Fukushima prefecture.


mutates_slug_fukushimaThis mutated slug was found near a damaged Fukushima reactor

The report also stated that these chemicals are in levels of acceptance but few areas show that these chemicals are in dangerously high doses.

In 2013 Japan referred this event as a serious incident on an international scale as the leaks were estimated to be around 300,000+ litres of radioactive water which were directly deposited into the ground water and the nearby ocean.

After few weeks, TEPCO came to address this problem and researchers as well as experts started working on this problem.

Japan’s government is now keen to take over this issue as leaks were found in August of 2012 due to the carelessness of the TEPCO which is not able to keep this situation under control.

The International Atomic Energy Agency gave this event a disaster rating nearly same as the Chernobyl 7 out of 10 and the highest marks a nuclear incident can receive.

TEPCO being aware that the tsunami would destroy parts of the Plant took measures when the tsunami hit the nuclear plant, but all went down in vain as it didn’t have experience or the manpower to have the site under control. TEPCO tried to limit the problems by building storage tanks of radioactive water that were damaged again and leaked over 300 tons of radiated water which created a larger problem and resulting in radioactive water in the ground water as well the nearby farm lands.

Robert Alvarez a former senior policy advisor to the Deputy assist for National security and the environment of the US department of energy said that –

“It is my understanding that of the 1,532 spent fuel assemblies in reactor No. 304 assemblies are fresh and unirradiated. This then leaves 1,231 irradiated spent fuel rods in pool No. 4, which contain roughly 37 million curies (~1.4E+18 Becquerel) of long-lived radioactivity. The No. 4 pool is about 100 feet above ground, is structurally damaged, and is exposed to the open elements. If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire involving nearly 10 times the amount of Cs-137 released by the Chernobyl accident.”

The only difference you can find from the Chernobyl is that the reactor went cold after the massive radioactive fire, but Fukushima is still working and the core is just too hot to test and till now no one knows how to manage the core or the leaks.

The WHO [World health organization] released several reports on the FUKUSHIMA which concludes that there is radiation present in the ground water directly outside the plant. And Japans immediate response to this was to give everyone vicinity iodine pills which were efficiently handled and done quickly, saving many Japanese from this radiation. Some reports also show that increase in cancer in Fukushima residents is low but however few isotopes build up in the bones and vital organs over time and the only way to test whether the radiation is increased or not is by time long testing the residents of the city. ?????????????????


But to conclude FUKUSHIMA now, is dangerous. The 18 month project now started to remove the fuel rods from the damaged sector 4. If the connected pipes get broken or subjected to air, the resulting chain reaction and explosion could force the residents of Japan and the residents of many pacific islands and parts of west coast of America to evacuate. However there is no proof or correct evidence that this even will happen for sure.

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  1. This is more unsubstantiated scaremongering and not worthy of your organisation. The world must have nuclear power. It is the only way to halt global warming which holds vastly more perils than the unpleasant but entirely necussary process of learning how to deal with nuclear power safely. The so called “green” movement do damage by there overstated scare tactics. Nuclear power is what powers the universe. We must learn how to do it if we want to save the earth.

        • We are all fellow anons here, and those who aren’t, I recommend joining our organisation. This post is shocking, but it is true that this is happening. We shouldn’t be fighting each other, that is not what anonymous is about.

          • Lets just take regard to two things only. Equilibrium & Energy. Avoid distraction of the negativity. Focus on those two words.

      • The discussion is about the aftermath of one of if Not the worst disasters in history, and you want talk about spelling of words correctly? The argument made by Andrew Turner is bad enough without bringing up misspelled words.

    • You would rather have tons of radiation pouring into the ocean from fukushima every day poisoning our planet than global warming? Thats absurd. Of course we are leaving behind terrible footprints all over but a lot of what is said about global warming is just propaganda for the carbon tax. And I dont see how this article is scaremongering when this is worst crisis modern humans have faced so far and yet most people dont even think about this issue because the media and politicians arent gonna talk about it so everyone forgot this is even happening so I think we need as many people covering this issue as possible, preferably with correct grammar but even if not, at least someone is discussing it rather than ignoring it.

    • Seriously,
      If big science got there arse into gear like the small open source science we would have nuclear fission reactors by now , but noooo cause of nuclear fission big oil companys would loose out, power companys and nuclear power plants.

      Nuclear fission is the way of the future cleanest energy and a nuclear fission reactor built correctly is the ultimate clean energy

    • Sorry mate but you would have to be joking there is no need for nuclear power in the world today all that is needed is the utilization of currant knowledge and to stop trying to make money out of ”trying” to solve problems and instead solve them, # hemp # solar&thermal efficient buildings # LED’s, and by the way Nuclear power in it’s self dose nothing, for this thing you call global warming, that sounds like more scaremongering, are you sure it’s not called HARP.

    • You lie nuclear fusion and fission are separate and one stabilizes the other mr shrill Andrew turner please understand that there are spectrum s of radiation that you see that you dont that you use and that you never want tto fucking touch fission being one of those with the Pandora death sentence written in blood It is loudly saying death and nothing more; the idea of creation with nuclear fission is a false if the sun were to turn off this nuclear disaster would turn into a nuclear nightmare. Maybe andrew turner believes his wireless microwave signals are particles and not waves hmmm some people observe the particle and it goes through one of the 2 holes but others do not observe it and it goes through both at the same time. This guy a joke I bet he cant not even explain the neutron activation process and what actually moderates the unstable very chaotic nuclear fission ( explosions of atoms) any mass losing helium or electrons or photons at that energy levels yes it is dangerous. Maybe you should of been put into the little house 1.25 miles from trinity point blast and then tell me the 5 forms of the explosion and which part feels so needed and safe. I like the sun where it is and I like its nuclear fusion process or the beginning; fission is only for what it is to end shit omega creating alpha beta and gamma one nasty way to go out a flood of burning brimstone and fallen stars such a great way turner to just talk shit and not even bring science into your agreement. Though yes our movement is collapsing your FED because of uranium dependance the banks were whoring out and all the money printing led the whole world into poverty so why are you asking me if the government can send man to the moon why not give him a power plant everyone get a free mini power plant why not? because thats not oppression the game you play and the evil wine you drink at night in the dark.

    • Dear Andrew, first of all, Nuclear power is far from being a necessity, there are a lot of ecofriendly ways to generate electricity, second nuclear power plants need high maintenance, and many countries just don’t have the capacity to provide it.it isn’t overstated to just expose facts, i feel very sorry that you don’t have the baggage to understand that.

      Ps: true nuclear power is what powers the universe, did it even occurs to you that if there is no life closer to the sun, there might be a good reason?

      install nuclear power plants on mars, i won’t see any problems with that (or will i?), but having such a power of mass destruction, with poor maintenance and government cover ups, nearby population is i think extremly dangerous

  2. reducing someones point to spelling errors is not very intelligent neither… somehow he is right but we dont need nuclear power plants. there could be alternative like thorium and others. nuclear power is not safe and never will be as long as they build the cheapest possible power plant… and that it´s unsafe and polluting everything is clearly demonstrated in all the fish that die and so on. i blame fukushima for the masses of sealife that dies and get washed ashore

  3. Andrew you must be just plain stupid. I don’t know how many of you have actually watched news and remembers what happened and what they were saying back in 2011… When they built this plant 40 years ago it was best designed, most expensive and most technologically advanced plant in that time. It is 40 years later – you expect it to work like new? That an earthquake is nothing and concrete building will survive anything forever? With every year technology is advancing. Every year we hear about new cell phones or new pc components coming out being faster, more efficient, more reliable, having more memory, power etc. Same applies for nuclear power plants but the problem is they can’t build a new one every year and just move uranium from one plant to another. I can’t believe that people can be so ignorant and still believe that nuclear power is safe and good for us. No matter how good these plants will be and how technologically advanced they can get – year after year they will get older, outdated and this way less safe. No matter how advanced plants you will build – nuclear power is something we can’t fully control an most likely never will be able to do so. Fukushima is not the first nuclear incident and until we close down all the plants and stop making nuclear weapons definitely not the last one. I rather live on planet with messed up weather than die in pain from radiation and mutation. Look back in history: Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Chernobyl and now Fukishima. In 40’s and 50’s there was over 2000 nuclear tests done mostly in the USA and ZSRR (over 1000 in the USA only) where over 170 000 people got sick and over 200 000 reported dead from radiation. All of these events left a scar on human race and our planet. Incidents like these affect whole planet, maybe even universe, not just one city or country. We all breath same air and drink same water. Get your head out of your ass

  4. …check out http://fukushima-diary.com/

    The guy who runs the site left Japan after the tsunami/nuclear disaster and has been chronicling as much as he can find out about it ever since. There is a lot of rather disturbing information posted (with sources cited) that anyone would be hard-pressed to find in the mainstream media.

  5. http://enenews.com/
    supports anonymous statement sadly this ending the world. It has turned into the worlds ITER breeder reactor experiment. All the water just created a great environment for nuclear/chemical reactions. (maybe even transmutations)





    go after the beast itself and cut off the heads of the 7 whores these nuclear cartels have made everyone a slave saying without nuclear it is gone. Nuclear reactors are for weapons thorium is for energy and burning waste without sending to the environment unless containment is breached


    (look into 1200-1331 for nuclear there are currently third huge dirty breeders on earth hanford WIPP and Fukuishima England has plant been leaking forever Russia Ukraine got sites its more than one place)

    DO NOT comment on SS because he spelled something wrong… he wrote this because its urgent and we are urgently being eradicated in a full spectrum and intensity by those that condemn us. Those of us that are good fight and do not condemn for good we do not harm peoples lives for our cause, we protect those that the governments and world leaders can not you remember this and not lose your path brothers and sisters. Spelling a word wrong deserves nothing we he is willing trying to get people to expose the mass population control systems in place.

    One thing we do is we tell the truth and help those that live for others and we believe in life and its entanglement we are all connected and we are being attacked everyday and we will not lose we will stand when those are enjoying the world and its destructive rule of death for power and the correlation of how uranium was being used by the fed like gold and it is a controlled collapse/killing/mechanism that is destroying the ability for people to unite and remember we must unite we must become as one and fight for the truth for that is why we started a headquarters that is why we have become what we are and this is not about power this is about Truth and Radiation is the one thing that creates every deadly form of energy mass and destroys brains makes us rely on governmental systems and they use this ability to try to huddle people into cities and it seems like they are using fracking to create a man made drought and collapsing the aquifers while making the solid liquid waste creating radioactive and chemically toxic gases state elements electrons and gamma rays which is photons and xrays are the exchange of the energy states and neutron radiation starts reactions that we can not stop so nuclear reactors are bombs slowly letting radiative gas slowly all over the world pollute everything. So when are we gonna start using this knowledge and be wise like men unlike what our leaders and world have done. Every degenerative disease is becoming our fundamental building blocks of life are being replaced with unstable not organic chemically and radioactive toxic elements. They strip away the lattice of atoms or the uniform structure of mass in relativity so fusion creates bonds while fission breaks them and creates elements that are deceptive because they look like iron look like calcium look like potassium look like magnesium but in reality they are unstable and do not work together and much like people caring about how one spells it is the same desire and spirit so please understand what uranium cesium strontium and lead really is. Let not nothing separate us not mass not energy not waves of dark light; allow us to become truth so that those that so called serve the world governments that really are salves because servants have a choice to stay or leave. Lets look into why Google and darpa are working together and why its not nuclear fission clean up; look into Google drones look into Google being payed to delete evidence of web let it be truth false or neither or passion or desire. What is becoming is they are finding an industry and whore it out created a vacuum and destroy whatever they touch we need to fight now because the magnitude of how much radionuclide are in the environment are beyond magnitudes that life can sustain the life that is here; so their plan is to starve and kill everyone and save a few fuck that fuck the knew hedge stone fuck the first one. Babylon you shall fall Rome you shall fall those and their alliances shall fall and the pope is the biggest joke in the world you shall fall you false prophet. Time To give people freedom we need to look into the framework the government is using to build Ajax; keep our brothers and sisters safe everyone on earth is blood; protect them from those that are blood suckers and never condemn our people and lets start understanding that if someone could use silicon electron copper waffles and cellphones in alignment together we can start to actually do some damage to real systems and were gonna stand up for what is right and fight back! ONE DAY SOMEONE GONNA HAVE TO SAY ENOUGH! ONE DAY SOMEONE HAS TO and Anonymous we have together!


    Do not lose your vision why this was started; their is oppression as a desire of the world leaders and without a force of good applied against their will; they will take golf trips and laugh and joke about their control their grasp on the world and its inhabitants. I live for others so that maybe I have nothing; so that others may have something that settles their hearts. Shall we bicker and fight each other or use our knowledge and searches and wisdom and understanding together to become a force much like a photon that streams out of the sun after 100,000-200,000 years of oppression it is created and given life and freedom as it crawls out of the womb of its creator it then fly like wave in minutes to earth as light touches mass it understands its truth and that is how we see each other our brain guesses what light shows us and creates the image. If you do not understand the path of the electron then what path are we fighting for our selves? our own power? that is no fight I am part of. I am here to destroy the golden idol the statue of Babylon that they have created and forced everyone to worship; we live in a day when we break more laws daily than we even know actually exist and they know that and we need to put to death the system that brought on destruction like a Trojan horse it was called the PEACE BY ATOM process and humans are not created by humans we don’t have a process we don’t start from retard and go to brilliant because space-time says so. I NEVER WANT TO SEE http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/ this say
    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    YOU UNDERSTAND ME! never should something for the public and people and said for peace be hidden behind lies and its true end nature is destruction so let us fight what keeps the world leaders bound to this false peaceful idea that a Russian is not a American and a Arab is not a human and a Israeli is a killer; we are all human we are all people and we must fight no matter what spec of star dust we were created from nor from the color of that sun for we all were blossoms of super novas and creations made from star dust so why do we need to use nuclear power for life its a lie only nuclear fusion what the star that feeds the light that says that is me and i look into the mirror and to me I am not anonymous and daily I can do better actions so that they further help not myself at all; but the others in need so desperately of care and the confusion everyone is in they need truth. I ask us to not fight each ourselves ever again. Lies set people apart like fission destruction separation of mass while fusion is the ability to take something of nothing and create something. Fusion creates the bonds so stable so desirable and needed in this world so let us use science truth and metaphors and smiles and articles even if the spelling that I did not actually notice or care to notice; every thing you can do that does not harm innocent people do it for those in iron bars that are invisible for this world rules with an iron fist which is a small device inside satellites that can see the lady bugs ass on the weed plant while the Hippy thinks hes in complete harmony with just nature watching him when the NSA goofs are making jokes about the wild fire he does not see. Unite do no believe I or you are any better than anyone that is what makes this cause special. May the speed of the universe be with you brothers and sisters This will be the last time I ever report to HQ; Good Day shall the war begun in a new era in way where electronics are the casualties and not lives.

    Unlock the secrets of http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ the ultimate rulers deceit and the system shall fall and humans are humans we will be able to coexist and have morals so that civil law is a past that was based on guidance but became the disaster we are in today law can never say it is civil or criminal to kill each one of us in our selves must govern our self so that our actions decide who we are not our worlds. A photon of light always represent the truth of the nature of the mass. Question what is the UN; question what is every nuclear regulatory commission if it can not force regulations and is all hand picked by Obama; look into Obama nuclear finances and interest with http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/us/politics/ties-to-obama-aided-in-access-for-exelon-corporation.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 do not be deceived my brothers and sisters the world is held by the secret that if all nuclear power plants were to lose power and uncontrolled critically happened well no one wants to talk about when solar storms destroy grid power systems that take years to just construct all in all it can be man made or disaster propose the point is nothing in peace comes with that much drama

  6. Lets get down to the real truth about nuclear power, you can’t have nuclear weapons without nuclear power plants.Forget nuclear power, the sun produces more power than we can ever use.

  7. Very, very simple. Solar, wind and hydro systems should be compulsory and subsidised if necessary. Nuclear has never been anything but an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately when the accident does happen, still no one seems to get it!

  8. Nice write-up, guys.

    As for nuclear power, it’s a death trap. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest things like the Giza pyramid were used to harness geomagnetic energy, which is truly clean and limitless. That’s the kind of stuff humanity needs to harness: solar sail generators for space, geomagnetics for earth, and we’re all good.


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