Genius: Man from Gaza Invents Solar Desalination Machine, Produces 2.8 gallons of Clean Water Every Day [Video]


As the nation Israel continues to violate international law by occupying lands belonging to the Palestinian people, daily life in the cities of Palestine have become even more intense for residents.

The Israeli security forces have destroyed infrastructure in the Palestinian territories. Schools, hospitals, electricity and water sources have been decimated.

Sisters walk among the rubble of destroyed home in Gaza Strip

In the Gaza region located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel has repressed the population to the point that basic needs such as water, food and medical aid have become very scarce in the region.

Israel’s past bombardments of the area have devastated residents. It has rendered almost 90% of water in the Gaza region undrinkable, due to salinity and pollution from bombs. People have to walk through checkpoints to get to work or school; the quality of life in the Gaza has deteriorated. The Israelis have imposed a martial law in the area, killing the people of Gaza as to when they like. There is a blockade by Israeli security forces, cutting the area completely off from the rest of the world.

Living in such a condition demands courage. For courage, residents of Gaza have displayed to the world their endurance of all these horrific treatments from the Israelis. In the latest news regarding Gaza and its people, one resident of the area is trending on alternative media platforms.

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Gaza resident, Fayez al-Hindi has invented something to solve the chronic clean water shortage his family has faced in the area.

Al-Hindi has built a simple solar desalination Machine, which is capable of producing 2.8 gallons of clean water every day for his family. Although the amount of clean water generated by the machine is small, it is enough to take care of his family’s basic cooking and cleaning needs.

The amazing thing about al-Hindi’s invention is that he is not an expert in solar or desalination technology. He just learned it and decided to give it a try. He did everything by himself without an expert support. By a simple technique, he heats up the salty water with the solar power, causing it to evaporate. Thereafter, the moisture is collected on the panels and the clean water drips into a collection basin.

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Al-Hindi said he was motivated to try the solar desalination, as there is an abundance of sunshine in the Gaza region. He was quoted as saying: “Sunshine is readily available in our country.”

When the news of al-Hindi’s invention broke, the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility, an organization in charge of water and sanitation services in the Gaza area, tested the water to ensure it was safe for drinking. It was found that the water is clean and safe.

A Laboratory technician with the utility company, Mohamed Abu Shamaleh described al-Hindi’s invention as fascinating. He applauded him for finding a way to take an old water treatment method and make it new by using solar power. Now, al-Hindi is working to help other local residents build their own distillation systems, so that more people can have easy access to safe drinking water. Al-Hindi’s invention is working perfectly. Some people are advocating for external support regarding finances, hoping that residents can buy the solar panels and other equipment needed for the desalination process.

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According to commentators, it will be years, or perhaps decades before Gaza’s infrastructure is repaired. Homemade water purification systems like this one may become an essential survival tool for thousands of people in the devastated region.

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