Get Some Sleep NOW, A Lack of Sleep Can Be Surprisingly DEADLY


Sleep is something I can’t seem to get enough of. Between work, writing here and caring for the parents, I, and I’m sure many of us, struggle with getting those 8 hours of peace. Trouble is though, that getting fewer than eight hours of peace might cause…. a permanent state of peacefulness, if you get my drift. What’s a slave to the system to do?


It’s probably not a good idea to read this when you have work in like three hours… Probably not.

1) Poor Sleep Habits Lead to OTHER bad Habits

Studies show that people who sleep badly are more likely to binge-drink, smoke heavily and sit around a lot. Call it a… coping mechanism, requiring us to either depend on stimulants or find a more “relaxing” way of dealing with the stress that always comes from this sort of behavior.

According to University of Copenhagen researchers, poor sleep habits reduces a person’s ability to resist and kick addictions.

2) Getting the “Cold” Shoulder Takes On A Whole Other Meaning…. Haha, I’m SO Punny….

Sleeping less than seven hours makes you three times more likely to catch a cold when compared to those who got eight hours of rest according to a 2009 Australian study concluded.

3) Sleepless Nights Increases Your Risk Of Death

According to a 2007 University of Warwick study, men who slept less than eight hours every day were 21% more likely to die over ANY period of time. Ouch. I just… Died a little inside.

Good news for women, though – they only have a 5% higher chance of dying (why do I get the impression that most of the 21% death stat comes from tired men doing Stupid Stuff?).

4) Become a Mutant By Sleeping Less (Your Superpower Is To Get Super Stressed, Super Inflamed and Super Sick)

Not sleeping can cause disruptions in hundreds of genes according to University of Surrey research.

Sleeping badly for just a single week can cause the disruption of more than 700 genes. These genes happen to be associated with stress, immunity and inflammation too!


5) A Hangover is BETTER Than Missing Out On Your Beauty Rest

Cambridge University and Rand Europe Researches discovered that not getting enough rest has a
worse impact on workers than getting stupefying-ly drunk the night before.

They monitored 21,000 UK workers who slept for either six hours or less a night and seven to eight hours.

7) Get A Stroke! At A Bargain Price Of 6 Hours Of Rest!

According to University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers, getting fewer than six hours of rest increases the odds of you getting a stroke! YES, YOU could get one too!

8) You Could Become FAT

A review of studies in PLOS Medicine in 2004, claims that sleeping less than six hours leads to increased levels of hunger hormones… and an increased BMI. Another case of lowered will-power and weakened coping mechanisms it seems.

9)                                                                                                                                                                   – Sorry. What? Oh.                                                         -Sorry. What? Oh.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston researchers believe that a lack of sleep hurts one’s ability to create and retain new memories. Forget all that harm to your body, being unable to learn from your mistakes will only cause you to keep repeating this harmful behavior of not getting enough…. What was I saying? Right, back to work.

10) Feeling Anxious? 

According to a recent study published in Journal of Neuroscience, you get the gift of anxiety from your sleeplessness too. The gift that keeps on giving!


Source: Metro

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  1. Wow, the author is easy to scare.

    You know it is a part of the agenda of the elite to make us all scared of everything so we dont think about stopping the corrupt world right?

    Maybe it is all true, even when 50% of science is manipulated or directly a lie, if it is, we know why the elite try to stress us to death, and not try to do anything about it, like with cancer. They talk a lot but even after 20 years they claim to have no better cure than a machine that kill you slowly…and make the medicinal industry rich. While some manage to cure them self.

    If your a working addict like oyu sound to be you got a problem my friend, you fell into their trap.

    I live to enjoy life, not to work, so I dont have this issue with sleep, but I have a issue with stress because i’am bad at handeling many stresses at once, why stress could kill me easy some day, When I stress out I begin to sweat and my heart beats like crazy, its scary.

    Remember life is not about living to age 100 or more, but to live life while you can!

    Best whises to you and lets hope we win the war.


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