Google’s new Robot Fleet is Man Killing


Such a title for an article, however when taking into consideration that Tesla, as well as Elon Musk, have in fact predicted such a grim future for mankind, this does start raising eyebrows.

Google Spooky

The predictions described by Tesla as well as Musk, are not something that is out of the ordinary, except for they predicted the end of mankind as sought out by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In accordance to Vance’s book, Musk is extremely concerned about the joining contracting bind of Page and Google, which is capable of designing and developing a fleet of artificial intelligence enhanced robotic beings. The terrifying reality of these futuristic AI robots is the possibility of essentially overcoming their own intelligence,  attempting to know what is right and wrong for mankind. Thus, resulting in the ever empowering act of the dawn of a robotic self-aware army, and prison, bestowed upon mankind.

Man creates monster, Man raises monster, Man is afraid of monster, Monster kills Man.

Terminator Robots

Microsoft founder Bill Gates signed an open letter alongside Musk, in the early months of 2015, which advised the largely known corporation to proceed with their developing of AI robotics with caution. Both Bill Gates and Elon Musk are in complete agreement, when it comes to the woe of mankind colliding with artificial intelligence.

We watch other personalities, such as Stephen Hawking, warning technology firms about the grim consequences of ‘arming’ artificial intelligence. Mr. Hawking stated during his attendance at a 2015 Zeitgeist conference, “Computers will overtake humans with AI at some within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours.”

Stephen Hawking has presented other warnings of the utilization of AI. Another time, in which Hawking spoke of the same topic, was with the BBC when he stated that artificial intelligence “could spell the end of the human race.”

Google founder and CEO Larry Page, pointed out that introducing more use for the machines inside our labor force, is something that humans can see as profit, which can assist the economy.

This isn’t something that people can just wish away and forget about. When we have computers capable of doing more and more jobs, what is to be expected of the human race? Where will are jobs go, and how will we make a living?

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    • One could argue the exact opposite and be spectacularly correct.

      Even as an INTJ I can admit, emotions, inspiration, spontaneity, creativity, the human flair for life is simultaneously our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.

  1. As if Humans really need AI to destroy us. WE will make our planet uninhabitable before AI can take over and save us from ourselves.

  2. I concur with Jerromy Payne’s statement……in matter of days….i think we are going to have economic meltdown…and when that happens…kiss AI a fuckbye…

  3. what is the meaning of life for everyone??? when you can put emotions and feelings as a module in AI, it is already dangerous… Why the bad news insist??? just create an genius AI that saves humans and that will be against the evil empire of robots… guess what?? there is good and evil right??? why there are not colours related mentalities and societies… evil does not exist, it is just a means of use of technology to an end… beware…


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