Governor Brown Offers Little Drought Relief as Nestlé Steals CA. Water Supplies


It’s been a record breaking drought in California, with little on the dusty horizons to suggest a break in it. Yet, in Sacramento, the Nestlé corporation continues to drain the aquifers, taking a suggested 80 million gallons of water a year to re-bottle and sell back to the American people. It’s become a target of environmental groups, and all concerned, with a conference taking place late last fortnight at the Sacramento City Hall. [1]


It was a discussion to address a protest taking place on the 20th to shut down the Nestlé facility, with a call on them to pay rates, for which they had been made exempt by the City Hall, or voluntarily close down. It was a protest for the people who have had severe restrictions imposed on their water usage, while the facility is able to use vast amounts of water without any penalization.

The “White Paper,” which helped spur on the accountability of Nestlé, was released by the coalition of activists, highlighting the disastrous environmental impact of the company’s actions, while yielding massive profits at the expense of Citizen Joe. Currently the leading supplier of bottled water, Nestlé also comes under several other brands of water, including San Pellegrino and Perrier.

The water in California is fast running dry. The $1 billion Emergency Drought Package just signed by Governor Brown this week in Sacramento suggests the urgency of the matter. [2] “This funding is just one piece of a much larger effort to help those most impacted by the drought and prepare the state for an uncertain future,” says Governor Brown, in his address on the funding. The announcement adds to the bans of water usage by restaurants, bars and the general population, filtering down to hotels asking clients if their linen needs to be washed, but there is no mention of large facilities being affected by such proposals. Unfortunately, all the money in the world can’t recreate the water lost.

Jerry Brown

It’s been argued that the big spend is focusing on the “wrong solutions.” [3],  helping with the increasing pressure from groups on the big businesses to stop taking water during the drought. It is in fact a controversial move to add more burden to those responsible for using only 15% of the water reserves, opposed to the 80% by big corps.

Reportedly, Governor Brown has been rumored to have received an estimated $2 million for passing a favorable law for the fossil fuel industry, with some of his financial contributors including Chevron and Occidental Petroleum. [4]

Though protesters tried to stop the theft of water by Nestle, the company continues to operate uninterrupted, and seemingly with the full support of the Governor.

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  1. Maybe those water aquifers need to become something like magma pools of molten rock, Lets ask God in Prayer for more earthquakes.

  2. Yeah sorry guys it’s the 1% to blame for this because they wanted green lawns clean cars water adventure parks and to play golf in the middle of the desert during their retirement. The native Americans abandoned areas like Southern California for a reason then you dicks went and planted lawns there with no idea of how to manage it.

  3. Guys, none of us should expect our politicians to do what is right – they’re either Satanists, corrupt and paid to keep their mouths shut, or they’re afraid … so please America get together and start expressing yourselves! Network with like-minded individuals guys, get informed – organise and prepare because these arseholes are under the impression that Humanity have become too weak, self-indulgent and gutless to defend themselves, let alone a purpose, and they believe that they can do this shit and get away it – it’s happening all around the World! … So show them how wrong they are guys – give them a clear, unmistakeable message …
    … that the Earth has been Humanity’s home for millions of years – it is Ours, it does not belong to corrupt politicians or greedy corporates, and that Humanity are waking up to the corruption and abuses that they are projecting upon our planet, Earth life and us!! We are an Awakened and Empowered Human Collective, and we are on the verge of something BIG … tell them to back the fck off!!
    We’re waking up people – BE SOVEREIGN Humanity and OWN IT =P

  4. Most of Moonbeam’s water expertise comes from the hundreds of visits he mad as a young fellow to the Yolo Baths. A bath house in Yolo County. His blaming pot farmers for depleting the water resources his administration has mismanaged is just silly. The pot farm that used that amount of water would be a thousand miles long and a hundred wide.

    Don’t forget that California’s water handling system is set up to do one thing, ship water from north to south, to swimming pools and water bottlers and on to Mexico. His illegal executive order has nothing to do with the well being of farmers or anyone else. And Brown family lands which will be exempt from restrictions have already entered into agreements to sell water out of the State.


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