Greece to receive 1000 Bitcoin ATMs


Bitcoin ATMs could spring up across Greece as soon as October, as citizens and businesses become increasingly desperate to move their money despite capital controls. BTCGreece, which bills itself as the country’s first bitcoin exchange, plans to eventually install 1,000 ATMs nationwide, in partnership with European bitcoin platform, Cubits:


“We are creating the ecosystem of bitcoin and blockchain solutions in the Greek market,” BTC Greece founder, Thanos Marinos told CoinTelegraph. “That will include the rollout of 1,000 ATMs and solutions for the e-commerce and tourism industry. Partnering with best of breed companies in the bitcoin space will enable us to provide the Greeks with solutions that will ease the difficulties of the capital controls.”

Bitcoin is seen by some in Greece as a way to circumvent strict capital controls in the country that have been in place since June. Greeks are currently restricted to withdrawing no more than €60 (£42, or $66) per day, and are forbidden from moving money to foreign bank accounts.

Business Insider wrote:


“Partnering with best of breed companies in the bitcoin space will enable us to provide the Greeks with solutions that will ease the difficulties of the capital controls. Bitcoin adoption is happening and in a very fast pace. Bitcoin in Greece is not just hype but a solution to day-to-day problems of people and businesses under capital controls. Also, a key factor is that the trust of the traditional banking system is long gone and people are open to bitcoin.”

Greek interest in bitcoin spiked earlier this summer amid fears that Greece would exit the euro, resulting in a price surge for the world’s most expensive cryptocurrency. Marinos claims to have received requests from 300 shops in Greece for bitcoin ATMs to be installed on their premises, with plans for the first ATMs to be rolled out in October.

“During times of economic uncertainty, people invest in safe havens such as gold,” said Bitcoins Greece founder, Elenu Varela in a recent interview with IBTimes UK. “Nowadays, digital assets like bitcoin have joined that asset class. Because cryptocurrencies are global and do not rely on a healthy banking system, it is logical for people to stockpile them in times of uncertainty.”

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  1. hello..i am from greece an live its rly disapoint thatall the people (greeks)i know they have no idea about bit coins….i dont know why…but people espesially old ones 40+ tgey rly dont have it! so bit coins ATM without people know what is google…we have a serius prombem!…my grandmother say: το ιντερνέτ είναι του διαβόλου πράγματα/internet is devils thing 😛

    • Unfortunate. My mother who is a grand old age can not use a mobile phone. A computer is not going to work.
      To use an internet company to safe anyones money is the devils work. Who owns these companys. Where is the money.
      The old are wise..
      Markets crash. Stocks an shares soar an crash. When they crash where is the money?

  2. Attention everyone in the EU. Buy as much Bitcoin as you can. It’s going to save you a ton of money against every global currency. Seriously. Do it.


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