Here’s What Russia’s Incursions In The Baltics Will Do To The World


A couple of months back there were media reports that the Pentagon was reviewing and updating its contingency plans for a war with Russia for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then came the news that the Baltic states and NATO are training troops, repositioning armor and bulking up other defenses to counter Moscow’s warlike stand toward neighboring Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.


On its part, the United States can use the so-called Russian threat as an excuse to justify increased military spending in eastern European NATO countries and provide a reason for US troops to be stationed in Europe. On the other hand, Russia stresses that its military is “not global, offensive, or aggressive”, and that it has “virtually no bases abroad” so “only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO”.

Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that if the US could use Russia’s invasion of Eastern Ukraine as a catalyst to prepare for a possible war involving Russia in Europe’s Baltic States, it would certainly provoke Russia into an arms race and push NATO out of the Baltics. In trying to capture the three Baltic States, Russia would be starting World War III. And although a nuclear strike is unthinkable, it is certainly not impossible…

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  1. That a stupid article!I live one of them baltic states and know what Russia finding exuses to invate Baltic sea region!Making brainwash in TV channels,cyber attacks,troll attacks,kidnapping soldiers behind border..pure aggression like Russia always act.Im shamed that we have such neighbor!

    • Russia all the time violate with his fighters Estonia airspace and just turn fighters radio out,like hoping that someone shoots them down to had exuse to start war…and then Turkey did that actually,Russia washed his dirty hands and starts barking to NATO way!

      • mick….. you must br an idiot or rasist and you probably are estonian becouse of ewhat you wrote before! we in Latvia hawe no problem with russians, i will say more russians hawe problems with us Latvians Lituanians and Estonians, becouse all altic states live in past, history nott present!!! maybe shuld newer go til germany too?! they were invading half planet in 1940….. or dont like americans becouse thouse fuckers are making all this mess all around midl east and now europe with all thouse refuges!!! if us wuld sit at home nobady wuld be at wor Now!!!! fcking fackt you dumbass racist pig.

  2. Russia doesnt need the baltics.. It’s got enough ground already… So to do another subject.. Putin or Obama/Trump? Which one do you rather support?

  3. New world order is not sow impossible ! human kind now discovered that living is not forever, and just trying to reach their believes. my opinion ! hello to everyone !

  4. Big agressor on the planet right now is the US and while there agression has gone untouched interfereing with the middle east .. This new agression pointing towards Russia is a problem. More country’s that see this the better.

    Arms race has begun when the US installed a Nazi govt in the Ukraine.. This was certainly designed to intimadate Russia and shove nato down their throat.

    The US should be ashamed of themselves . They haven’t learned from North Korea or Iran that blatant intimidation (axis of evil speech) just escalates proud people into finding ways to defend themselves from the tyranny and intimidation.

    The US wants war with everyone cause without killing they kill themselves …as the world is witnessing.

  5. What a lot of hysterical horse shit.
    Russia went into Georgia because of a CIA backed Georgian ethnic cleansing of Ethnic Russians living in Georgia; (Exactly what the CIA is doing in Ukraine, helping the Fascists & NAZI Azmov brigades kill Ethnic Russians in East Ukraine).
    Russia sorted the Georgians out in a few days, LEFT & haven’t been back!
    Crimea has been Russian & had a Russian Naval Base for 150+ years until Gorbachov made a “Goodwill gesture to Ukraine” & GAVE Ukraine East Ukraine back since its annexation following WW2 & included Crimea.
    When the violent coup happened in Kiev THE RUSSIANS had a written agreement to have up to 25,000 Military personel in Ukraine & Crimea.
    The Russians & Crimeans organised a REFERENDUM to Secede from Ukraine & join Russia or not!!! 93% voted to go with Russia!!! That is a LEGAL act under the UN Charter, Article one, “The Right to Self Determination!”
    Since then Kiev & NATO has breached Minsk 1 & 2; have shelled East Ukraine regularly during the “ceasefires,” have blockaded East Ukraine to stop food getting in, have “Cut Off” water supplies to Crimea & have Blown Up Electricity Transmition lines to Crimea!!!
    Russia on the other hand has sent over 40 Humanitarian Aid convoys into East Ukraine; is caring for up to 1.5 MILLION Ukraine Refugees (who didn’t run to any EU countries?), has supplied water to Crimea, is running new power cables to Crimea & HAS supplied GAS to Southern Ukraine after a request from the mayor as Ukraine hasn’t supplied any gas to their own people in that area!!!
    Ukraine owes Russia $3 BILLION USD, has defaulted on the debt & yet Russia STILL supplies Gas to Ukraine???
    The US & NATO move missiles towards Russia, the US has stockpiled Tanks, Artillery, Mechanised Brigades… into Poland & many other states on Russia’s borders & is openly supplying weapons, trainers & mercenaries to Ukraine…
    YET the BS is that “Russia is being aggressive?”
    Russia/Putin told the UN publicly that Russia would work within International Law in EVERY way!!! & they have done!
    Russia went into Syria LEGALLY & is Bombing ALL Terrorists; once that started the CIA was found to be ILLEGALLY in Syria assisting terrorists, so Obama ordered 5,000 TONS of weapons be sent to Syria to support the CIA & “Their Terrorists” which they like to call “moderates?”
    When the SU-24 was ILLEGALLY shot down Inside Syria, did Russia bomb Turkey? (Not Yet anyway) (the black box showed no incursion into Turkey & the Turkish BS about 10 warnings over 5min is impossible).
    But who knew the Russians were giving their flight paths & times to the US “to ensure NO conflict in the air.”
    IF there is ANY threat to the world today, it MUST BE those who are engauging in Perpetual War, those who are Breaching MULTIPLE international laws to perpetuate wars, carrying out multiple war crimes, killing millions of people, LYING to start wars & demonising non-threatning countries so ignorant idiots would support or be indifferent about more wars in foreign lands…
    THAT is what the US lead coalition has been doing for at LEAST 15 years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria & Ukraine.
    The Coalition is Perpetuating Terrorism, Russia is fighting Terrorism & that is apparently its crime!


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