Hilarious Video Demystifies Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong


If you’ve ever ordered yourself an iced coffee or a mocha frappe at Starbucks, you must have at least once frowned at their employees for uniquely spelling your names. Why do they do it? Do they mishear you or is it intentional? Starbucks doesn’t hire idiots, so yes they do misspell your names intentionally. But why? Because the baristas are messing with you! Paul Gale Comedy tells us the bitter, cold truth.

“I didn’t mishear your name. I’m deliberately misspelling your name to confuse and annoy you. It’s the best part of my job, and I will never stop,” explains Gale. Watch the complete explanation below:

Next you would wonder, how do Starbucks interviewees manage to pull this act with perfection? Well, they indeed go through a rigorous spelling test before being offered employment. Watch the grueling process below:

Brand experts argue that misspelling names actually benefits Starbucks because people are more likely to share images of their cup on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here’s the proof:

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