How Is Your Bank Stealing From You?


Monday July 10, 2014

Written by: truthloader


How do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? This topic goes much deeper than you and I could ever imagine but to shine at least some light on what’s going on that you might not be aware of well, I’m going to tell you about our sneaky banks and governments strengthening inequality. Watch the video below:


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  1. Yes that’s the structure of life , the biggest bitter truth, one side of world everyone little children’s re dying and other side of the world which where I live , women’s pay 34000$ for a bag…
    10 animal cut a penguin but unfortunately just one animal put it on…

    How sad…

  2. Excellent video, excellent info. We need LOTS MORE of easy to understand videos like this to blast to the public! Thank you for being brilliant. Xo

  3. If we were to make the world equal then we could all afford to live. A freakin burger flipping job no longer pays even the rent

  4. In Canada everyone has received notice from government stating that it will no longer be issuing checks all money from government by 2016 must be direct deposit to a bank account. Who does this favour but the banks since individuales who don’t want to have bank account will be forced to have one and pay bank fees.

  5. The world is really messed up we need an armageddon to cleanse this planet to allow it to start again
    we have raped and destroyed this planet with many atrocities not only against her but each other we do not deserve this beautiful planet
    I believe the planet will be saved but we need to be removed so not to damage it any more .

  6. as james said that an armageddon is required ..Yes an armageddon is required to cleanse the planet and swipe the bastards.

    So,Anon Team.. what will be your next move? make the rich poor and make poor rich???
    and if so prove it to us
    Unknown_haxor Redefined

  7. There have been rumors since a few years back that our (western) monetary system are going down within a period of 20 years.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if that would actually happen.
    The latest crash on our stock exchange world wide was 2008 and it was caused by yes USA, when banks are allowed to do fraud of any kind and even do scam against its customers and even companies and they get away with it, everyone actually got away from the charges that was made.
    Who to blame is not so hard to find actually, USA are on the leading post for that.

  8. I have been given a Dell computer from my sister. However, her former husband set up his account on this computer (says he cannot remember the password), making himself the only administrator. Now, I cannot add any programs ( like iTunes), nor can I delete anything. How can I clear his passwords from this computer, and make myself the administrator? I am afraid that I shall have to delete everything, then begin again (ugh!) That would mean buying new programs, installing them and so on. Any ideas?.

  9. Thank you.Great explanation.But I can tell you something: the real group that command the World is very very inteligent and dangerous. They know that Financial System finished. So, knock knock. Who is there? 3td World War. A joke? No. Because all is prepared in other Planets to receive those real demons as soon as begun a new Great War. They create Matrix´s. You think that they are Hu-Mans(atention)slaves, but no, they have other forms.


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