Inside Billionaire Bunkers: The World’s Largest Planned Doomsday Escape



As the 1% helps to systematically destroy the world with war, industry, and capitalism, many billionaires have been preparing for what very well may be the inevitable. It would seem bunkers are now joining super-yachts as another pompous “must have,” and while this news doesn’t really come as a surprise (in fact, it’s to be expected), it doesn’t make it any less insulting considering the obscenely-wealthy have contributed large in part to the current state of affairs around the world.

Forbes takes us inside what is being described as the world’s “largest planned doomsday escape,” complete with swimming pool, indoor theater, and vaults for valuables (because you’re gonna need lots of money when the world is gone).


Bunker Pool
Community swimming pool. Photo courtesy of Forbes.


While humans across the globe currently struggle to survive, the shelters that are meant to keep the wealthy alive long after we’re all dead have been luxuriously outfitted to ensure that even the most corrupt politicians and corporate moguls will sleep like little-biddy-babies.


Survivor's Sleeping Quarters
Living quarters bedroom. Photo courtesy of Forbes.


Private living quarters can be improved to include additional pools, theaters, gyms, a kitchen, bar, bedrooms, and deluxe bathrooms. The common areas include the following:




            Brewery pub

            Wine cellar

            Community meeting rooms

            Prayer rooms and chapels

            Nursery play rooms


            Training rooms

            Computer areas

            Television and radio station

            Communications center

            Security and detention center

            Vaults for valuables

            Security equipment and devices

            Water purification facility

            Deep water wells

            Interior water and fuel storage tanks

            Power plant

            Air handling and (NBC) nuclear

            Biological and chemical filtration systems

            Battery backup power storage

            Mechanical repair shop

            Decontamination showers

            Private offices

            Pet kennels

            Hair salon


            Hydroponic gardens

            Fully equipped hospital

            Storage rooms and warehouse areas

            All food and medical supplies

            Non-Hybrid seed bank

            DNA storage bank


See full report for additional amenities.


Living Quarters Dining
Living quarters dining. Photo courtesy of Forbes.


The underground survival complex, known as Europa One, is located in Germany and was originally built by the Soviets during the Cold War as a fortress for military equipment and munitions. The German government inherited the relic after Germany was merged with the DDR, however, realizing they could not utilize the facility, the Germans auctioned it off.

After being purchased by a wealthy investor, it was then transformed into the luxurious hobbit-hole you see here. The project was announced by Vivos founder and CEO, Robert Vicino, and is described as being similar to an underground luxury cruise ship.


Living Quarters Lounge
Living quarters lounge. Photo courtesy of Forbes.


The facility is built to withstand a relatively “close range nuclear blast, a direct airplane crash, biological and chemical agents, shock waves, earthquakes, tsunami, electro-magnetic pulses, and virtually any armed attack.”

Forbes’ article drags on for quite some time about additional features, but the basic points to take away from this are that: People with more money get to live longer, they do so by sucking their money out of the 99%, and they are some of the most loathsome people in the world.

People like this:


The Koch brothers. Photo courtesy of The Everlasting Cop Stoppers.


Pictured above are Charles and David Koch, better known as the Koch Brothers. Both are reportedly worth more than $40 billion, and are connected to quite a few legal issues, including; numerous congressional investigations, Department of Justice consent decrees, and civil lawsuits and felony convictions.


David Rockefeller, banker and statesman.


This is David Rockefeller, patriarch of the Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller’s nasty reputation precedes them, but for those who are unaware, David Rockefeller here has worked in banking since 1946 (starting with Chase, now JPMorgan Chase). He’s had private correspondence with every president since Eisenhower, has many close connections with the CIA (Rockefeller, 2002, pg. 363), and serves as the only member of the Advisory Board for the Bilderberg Group.


Robert H. Richards IV, great-grandson of chemical magnate, Irénée du Pont.


And as a final example, here is Robert H. Richards IV, heir to the du Pont family fortune. He was convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter in 2014, and later faced allegations that he molested his son as well. Richards received eight years of probation for his crimes (no prison time) and was ordered to receive mental health treatment at an expensive facility near Boston. He never went.


These are the type of people who could potentially repopulate and rebuild the world should the whole shit-house go up in flames. Think about that, let it sink in, and then have fun trying to sleep tonight.


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Dobson, Jim. Forbes Life. Jun 12, 2015. (

Rockefeller, David (2002). Memoirs. New York: Random House.

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  1. Maybe we could pretend there was a nuclear war so all the 1% run to their bunkers. We then lock them in and start the world we, the people want to live in. I mean we can bring the Koch brothers some supplies every now and then, we are not total monster. How about it, who’s in?

  2. hey if this doomsday happens ennyways helpme enjoi my life i havent dont that yet always gotten bullyed beaten nothing cud happen my life is almost destroyed i wana be ritch so i can have fun in my life and mabye help some peapol plis helpme anonymous im poor bullyed and … other crap why are u all ignoring me i bin bullyed sinc i was 6 now im 18 life is destryed cant get a jobe helpme cant spell got bullyed so mutch i was just always outside of school plis help i want funn i dont know what funn is

    • Okay first of all this bullying problem. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF OTHERWISE THEY WILL KEEP AT IT! You are grown enough to make decisions for yourself! Besides you should be damn well happy. There are children who are sold, beaten, stolen, died at birth, and more. But I guess your bullied and you have the worst life. Just always think that there are people in worst situations than yours!

      Next, you wanna be rich?! Money isn’t everything! Money is actually the villain in this world. Rather than helping us it controls us. If you are on the verge of death and all you need is a piece of food, guess what? You need money. If all you wanted was child to make a family and live a happy life without a problem in the world, well guess what else? You need money. If you are on your deathbed in a hospital with cancer and the doctors have a cure for it, well you guessed it. You need money for that too! Money is nothing but a option to determine if we live or die. It’s absolutely insane how you want the thing that controls you.

      I rather control myself before anyone or anything else does. Make my own decisions and make my own life, not trying to follow others.

      Finally, your job? Cmon, there are more jobs you can think of. Babysitter, pet walker, wash some cars, something easy to make a start.

      I know you can do it. I am not perfect myself and don’t have the greatest life but I damn sure know that bullying, money, and me having a job will ruin it.

      So please stop whining and pull yourself together!

  3. In case of a nuclear attack they wont survive anywayes in a stupid bunker.

    They wont be able to go to the surface in maybe 100+ years without getting radiated. (longtime)

    How are they getting any food if the whole country is a nuclear crater lol?

    How are they getting air? What then when the air filter machine break down? Then your kinda ded.

    Water? Nah, if anybody wants to kill them they will die, no bunkers will safe them.

    But moving into space will.

    Germany is also one of the worst places you could build this bunker – it is the heart of the EU. Some remote isle, or rich people island, or in a country like Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Canada – would be 10x more safe.

    • WooWoo you are so smart and so wise, why aren’t you a billionaire yourself, well I guess it’s partly your internet fagginess of being smart ass retardo online, but it could also be your low IQ or lack of knowlegde. I’m gonna say, a bit from bucket A, and a bit from bucket B.

    • Sigh..
      Take into account that moving into space causes exactly the same problems that you just adressed.. Solving them on the earth is probably just 10 times easier.. And why would you go into space? The body cannot survive in space, because there is no gravity..

  4. This is the zero sum fallacy. That somebody is poor because others are rich.
    It is wrong. And Capitalism does not create inequality. The most economic free countries, have less inequality than the less free countries etc.

  5. Our tax dollars at work. After all a large part of the Pollutocrat profits are tax subsidized profits from the pollution of the commons. Most of those billionaire greed mongers pay less tax that a secretary. You would be a lot richer if you did not have to pay taxes either. If that money was supposed to “trickle down” how come the Greed Barons still have it all?

  6. I like Anonymous a lot. However, the campaign against capitalism is flawed. We don’t have capitalism anywhere in the world, just crony capitalism, which depends on the State to survive. Liberty and freedom should include the freedom to make and trade with others, anywhere in the world. Limiting freedom to just that of speech or thought is dangerous.

  7. This is absolutely disgusting. It’s a sad world we live in when there are people starving in the streets and don’t even have a roof over their head, and these fat cats can build these extravagant bunkers, just in case. This world is [email protected]#$ed and getting worse every day. I think we should lock all these people in their bunkers and throw away the key, it’s people like this who run the world, and are ruining the world. #TimeForAChange

  8. We can hope our understanding of the metaphysical is correct and that these souls will get reincarnated in some form. For these SOBs, one of the poorest most distraught human beings alive today, somewhere in Africa, with nothing and no one to help them as they can’t even cry out because they are too weak and malnourished. Then, they can live out a miserable existence, as karmic payback is a bitch!

  9. The rich are nothing more than a glorified idiot. Because you know they need all that money and luxary once they are the last person to live.. that is until our rotting mutant zombie corpses beat down the doors and eat them


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