International Nikola Tesla Day



Inventor, Nikola Tesla was born at midnight on July 10th 1856 to a Serbian family in the Austrian Empire in a modern-day Croatia, and died a proud American citizen in 1943. Mr. Tesla was responsible for over 700 patents; his visionary innovations and ideas include:

– The rotating electromagnetic field dynamo (foundation for the alternating-current electrical grid now adopted around the world).

– Basic discoveries in radio, robotics and computer science (all of which have contributed immeasurably to our modern international society).

– Research of non-fuel-based solutions to the world’s energy needs (He spoke out against heedless use of fossil fuels over a century ago, thus providing an inspirational example to generations all over the world, who seek clean and effective solutions to the world’s energy crisis).

In light of Mr. Nikola Tesla’s visionary accomplishments – and our own commitment to implementing alternative means for the production and distribution of energy – we would like to support the idea to name the July 10th as Nikola Tesla Day.



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  1. The Man was a true inspiration to the world and did go far ahead of his time to create such devices like solar, wind, water generators.

  2. The power to light the first city in the US, New York, was by hydroelectric. He not only lit the first city. He lit it with free energy. And this is why you can find such a great man written out of history books

  3. I am so proud to be born not far away from his birthplace Smiljan,Croatia… In Serbia, but not in Croatia also, we do celebrate this day, 10th of july, as day of science and Tesla Day. Croats and Vatican dont like that Tesla was ortodox Chistian, younger son of the priest and Serb also… Stupid mankind divisions… Blessings to knowledge and purity of God…

    • You must be a genius or you have superpowers. For a 1 yr old kid, you can surf the net, read articles, and spell words pretty well.

  4. Yes I too agree that this man is one of the great contributor to this world not only in the field of Electricity, Electronics etc., etc., but most of all he is also a person pure in spirit and humility, full of selflessness. When his Financier and benefactor in most of his Projects especially the Contract to make the Generator to operate in the Hoover Dam declared that he is going bankrupt, he without hesitation said that he will not receive any payment, salary or any compensation for his services as long as he continue and don’t give up the Companies contract. Imagine how many peoples lives (Salary) did he save not to mention his? Tesla is my personal Hero, Edison you’ll have your day too.


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