No, Trump is Not to Thank for This Year’s Human Trafficking Busts

human trafficking

Reports are bringing to attention the large number of sex-traffickers and sex-offenders that have recently been busted, while also making the rather bold claim that Trump is to thank for it. While those of us here at Anonymous praise the efforts of the law enforcement agencies that have taken the necessary actions to stop and prevent human trafficking, let’s be clear about the details: Trump didn’t do anything. So what are we being distracted from this time?

Sputnik News recently wrote a report titled, “While Mainstream Media Obsesses Over Russia, Trump’s FBI Out Catching Pedophiles,” in which they claim Trump is personally responsible for the recent wave of sex-crime arrests. In February, Trump had vowed to senior advisors and representatives of organizations that deal with human trafficking that he would bring the “full force and weight” of the government to combat the problem, even noting that January had seen a spike in arrests (there’s a reason for this, and it’s not Trump). Apparently, the conservative-media is now attributing any and all busts to Trump and his promise, regardless of the fact he had nothing to do with them.

Sputnik states:

“…the number of pedophile arrests has gone off the charts since Trump took office, reaching 1,500 plus since Trump’s inauguration a month ago, compared with fewer than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in 2014…”


There are a couple discrepancies here we feel the need to clarify:

First, it’s no secret that those within Anonymous hold a certain abhorrence for pedophiles, and happy we all are to see them off the streets. However, the number of pedophile arrests stated above are nowhere near 1,500. We’ll delve further in a moment, but included in that statistic are multiple sex-offenders, a large number of which were arrested for soliciting sex from adult prostitutes.

Second, the statement of “fewer than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in 2014” is accurate, but only because they counted the actual cases of sex trafficking. Were they to count multiple sex-related crimes as they did with their 1,500-count, the 2014 statistic would be much higher. This is an important detail to note, since they are trying to give their readers the impression that the number of pedophiles arrested since Trump took office is much higher than previous years – a claim that is in reality, unfounded.

Side-note: Notice how they used 2014 as an example instead of 2015 or 2016? That’s because there weren’t many arrests made in 2014. It wouldn’t reflect as positively on Trump if they mentioned the 1,400 human traffickers arrested by ICE alone in 2015, not to mention the FBI’s recorded 750+ arrests that same year. Nor would it serve their purpose to mention 2016 witnessing U.S. human trafficking arrests hit an all-time high. A lot of these arrests happen every January, as January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

human trafficking
Retrieved from: Pinterest

Sputnik received their stats from a report written by Liz Crokin at the conservative news site, Crokin, who also praised Trump for this year’s sex-offender arrests, listed the following operations as her evidence of Trump’s success since in office. We decided to take a closer look:

42 people were arrested and cited in Memphis as part of “Operation Something Like Me,” which began in May 2015 (well before Trump was in office). Although this operation has a particular focus on the trafficking of underage girls, some of the arrests were associated with the solicitation of sex from adults, as was the case with Memphis Area Transit Authority CEO, Ron Garrison, who was charged with patronizing prostitution (of an adult) near a church or school. He later resigned.

human trafficking
Ron Garrison. Source: ABC News

In California, the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force arrested 474 people involved in human trafficking as part of their third annualOperation Reclaim and Rebuild.” Of the individuals arrested, only 28 sexually exploited children. The operation took place in conjunction with Human Trafficking Awareness Month – not because of Trump.

The “National Johns Suppression Initiative,” which was created by Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County, Illinois, received national attention in 2015 after nearly 1,000 men across the country were arrested for attempting to purchase sex. Reports from February state that this year’s initiative, which ran from Jan. 18 through Feb. 5, “led to the arrests of 29 sex traffickers and of 723 people who tried to purchase sex,” according to the Cook County sheriff’s office. Again, this is an annual initiative that has nothing to do with Trump.

human trafficking
Sheriff Tom Dart. Retrieved from: Ammoland

Also part of the Johns Suppression Initiative – and listed by Crokin – was the recent arrest of nearly 200 people in Texas, including noted sports agent Randal Hendricks, who was charged with misdemeanor prostitution. None of those listed in the report, sourced directly above, were charged with a sex-crime involving a minor. However, two children were recovered in a Metro Detroit sting last month (more than a dozen were arrested), and in Virginia, 11 were arrested in a child sex sting operation that was initiated a few months before Trump was even elected.

So, what are we being distracted from this time? Common sense would suggest its Trump’s own track-record of sexual abuse. Whatever the case may be though, these are the facts.

No decent human would argue that getting sex-offenders, traffickers, and pedophiles off the streets is a bad thing, and more power to Trump if he’s actually serious. But let’s give credit where credit is due; to the law enforcement agencies who developed these operations and initiatives, and to the agents who conduct them. Not a sexist president who has lowered the nation’s standards-bar by agreeing with the public that sex-trafficking is bad. Were Trump truly concerned for victims of sex crimes, he’d arrest himself.

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  1. From the link you provided:

    “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was widely successful in its endeavor with 28 commercially, sexually-exploited children and 27 adult victims being recovered; 142 males arrested for the charge of Solicitation; and 36 males arrested for pimping. In total, 474 arrests were made.”

    Did you even read the reports? Note again – 28 sexually exploited children were rescued. You said this:
    “Of the individuals arrested, only 28 sexually exploited children.” 28 sexually exploited children were rescued. NOT 28 arrested for child sex exploitation. In your zeal to make sure that Trump had nothing to do with it, you hastily wrote the article and misrepresented the facts YOU linked to. Lastly, only 28??? Bad choice of words. 1 less pedophile of the street is a win. Lastly, any cop will tell you that in pedophile rings, the same child is abused by multiple people.

  2. To the three of you: were you born stupid or did you take lessons? It was clear from the articles that 1) they were business as usual, nothing to do with Trump the sexual predator and 2) most of the arrests were of adults soliciting adult hookers, which according to libertarians ought not even be a crime (trafficking as a synonym for prostitution is a bullshit term).

    To the idiot Neo: these arrests would have been made no matter who was President. The Pres doesn’t get involved in local law enforcement work. You are a stupid human, period.

    To Chris: Complaining about their correct reading of the articles while it is you who are clearly reading impaired is an irony. You need to take lessons in both reading and rational thinking, though you likely don’t have the metal capacity for either.

    Foreman, I imagine you wonder about the simplest of things, given how simple you apparently are.

    Sad excuses for citizens of a nation that considers itself among the most advanced in the world, but not surprising given the education system.

    • no Ian, the PROBLEM is that MSM is NOT reporting on this. They are more interested in using to say Trump is a nobody than exposing the !@#$ing problem. Since you have such superior observational skills, why don’t you observe your behavior is classic judgmental BS and a classic example an outburst coming from an individual who hates themselves so much they lash out calling everyone stupid? Everyone is stupid “Sad excuses for citizens of a nation that considers itself among the most advanced in the world, but not surprising given the education system.” Because instead of YOU taking accountability for your own BS life you cannot stand it’s obviously the “stupid worlds” fault. DENIAL is the first step…it’s “them” RIGHT!?

      • I second that. Is that you Skippy? Are you trolling anon articles now? Hey Skippy, where’s your brother at? Haven’t heard from him since he shut down the Podesta Group… Come to think of it, we haven’t heard much from you either? Do they give you internet access in witsec?

    • Calling someone “stupid” is not a counter argument. It’s simple, Trunk said her would go after human and sex trafficking, and, the numbers support that he’s doing it.

      Brace yourself. Many more arrests are coming. Good luck spinning all of them.

  3. Trump has no history of sexual exploitation or any other sexual crimes. That was fake news. He has been divorced, but that does not earn calling him names. I am a happy Trump supporter (and female), but I do agree, Trump and/or his Justice department are not to be given credit for these law enforcement activities. I am sure he would applaud what has been happening, and enthusiastically support their ongoing efforts.

  4. true. trump himself is not to thank for it, ill give you that. knowing the truth about those stats, its clear theres no difference with before, but i highly doubt trump is a sex offender himself. kudos to the law enforcement agencies.

    the credit i will give to trump, though, is that unlike obama — who was sliding those stats under the rug 11 months a year — he actually cares about it (human traficking), and is even having his family members – ivanka and eric mostly – participate in those endeavors. the more i watch he man, the more i feel vindicated for believing in him. he exposes loads of bullshit across all spheres, and the economy is roaring fiercely in the face of an otherwise guaranteed collapse.

    everyon was afraid about his unstability and nuke codes. hell even north korea hasnt received anything yet, other than a THAAD in their neighbor’s yard.

    all in all, trump really isnt such a bad thing for us, but they are right not putting him on a pedestal for things he wasnt involved in, other than ”moral support to the troops” as some would say

  5. these people who write these articles are !@#ing sick in my opinion. What kind of sick !@#$s trivialize saving victims of sexual predators, victims such as women and children? Who the !@#$ does that? I’m sorry but this is a hot button issue for me as a parent, I lose all sense when it comes to this subject. my message to predators is !@#$ you and the message to those who think it’s funny, trivial, political fodder…!@# you too.

    I think you are sick and If you give me 5 mins. of your time to explain myself I’m sure the impact of my view impressed upon you will leave you with plenty of time to ponder our encounter and what is exactly wrong with your brain or lack thereof. In fact, since you are obviously brain damaged, maybe we can get together and make it official. Better yet, maybe if you were stuck in a cage and sold to a few sick perverts to have their sweaty fat way with you like a piece of meat it would adjust your perspective..

    I agree my post sucks because I am incapable of putting into words properly the level of my disgust.

  6. Those local initiatives aren’t what people aren’t the full effect of what he did his presidential order with the new task force and signed an executive order declaring a national emergency related to “serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world” and imposed sanctions on 13 individuals, using his authority under the 2016 Global Magnitsky Act.
    The Treasury Department sanctioned an additional 39 people and entities for alleged human rights abuses and corruption, for a total of 52 targets. Among those sanctioned is the son of Russia’s prosecutor general.

    The executive order says “the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption” outside of the United States “have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems.”

    this initiative was responsible for taking down 8 of the biggest global human trafficking rings in the world if he did not sign that order local officials wouldn’t have organized to the lengths they are now doing. As well as the coordination from Microsoft and the NSA which have been seeting honeypots online hence the new initiative for cybersecurity he signed in to order to help battle that. his initiative and orders have helped globally. you can find more resources about this information at the Hill, Breitbart, and

  7. Trump has passed law’s making it easier for the police to do their job,of catching human trafficker’s making their investigations more efficient. Leadership starts from the TOP! God Bless Trump and America!

  8. Sounds like a lot of butt hurt leftist. We see the EO’s signed by POTUS. We know he’s coming after those in power and those controlling the narrative. They will all be in Guantanamo soon. Quick question for the author, what’s a “military tribunal”?

  9. The book “1984” called the language you engaged in this article and the scam you attemped to perpetrate on readers of this article “doublespeak”. Native Americans would say you spoke with “a forked tongue”. It was all that and more! We know President Trump has done more than any other POTUS ever to stop human trafficking. No one has EVER signed an EO to prevent it. You guys are tortslly FAKE NEWS!

    on readers of this article “d


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