Is Media Censorship concealing South Korean Cancer Cure?


Drug makers, or Big Pharma, simply don’t make money on healthy people. They literally bank on the diseases we contract, to perpetuate their business in the drug manufacturing industry. Dangerous solutions are often commercialized as the big miracle, when often these drugs don’t work effectively to treat now common ailments, such as cancerous tumors.


In 2012, South Korean scientists discovered a medical breakthrough treating cancer cells. They discovered the use of magnetic fields and their properties in the ability to get cancer cells to self-destruct. The process which is called programmed cell death (PCD) can occur naturally within the body when rejected cells respond to signals to trigger a fragmentation. Immune cells then consume these fragments, helping to maintain a healthy body.


The scientists have discovered a way to help trigger the PCD, or apoptosis, which can assist in the prevention of tumors developing.

“We have demonstrated that apoptosis signaling can be turned on in-vitro (in the laboratory) and in a zebra fish in-vivo (living) model by using a magnetic switch,” the scientists said during one interview. “Our magnetic switch may be broadly applicable to any type of surface membrane receptors that exhibit cellular functions on clustering.” [1]

The breakthrough has made notable ripples in the world of science. However, since the publication of the research article notating the breakthrough, not a lot has been said since. [2]

The most current article from the Belfast Telegraph is a recycled version of the 2012 articles on the subject, without introducing anything new to the subject matter. Although any subject proclaiming the cure for cancer is to be examined, new additions to the South Korean lab testing are difficult to find. Was Lisa Garber right in her 2012 article featured on titled Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets, correct in her assumption?[3]

[1] Magnets kill cancer cells in lab. Retrieved from [Belfast Telegraph, UK].

[2] Mi Hyeon Cho, Eun Jung Lee, Mina Son, Jae-Hyun Lee, Dongwon Yoo, Ji-wook Kim, Seung Woo Park, Jeon-Soo Shin, & Jinwoo Cheon, (2012). A magnetic switch for the control of cell death signalling in in vitro and in vivo systems. Retrieved from [Nature Materials].

[3] Garber, L. (2012). Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets. Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets


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  1. I knew this a long time ago, if cancer is cured, you have a paradox. No more money will poor into cures, and population will explode.

    • There is enough food created each year to feed the world population three times over.. it’s just about 1 billion people in the world can’t afford to pay for their share and the people who own the food would rather waste it to keep the supply down and the price up then donate it for free and not receive anything for it..

      Lets hope that if there really is a cure for cancer our governments wont try to hide it from us..

      • You believe that food that those “bad guys” keep just pops out of no where? You think there isn’t a cost required to generate that food? there are millions of economical factors created by society that control this. Nothing can be done to revert this now. Even if possible, the entire system would crash if that food was so kindly “donated”.

        • Then the system needs to change. The banksters manage to control the economy to the nth degree to line their pockets. They have created the ‘third world’ paradigm, so they would have no problem fixing it if they wanted to. But they don’t want to. In fact, they have created the ‘austerity’ model to ensure control of more and more of the world.

      • “There is enough food created each year to feed the world population three times over..”

        Yes. As long as we have petrol for machinery and production of pesticides and fertilizers. As we are nearing exhaustion of petrol reserves, the cost of food will rise. One day there will be no more petrol for food production and the production will collapse. Initially not as much as tractors will be replaced by horses and manual labour. But as the soil will lose remaining fertilisers, the production will drop every year and it will drop below the production levels of pre-chemical era, because the soil is largely devastated by overuse of chemicals, big surface farming etc., resulting in soil degradation and erosion.

        After that you can expect wars. Wars for resource control are already ongoing, even if they are presented as something else. Those will become wars for remaining resources and after wars for food and water – wars for water are already ongoing (see Israel). Scenario with groups of bandits going around the country, plundering, killing and raping like during the 30 years war isn’t to be excluded.

        Enjoy the future’

        • The world can feed itself with “organic” farming, which has been shown to increase yields when done scientifically (that is, using the scientific method of theory, testing and re-evaluation).
          By the way, farming with genetically modified seeds and pesticides has been shown *not* to increase yields, so we will not be able to feed the world that way.
          Climate change goes away when “organic” methods are used, by the way, as the methods used would sequester carbon in the earth, more than accounting even for all other sources of CO2 (like all cars).

  2. Magnetic and electro magnetic treatment exists for decades already in our west world. So how can this be a south corean invention or scientific concept in the first place? For organic and tissue PH balancing well known as the principle of healing: Cure the environment!!!!!

  3. You can write an article like this almost every week.
    A proper cure needs much more than a nature methods publication describing some cool tricks.
    Sometimes I wish non-scientist would take their noses out of science journals. It takes some proper focused education to understand and categorize these findings.
    I’m not saying non-scientists are stupid but I also don’t try to wire a train station because I can safely change a light bulb.
    just saying.

    • A shill comes a talkin’, ” I wish non-scientist would take their noses out of science journals. It takes some proper focused education to understand and categorize these findings.”

      As if “proper education” is available. As if folks can just get trained “properly” on the income that has been forced onto them by the “economic necessity of jobs” (greatest lie).

      There was a time when people worked for themselves. People made and did things themselves without requiring an “overseer”. Big business and the crims in government don’t like this because it causes free thinking and free doing.

      So “regulations” are created that ONLY limit small business because if, read properly, they contain loopholes that big corporations can have their teams of lawyers apply and they slip through able to commit many criminal acts that smaller businesses get shut down for. (example: Nestle stealing California water)

      Many of these actions aren’t necessarily criminal, they are ONLY criminal when viewed by big business who want a piece of every pie. Like not paying the expensive licensing, bond, insurance and other local fees.

      Stop telling people to stop trying to get educated. THAT is joining in with the criminals. Instead get your lazy ass activated and help them get the correct educational tools and sources.

  4. I am a cancer scientist myself and this one does sound like a conspiracy theory. There are many independent journals in the fields of biology and medicine where potential follow-up study could have been easily published. And many independent research groups that could try and reproduce this study and build on top of it. If nothing has been published then most likely nobody was able to reproduce the data. Or there is perhaps something in the pipeline, 3 years is not such a long time to perform a well-controlled medical study. I have not read this paper (yet), but if the results were only obtained in vitro (=in the dish) and in zebra fish, then there is still a long way to see similar effects in human cancer.

    • @pat, You are brainwashed. Please divest yourself of the unnecessary deliberately installed blinders, and kowtowing to the false “gods of science” before the disease spreads to your family and friends.

      • @namma Just because you use big words doesn’t make you smart. Don’t go putting people down. And also just because someone disagrees with you or does not share your way of thinking. Doesn’t make them brainwashed! You who will so quickly accuse someone of being brainwashed just because they support a different way of thinking or in this case…KNOW better than you. Your the brainwashed one. Learn to think for yourself! Free thinking is fantastic… But this is science and there are processes… @pat is simply telling you what he knows…

    • ever thought about resonance? there have to be some things in some cancer cells that can be targeted with their base resonant frequency to make them rip themselves to bits, or at the very least nano capsules of either chemo drug or something that will cause atopsis, you could also use magnetic materials, so that you can filter them out of the blood safely. And ignore the other idiot that replied…

  5. I’ve been following this anonymous website because I do believe there are lots of facts that all of us deserve to know.
    But seriously though, this website and people commenting here sound like almost ‘religious’ now. If someone scientifically or logically prove that the article is wrong, most of blinded followers here call him ‘brainwashed’. I am working in the drug design field too and as someone mentioned above, there are a lot of independent journals that would be cited countless times if it is proven to be reproducible.

  6. People have a right to life that means they need air, they need water, they need food, they need medicine, they need shelter. This planet has all of those before any people arrived before any money arrived before any concept of ownership and the government elite control matrix arrived. That means the only thing in the way of everybody having everything they need and the only thing killing and starving anybody is the governmental elite control matrix.

  7. Dichloroacetate does this in a more effective way. It hasn’t been patented which means people can’t make money off of it, so it isn’t being used.

  8. Guys you all need to read between the lines….. All story’s posted to anonhq have factual evidence promting the story to be written these story’s are not just written for fun Anon has thousands of hackers world wide working together to get the truth to the people. Sources for the story or information gathered is not going to be spelled out in black and white when the Intel is gathered via illegal means the story is put out there in such a way that there can be no blow back on Anon.


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