Israel Continues to Reject UN Resolution for Stopping Illegal Settlements


Tel Aviv ordered its Israeli foreign minister to finish their support and aid programs with Senegal and cancel any visits from the Senegalese foreign minister to Israel.

New Zealand, along with Senegal, Malaysia and Venezuela, among others, voted 14-0 at the UN security council more than three months ago to stop the Israeli illegal settlements.

Image Source: HT – The Security Council demanded that Israel halt its settlement activities in Palestinian territory, in a resolution adopted after the US refrained from vetoing the measure condemning its closest Middle East ally.

The United States abstained from the voting process, refusing to use their veto powers. The final decision was given after Egypt withdrew their vote under Israeli pressure.

Furthermore, Israel called the resolution ‘shameful,’ and the country also took it as an opportunity to recall their ambassadors from New Zealand and Senegal as part of protesting the nations who voted for the resolutions.

Image Source: Google Image – “Gas the Arabs”; graffiti on the door of a home in Hebron, a Palestinian city located in the southern West Bank.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the UN’s decision, and at the time announced hopes for stronger US alliances with the Trump administration.

New Zealand’s foreign minister, Murray McCully, said New Zealand has been extremely open about the Palestinian issue and that the security council should do more to engage and settle the Middle Eastern peace process. He further stated such actions from Israel are nothing new and the New Zealand government will continue working on this process as much as they can with their parties.

Image Source: Google Image – A still of Murray McCully from last year.

The UN resolution encompasses an international demand for Israel to cease with their settlement process in the captured Palestinian territory, which includes East Jerusalem.

More than 400,000 illegal Israeli people live in the West Bank and a further 200,000 live in East Jerusalem, the city that Palestinians see as their capital for their nation.

Image Source: Google Image – Yamit in the Sinai, between 1975 and 1980, evacuated by Israel in 1982.

Such settlements are viewed as pointy rocks on the road to peace as Netanyahu continues to build on Palestinian land.

The United Nations says the Israeli settlements are unlawful, and furthermore, UN officers in these areas have witnessed an increase in Israeli construction over the last few months since the vote.

Image Source: Google Image – Golani soldiers searching a Palestinian in Tel Rumeida.

After Donald Trump’s inauguration, the president and his Republican party vowed to reverse the decisions made by the Obama administration, including intentions to shift the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to East Jerusalem.

Source: The Guardian,

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