Child Killer Jon Venables ‘To Be Sent Abroad For New Life At Your Expense’

Jon Venables
One of James Bulger’s murderers is said to be preparing for a new life in either Canada, Australia or New Zealand at the expense of taxpayers.
Jon Venables, now 36, has caused a headache for the British government, with the costs and complications of creating new identities to keep the child killer safe, quickly rising. Several new identities had been created for Venables since he was released from prison.
Daily Star was told that “Venables is costing a fortune. They [sic] thinking is that it would be cheaper to get rid of him abroad than keep forking out.”

Jon Venables

It has been revealed that Venables’ anonymity has so far cost in excess of £65,000, with government lawyers and legal aid fees set to amount to more.
Venables has been given many new names and addresses but is continually outed by members of the public. He is currently fighting a legal battle with James Bulger’s father, to overturn his lifelong anonymity.
Venables was convicted in 1993 of snatching three-year-old Bulger from a shopping centre in Liverpool. Venables was 10 when he tortured and murdered the little boy with accomplice Robert Thompson.
Since Venables initial release from prison, he has been jailed twice more for possession of paedophile manuals and child abuse images. It is unknown where and what happened to Thompson.

Jon Venables

James Bulgar’s father, Ralph Bulgar, was told by Judge Andrew McFarlane that the injunction would be upheld to protect Venables from “being put to death.” McFarlane continued by describing Venables as “uniquely notorious” and that there is a strong likelihood of his identity being pursed with fatal consequences. ‘There continues to be a real risk of very substantial harm,” stated Judge McFarlane.
According to solicitor advocate Robin Makin, the courts are “hell-bent on protecting JV” despite the real risk and danger Venables poses to the community.
Venables continues to live in tax-funded anonymity since his last release from prison.

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  1. The ‘society’ in The UK helped create these kids, allowed them to be brought up by a parents who allowed them to watch adult horror moves that I know of, probably their files would be horror stories in their own rights y if they could be accessed and the main thing is they were children at the time. The way adult allegedly civilised people behaved in Liverpool outside the court, baying for their blood was even more horrendous to me than the horrific crime of stupid, unknowing children.


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