Would You Like Fries Or a Tooth – With That?


It’s another blow to the MacDonald’s empire, but one they say isn’t a concern.

Just recently, MacDonald’s food chain has been propelled into another controversy after a women found a human tooth in her fries. [1]The incident that occurred in Japan recently, has had the large corporation formally apologizing at press conferences, stating that they aren’t still concerned that this is an issue of quality control. And on a funnier turn, they claimed that the tooth at least hadn’t been fried.

Takehiko Aoki, senior vice president at MacDonald’s Holding Co said the incident is an isolated one and nothing to be concerned about. He added to the comments saying his children would happily continue eating the food from the fast food chain giant.

It’s a never ending saga that is becoming all too frequent. The transparency agenda of MacDonald’s backfired recently when certain ingredients were revealed to be contained within some of their menus, such as the petroleum by-product TBHQ, which in regular quantities has been connected with cancerous tumors. Though TBHQ is illegal in Europe for the health hazards it poses, it is still widely used in the food-chain across other countries. [2]

So, next time when you order from MacDonalds…would you like teeth…ah, fries, with that?

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  1. this is disgusting and in the us a mans burger was pink as in under cooked it was disgusting sue McDonald there a danger to human health


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