This is Mankind


This is Mankind. Videos are sometimes more worth than pictures. Just scroll down to watch the video below:

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  1. i want to fight and make this country what it origanally built ……i want to free again and not over run by this goverment that has destroyed the usa

  2. e´quase isso,mesmo sem as guerras,ja destruimos boa parte da natureza e do nosso mundo,nao sabemos o que fazer com todo o lixo que produzimos,mas acho que ainda podemos reverter isso,basta todos se conscientizarem e irem a luta !!

  3. Most of these problems stem from unregulated capitalism, the system that encourages making profits without much regard for anything else, collateral damage, pollution, exploitation of labor, etc. This criminal capitalism also includes a huge public relations campaign that spreads huge lies in huge amounts in order to keep people from rejecting this morally bankrupt system. The biggest target of criminal capitalists’ propaganda is anything and everything to do with socialism. This is because socialism helps many people instead of just a privileged few.

  4. Plants do not have emotions or feeling of pain due to lack of CNS. Pigs are the 4th smartest animals on the planet. And do you know about the planetary and hazards associated with eating/producing meat? Meat industry is the top polluter in the world. Pollutes more than industrial and vehicular emissions combined. Farm animals produce harmful methane gas. It takes 7kg of vegetable mass and 100,000 litres of water to create 1kg of meat. If we all quit meat then global hunger could be eliminated. 33.6% of vegetable and soy produce is fed to animals. And this issue is the most seriuos of them all. Just by being Vegan I am fighting against epidemics, hunger, pollution, heart disease, climate change, cancer. Milk has acidic protein and only 12% calcuim which degrades bones and increases chances of fracture. On the other hand spinach has 22% calcium which is more healthier. Meat is carcinogenic in nature. And humans were never made to eat meat. Extensive processing enables them to digest it. If fed raw meat we would die. Our teeth have small canines and teeth set resembles more to that of a cow. Our molars are well developed for chewing vegetable mass and cellulose rich food. Our intestines are 15 to 20 times body length like that of most herbivores. Our stomach acids are 20% weaker than that of a carnivore or a major carno-omnivore. We are pure herbivores by nature. Even Gorillas live on a non meat diet and show great feats of strength and they have even longer canines. Look at a carnivore’s teeth first, then compare to that of a human. We have vegetarian protein alternatives. You have to associate meat to cruelty and global crisis. It’s an unseen mal-phenomenon and the most threatening. We all, being a highly evolved species must think and rethink. And as a scientist I doubt my own conclusions everytime. Only foolish and over-religiuos people are dead sure about everything they say.


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