Mason Wells, Survivor of 3 Terror Attacks, talks with CNN


On March 22, Belgium was the center of the world with the terrorist attacks. Mason Wells, 19, was one very lucky young man. That’s how some would see it; others, perhaps would look at him as one of the unluckier ones to survive the bomb blasts.

The young American, Wells has survived his third terrorist attack in as many years. This time, rather than escaping unscathed, however, Wells was in close proximity to the initial blasts at Brussels airport last week. Suffering from minor burns to the right side of his face and right hand, while waiting in line, Wells contemplates the scenario with multiple mainstream media outlets, from his hospital bed.


Wells, a Mormon missionary, was in Belgium during his two-year commitment that would keep him away from his family. He was scheduled to return to the US on Tuesday when the attacks happened. Wearing a pressure bandage around his head, rendering him unidentifiable, the world would be forgiven for wondering who this person is.

Wells was also in France during the Paris attacks, albeit he was removed from the situation and three hours away from the heart of the scene. In 2013 he watched as his mother ran the Boston Marathon, only a block away from where the bombs were detonated, killing three and injuring over two hundred.

Miraculously, Wells’ injuries to only the right side of his face and his hand should have been much worse if he was standing only 10-15 meters (he told CNN) from the first bomb. He states the blast lifted his body, with his iPad lifted from his hands, and “Fire was in front of [his] face,” he says. His watch and shoe on his left side “disappeared.” As he ran from the airport, his faith in God taking care of him, gave him the “calm,” he says, as the second blast went off.

The “future holds what it holds,” he says. The Mainstream media, arguably, have their Christian angel to present to the world, in the face of this barbarism. His parents have said “You can become bitter and angry about things or you can turn to God and let things go and try and turn it over to him; this is bigger than us, this is bigger than Mason…it makes me sick to know that many didn’t make it,” Mason’s father Chad Wells stated.

Mason’s brush with the attacks on multiple occasions hasn’t changed his intentions to join the US military after his missionary stint is completed, and after he heals.

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  1. Wait, what… why isnt he a suspect. He was at all three recent terrorist attyacks and hes not even kind-of a suspect. I call shenanigans man

  2. wonderful!
    still 19 years old, and yet, Mason Wells survived the Paris, Boston and Brussels attacks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come on CIA…. you should have bigger brains!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He is a member of the LDC church. He has been serving God for the past two years as a missionary. He is not a CIA agent or anything of the sort. Our prayers go out to you Elder Wells.

    • didn’t god get him in to this mess in the first place? I mean it is omnipotent after all.. So how horrible must this god be, to put someone through 3 terror attacks? I mean, is it doing just for fun to see how long the guy will believe in it?

    • Ok I’m not trying to bash anyone’s faith here, cuz i, myself, choose to stick to science and common sense more so than blindly being lead by things felt- possibly only bc i have been fed stories where horrible things will happen if i question “his” existence… Luckily my mom, while spiritual herself, never forced any religion down my throat and let me decide for myself wo fear of repercussions. With this being said, i do agree that everyone should be free to believe whatever they feel connects to them somehow. Do not misinterpret what i am saying, though. EVERYONE has the right, not just everyone with similar beliefs as you. So, what I’m trying to say is, while religion should be this wonderful guide to live by and treat others with love and kindness, it unfortunately, has given many this sense of self entitlement to be hateful, rude, aholes who condemn other’s while hiding their own skeletons, murder, amongst many other horrible attributes. So, while you sit here, defending these people you do not know anything about other than what you have been told, i can almost put $ on it that if this exact same scenario were to occur but these boys were Muslim, you would be condemning them to that eternal lake of fire, that i am apparently also visiting after i die according to most christians. Well, you might not admit it but you know the true answer to this. And if I’m correct, I’d start reading that book you throw around everywhere, and not just read it, comprehend it. And before ppl start this whole f u demon crap, please know that if I’m wrong and you’re right, well….. You’ll most likely be serving that erternal firey prison sentence, with me ?

  4. “Wells was also in France during the Paris attacks, albeit he was removed from the situation and three hours away from the heart of the scene. ”

    If you’re 3 hours away, then you’ve hardly “survived” a terrorist attack…


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